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on 5 April 2010
Have always used HP All-in-ones, 6210 & 6310, they have both been very good, so when one was getting near it's sell by date looked at the 8500, at the time there were some very good deals, especially as you could get a 3 year warranty and 50% refund!!!!

So purchsed the 8500 at a good price, was delivered next day, so good service, but it would not print on both sides, just kept screwing page up.

Got intouch with help desk who asked me to carry out some checks but no go, next email 'we have arranged for a new printer to be dispatched to you and should arrive within 3 days' cant grumble at that, it turned up within 2 days, all the way from Holland, I took my inks etc out of old unit & put into new 8500, boxed it up and it was collected next day.

Had a little bit of a problem with the new one on aligning cartridges, but got it sorted OK.

Unfortunatley I did not receive an invoice from 'Logsol',the company that sold it to, me even after many attempts to get one, so a little bit of a downer on Logsol's side,. but printer fax & scanner all working OK & hopefully will stay that way.

I am a small business user so need reliability & HP have seemed to have given me that.
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on 8 January 2010
I purchased this all in one jobbie just before Xmas for use in my home office since my old fax machine was getting long in the tooth and was not overly reliable as either a fax or a copier. I have connected the printer via our router to our small home network.
Set up was remarkably easy to do and the software that did this was very good in finding the printer on the network. A few small tweaks were needed to the firewall/Norton 360 but again all quite painless.

Its too early to say what running costs will be like, but the scanning and printing quality and speed are good, if a bit noisy. Fax also operates efficiently, and the software that controls things from your desktop is great, and transfer speeds to get things onto the computer from the scan function etc also excellent

Generally feel quite positive in terms of the overall package/experience, and the special cash back deal of £60 was a major influencer in the decision to purchase.
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on 28 January 2010
I've not used it as a fax but the printing and scanning are simple to use and excellent. Saves lots of paper (and filing space) doing 2 pages per side, double sided. Seems to be very economical on ink - much cheaper to feed than my old Epson. Only niggle is it will keep reverting to Letter (from A4) every time I change a print setting. Overall - very pleased and recommend highly.
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on 13 May 2010
After having to replace my printer every 12-18 months (Scouting keeps us busy), I decided that I should buy something a little more heavy duty than the usual £50-80 superstore specials.
Being familiar with the L7680, the 8500 predecessor, I thought it worth a try as that device has not caused any problems in three years.

Setup was smooth, just a case of putting in the CD to install the software and plugging the printer into my router, it was then detected and set up.

Installing the cartridges and heads was straight forward enough. Switching on the unit or the first time is an opportunity to go and have a cuppa, as it takes about 20 minutes for the unit to set itself up, subsequent power on's take only a minute or so.
The printer feels robust and paper feed has been reliable. The cartridges are quite expensive but the XL version does contain a lot of ink and shopping around some good deals can be found.

One problem was that after installing the software the PC ran very slowly, some hunting around the web showed this was not unusual. The fix seems to be disabling the process HPQtra08.exe which sits watching the printer tying up system resources.

Other than the software issue everything has worked out of the box and I am looking forward to a long lived machine.
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on 9 May 2010
Multifunction printer that does all it says on the box. It set up easily (if rather lengthily - basically it whurs and clunks a lot for 30 minutes and there you are - it's working) on my vista computer and network. But Hewlett Packard - what a bunch of ********. £50 cashback they say: I'm still waiting as they allow themselves 42 days to pay up and before they even start to admit they might do that they deny you've submitted your claim correctly, deny they identify your printer from the serial number and only eventually admit it might really be one of theirs when you submit a photo of the serial no. on the actual printer. It prints well though. And is very big. Oh and don't forget - you've got to register seperately for the extended guarantee they promise.
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on 8 February 2011
When I first got the 8500 printer I was very pleased with it and agreed with the glowing reviews. Then after 14 months (two months after the warranty expired) I replaced the magenta ink cartridge with a new HP cartridge but the display reported that it was still empty. I tried again with a second new cartridge but the error message remained. The problem being, this error message shuts the machine down. You can't print or copy anything, even in just greyscale.

I called HP tech support repeatedly over a 3 month period and 6+ phone calls to South Africa, where we upgraded the firmware, reset the print heads, replaced the cartridge (again) and eventually replaced the print heads. In the end they said they couldn't do anything else, did not know how to fix the printer but because it was 2 months out of warranty there was nothing that they we 'able' to do.

