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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
The Complete Goofy [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£5.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 25 September 2017
Mum well love it at Christmas as she mad about goofy , would buy it again
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on 2 June 2016
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on 23 September 2017
Back to childhood. Great.
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on 4 December 2009
The Complete Goofy was a bit of a surprise Region 2 release. Inexplicably released alone without being part of any perticular Wave like the US Treasures. Though despite not being titled as a Treasure this is very much the same set that goes for about £35+ in the US

Like other UK Treasures theres no release number or certificate and like the cheaper re-releases theres no silver tin. There is however the collectable Lithograph included in the box, which the previous UK releases lacked. As an additional plus the DVD box is thinner than the US Treasures box (and more shiny! Where US Treasures use a matte silver this one uses a metallic one so it'll stand out among other Treasures sets)

The shorts themselves are all restored and look fantastic. Practically all of Goofys shorts are here with an exception of the 1950's driving education shorts and Soccermania. The extras also look into the development of the Goof

Really the biggest shame of this set is that Disney didnt fix the play option on this DVD. The region 1 release suffered from only having the ability to watch one short at the time without a Play All option and its the same case here. A shame as the DVD has been edited by Disney UK to take out the Alphabetical Order listing so they could of added it!

Still if you are a Goofy fan or know someone who is, this DVD is perfect for them.
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on 15 January 2012
Well, for 3 quid this is a bargin, mind it's a shame it's one many lacking region 2 (specificly English released treasures) dvd's.
The quality as per usual is brilliant, all chronoligical order, alphabetical if needed. Some special features on the voice of Goofy etc and how he went from a silly old Goof to a suburban father.
You get the old Leonard Maltin fact's as usual.
The only problem I have with this set is the play all option is lacking. You have to pick each short seperately. Which is a pain, but for these short's, I'm just glad they're released as the UK is starved of good quality animation dvd's.
This set only the singular Goofy cartoons. "Lonesome Ghosts" or any other cartoons featuring Goofy will have to be purchased on the other treasures sets.

Enjoy! Price is a bargin!

Here is a break down of the contents:

Disc one
1939 Goofy and Wilbur

1940 Goofy's Glider

1941 Baggage Buster
The Art of Skiing
The Art of Self Defense

1942 How to Play Baseball
The Olympic Champ
How to Swim
How to Fish

1943 Victory Vehicles

1944 How To Be a Sailor
How To Play Golf
How To Play Football

1945 Tiger Trouble
African Diary
Californy'er Bust
Hockey Homicide

1946 A Knight For a Day
Double Dribble

1947 Foul Hunting

1948 They're Off
The Big Wash

Bonus Features The Essential Goof: Using a montage of clips from the various Goofy shorts on this set, the analysis of the character, as spoken by the one who originally drew him, Art Babbitt (who also created the Big Bad Wolf and the balletic mushrooms in Fantasia) is repeated here. You can view the entire analysis on the article on Goofy by clicking here. Incidentally, Art's narration is actually spoken by Earl Boen.
The Man Behind the Goof: A mini-biography about the original voice of Goofy, Pinto Colvig. This biography reveals that in his youth, Colvig loved to travel with the circus, where he'd perform as a clown. He spent much of his life at Disney where in addition to voicing Goofy, he'd also voiced Pluto, the Practical Pig, the Grasshopper in The Grasshopper and the Ants (where Colvig, as the grasshopper, sang "The World Owes Me a Livin'", which he'd later add to Goofy) and two of the Seven Dwarfs (specifically, Grumpy and Sleepy). He also left Disney temporarily to voice Gabby at Max Fleischer's studios, but later returned to Disney where he'd spend the rest of his life voicing Goofy. He also was the original Bozo the Clown for Capitol Records on records, radio and television.

Disc two
1949 Tennis Racquet
Goofy Gymnastics

1950 Motor Mania
Hold That Pose

1951 Lion Down
Home Made Home
Cold War
Tomorrow We Diet
Get Rich Quick
Fathers Are People
No Smoking

1952 Father's Lion
Hello Aloha
Man's Best Friend
Two-Gun Goofy
Teachers Are People
Two Weeks Vacation
How To Be a Detective

1953 Father's Day Off
For Whom the Bulls Toil
Father's Week End
How To Dance
How To Sleep

1961 Aquamania

Bonus Features A Conversation With Goofy's Voice: Bill Farmer: As the title implies, Maltin interviews the present voice of Goofy, Bill Farmer, who had been voicing Goofy since 1986. Farmer reveals his origins and how he came to voice Goofy. It is revealed that Farmer had voiced Goofy in more than 3000 different Disney projects, not only cartoons, but also albums, telephones, commercials and many others.
Poster Gallery: Many of the posters of the Goofy shorts are presented here. Curiously, Maltin does not provide commentary as he usually does on the sets; instead, it's Goofy who provides the occasional comment/exclamation.
Memorabilia Gallery: This gallery shows off various Goofy memorabilia, such as books and albums. Maltin does do the commentary here.
Goofy Through the Years Gallery: This gallery reveals storyboard sketches, animation drawings and background paintings of many of the Goofy shorts presented. Again, Maltin does not provide commentary; once again, it's Goofy.
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on 21 August 2009
In my opinion, Goofy was without a doubt the funniest out of the famous three
(Mickey & Donald being the other two of course).
This collection is full of timeless, memorable classics that any age can enjoy.
I loved all the Disney charactors including Mickey & Donald but Goofy always stole the show for me with his humor & charm and this DVD is a special dedication to him with all of his solo performances. This really is worth owning
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on 11 May 2011
In a time when computer-generated animation has largely replaced traditional, hand-drawn animation, a collection of short features from the 1940s and 50s (justifiably called the golden age of animation) is an exceptionally welcome release. This DVD is packed with hilarious moments and historical value, and is nothing short of spectacular.

For me, Goofy is the funniest Disney character and my personal favourite among the vast roster of the company's cartoon heroes. He is extremely simple, clumsy and awkward, often completely unaware of the mayhem he is causing, yet friendly, sincere and optimistic with a never-give-in attitude.

This two-DVD set features literally dozens of Goofy shorts, with total playing time of a whopping two and a half hours. The package is stuffed with legendary stuff: Goofy and Wilbur, the very first feature in which Goofy was the main character; Home Made Home, where Goofy attempts to build a house and where the paint-gun becomes alive; Knight for a Day, with its medieval setting that is packed with hilarious details, complete with a duel that gets an unlikely winner. Best of all, however, are the numerous "How To" features, in which Goofy tackles various sports with his inimitable style. My personal favourite is How To Play Golf, which climaxes in the insane bull-chase across the golf course.

Enjoyable for both adults and children alike, and excellent value for money.
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on 20 February 2010
All the Goofy you could want in a ridiculously cheap package!
It doesn't come in a tin like the American version did, but it's exactly the same in content, and it's a lot cheaper.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 October 2014
Before buying "The Complete Goofy" I had never seen any of the shorts. But had watched the Mickey Mouse ones so took the risk & very happy I did. This DVD is very funny, also the quality is awesome, you would not think some of them go back to the 40's. 50 years before I was even born haha.

Below is a full list of the shorts you get on this 2 disk DVD set, oh and someone else asked if it has subtitles - Yes it does!

Disk 1:
Goofy and Wilbur, 17th March 1939
Goofy's Glider, 22nd November 1940
Baggage Buster, 18th April 1941
The Art of Skiing, 14th November 1941
The Art of Self Defense, 26th December 1941
How to Play Baseball, 4th September 1942
The Olympic Champ, 9th October 1942
How To Swim, 23rd October 1942
How To Fish, 4th December 1942
Victory Vehicles, 30th July 1943
How to be a Sailor, 28th January 1944
How To Play Golf, 10th March 1944
How To Play Football, 15th September 1944
Tiger Trouble, 5th January 1945
African Diary, 20th April 1945
Californy'er Bust, 13th July 1945
Hockey Homicide, 21st September 1945
A Knight for a Day, 8th March 1946
Double Dribble, 20th December 1946
Foul Hunting, 31st October 1947
They're Off, 23rd January 1948
The Big Wash, 6th February 1948

Disk 2:
Tennis Racquet, 26th August 1949
Goofy Gymnastics, 23rd September 1949
Motor Mania, 30th June 1950
Hold That Pose, 3rd November 1950
Lion Down, 5th January 1951
Home Made Home, 23rd March 1951
Cold War, 27th April 1951
Tomorrow We Diet. 29th June 1951
Get Rich Quick, 31st August 1951
Fathers Are People, 21st October 1951
No Smoking, 29th December 1951
Father's Lion, 4th January 1952
Hello, Aloha, 19th February 1952
Man's Best Friend, 4th April 1952
Two-Gun Goofy, 16th May 1952
Teachers Are People, 27th June 1952
Two Weeks Vacation, 31st October 1952
How to Be a Detective, 12th December 1952
Father's Day Off, 28th March 1953
For Whom the Bulls Toil, 9th May 1953
Father's Weekend, 20th June 1953
How To Dance, 11th July 1953
How To Sleep, 25th December 1953
Aquamania, 20th February 1961
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on 6 December 2011
GOOFY was one of the most popular of Walt Disney's cartoon characters, second only to Donald Duck perhaps.All of the short cartoons in which GOOFY starred are included on this 2-disc collection.Also bonus material which examines the conception of the lovable accident prone slow-witted hero. At a bargain price it is a 'gotta-have' for Disney fans and all cartoon 'golden-age' collectors.(since I wrote this review the price has decreased even more!)
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