On line forums are full of people reporting this same problem. There is a fundamental design fault with this printer. Unless you are happy buying a new printer each year, avoid this (and maybe be cautious of other HP products) at all costs.
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on 2 January 2011
I bought one of these in May 2009 for my home office. Just inside the warranty period (May 2010) I got the "paper jam" display with no paper jam. A quick search on the internet revealed this to be a common problem with no cure. HP to their credit provided a new machine. Six months later, and the new machine has done exactly the same thing - and of course it's out of warranty. Apparently there is a part of the insides of the machine which is just badly made and conks out after not very much time. Having been a loyal HP customer for 10 years, I'm now going elsewhere.
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on 15 October 2010
The machine is reasonably well built and robust; the print quality is good, though not exceptional. The duplex feature is definitely worth the money, though the speed (especially in duplex mode) is rather low compared to other similar printers. It is annoyingly noisy for an inkjet machine. I can't comment yet on costs as I haven't had it for long. Software appears to be the major problem of this HP machine, and installing it properly (at least on XP systems) turns out to be a nightmare: it took me more than a week of daily email exchanges (1-3 per day) with HP Customers Service, and the printer still does not have full functionality (the same problem encountered on both my desktop and laptop).
If you have Windows XP I would suggest to stay clear of this HP printer.
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on 24 May 2010
Previously I have had a 7310 printer which I found excellent. After saddling myself with an Epson printer I was wishing that it would break down so that I could buy a new HP printer. Needless to say I did not wait very long and now I have the 8500. It is fast, quiet and more efficient than the 7310 or the Epson so I am very happy with the purchase.
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on 20 October 2010
I had an officejet pro L7580 before this printer, and the contacts on the feeder tray broke after three years - I could not obtain a new back plate anywhere so decided to cut my losses and buy a new one, as I had a full set of ink cartridges. As always, the model had changed- to the 8500- and guess what?? I was told the cartridges were incompatible, so had to order a new set of these plus print heads. Be aware that although cartridges and print heads are provided in the printer box, they are only starter kits and will not last very long.

Several modifications have been made to the new printer - it is probably quieter and quicker, the back feeder plate which was the bain of my life, (always jamming and very difficult to get on and off, especially if under stress), has been replaced with a much easier removable roller cartridge, and I have to say that installing the printer software was easier. Then, the requirements for connecting broadband, phone (including answer machine) and fax from the same phone line: luckily, I had every type of ADSL filter known to man following difficulties with broadband in the past, and found one that accommodated all the connectors, as again, the L7580 was not compatible. The L7580 had one plug into which the fax, phone and router all clicked, and I felt this was a missing element with the 8500 printer lead. Had I not had one, I would have had no hair left on my head, as finding one on a Sunday or before 9am or after 5pm in our small town centre would have been Mission Impossible.

It is a good idea to have an A-Z book to hand so that as you discover what you need to do to problem-solve, you can just jot them down for future reference - I find the web help frustrating when I am busy and for example, I kept forgetting how to check the print head status; I had not received automatic notification of low status, which you do if the ink is getting low. I have found with the L7580 that if the printer heads are low, they can affect the printing process either of course through quality, or on one occasion, the printer mechanism was not running smoothly until I changed the heads in desperation, which cleared the problem.

I did have an issue initially as the 8500 which was producing a black line down one side of a page when copying from the feeder only. I had excellent service from Amazon, who supplied the printer, and a new one was delivered THE NEXT DAY and the old one returned - Hewlett Packard were also helpful, however there was a longer wait for a replacement (they sent one also, despite my notification, but there was not an issue with taking it back).

I use the printer for clinical correspondence and photography and I do find the end quality excellent. The cartridges are expensive but although the L7580 was sounding a bit ropey, it was reliable (I managed to get it working eventually and it would have been serviceable had I been able to order a new part). This and a recommendation from an IT colleague is why I chose the Hewlett Packard. As the 8500 is very similar to the L7580, it was easy for me to pick up where I left off once the changeover had taken place. I do have a problem with receiving faxes, despite setting the ring frequency as advised, although I can send with no problem. I found the diagram and instructions on this unhelpful, although for those with the relevant IT qualifications or a telecommunications degree, this would probably be very easy.

Regretfully, I note that as with most items, it seems impossible to get replacement parts which could keep a model running for longer.

I also note recently that Hewlett Packard are making substantial cuts in their UK workforce, and this may affect any future orders I may have for a printer, (getting online chat support was in the end impossible for the L7580 in the UK - I linked up to a US site who were very professional) but fingers crossed, this will last me a few more years and then I wont need one!!
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