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on 22 May 2016
Simply wow!!!!!!!!
This actually works!!!!!!!!!
I had a wart on my hand that looked like Mount Everest! After a few weeks of using this, it got rid of it.
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on 13 August 2017
Oh my goodness this does actually work! Like another reviewer I have tried bazooka extra strength and Wartner etc with little effect, but this has nearly killed my 19 year old verruca. I think one more tube will do it. As it's a cream you do need to cover it up, I bought some cheap kinetic tape which is lasting very well, so don't worry about the lack of plasters. Like another reviewer I have found the file doesn't work but taking a small layer off the tip of the dead skin with a scalpel works very well.
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on 25 June 2017
My sons left hand had a HUGE wort, after several unsuccessful visits to the doctors to freeze and pare down, I treated using this product..... applied using the instructions and also wore a cycling glove to keep the plaster from falling off during school, within 10 days the wort had died and after a long soak in warm water it fell away from the hand with out any fuss. Really couldn't recommend this product enough.
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on 28 May 2014
Follow the directions and this "kit" is very effective
Keep the plaster on for a couple of days at least
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on 14 May 2017
So happy with this product, great results within 3 days.
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on 29 May 2017
As described
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on 10 December 2013
So I had a verruca on the ball of my foot for as long as I can remember, I decided to get rid of it and have finally managed after an 8 month struggle. I'm going to list the remedies I tried and give them a ranking for effectiveness.
Disclaimer: I wouldn't take this to be a very scientific study and you can see a lot of problems with the way I went about it, but hopefully this review can help you.

Ranked in order of effectiveness
1. Duct tape
2. Verrugon
3. Salactol
4. Cuplex Gel
5. Vinegar
6. Scholl Freeze verruca remover
7. Bazooka

Bazooka (1 star)
Basically this is a 0 star product. The active ingredient in most of these products is salicylic acid. Bazooka has 10% of this (and even extra strength is only something like 20%). This is one of the lowest and you also have no plaster element so you're just supposed to stick it on and then wait for it to dry. It was completely ineffective, -and shows, I think, the power of good advertising. Despite its uselessness and the bad reviews here, it's pretty much the only product you can buy in the high street.

Scholl Freeze verruca remover (2 stars)
This is expensive but ultimately does little. I followed the instructions up to the point of `if the verucca still hasn't gone then stop using this product'. I t makes a great noise and seems impressive but I think it's all show but no substance ultimately.

Vinegar (2 stars)
A folk remedy I tried for a while. Dab it on a cotton ball and tape it to your foot. Good luck if you try this, the pain was agonising and woke me up whenever I tried it. I think it's as affective as most of these other products but the pain factor means I wouldn't recommend it.

Cuplex Gel (3 stars?)
To be honest I can't fairly asses this product. I was using it during my separate phase just before the verruca vanished so it may have had an effect, I really can't say. It has 11% is salicylic acid (so more than bazooka) and 4% Lactic acid...which I have no idea about. It may have helped then again it may have done nothing.

Salactol (3 stars)
This stuff wasn't bad as it contained 16.7% salicylic acid and 16.7% Lactic acid. In this regard it is stronger than Cuplex and so I would recommend it over buying that. Salactol burned and seemed to be working, the only issues is, as with Bazooka, there were plasters and so you had to sit and wait for it to dry. I also found out that if you don't screw the top on hard it solidifies. Ended up chucking it away.

Verrugon (4 stars)
This product has, by far, the most salicylic acid at whopping 50%. Now if you believe bazooka is effective, and the only active ingredient is salicylic acid then this product is five times as effective. It also comes with small corn plaster-like things to go over the verruca and square plasters. Whenever I used this it always worked very effectively. You are supposed to file the dead skin off but I opted for nail clippers. I think the plasters helped to, they seemed to push the verruca out somewhat. These were by far the most effective and convenient of products on offer and though I made a lot of progress I never quite got rid of the pesky thing with these. I went through quite a few boxes and cut more and more away but there always seemed to be some left.

When people talk about verrucas they often talk about removing the `root'. A word to the wise, the `root' is actually the blood vessels supplying the verruca. Pulling them out may help but I didn't get the impression it made much difference. I even completely removed the root and thought I had killed it but I could still feel a hard lump under my skin, like a small stone, which is how I knew it was still there.
(a tip with this product is to buy big plasters and corn pads as you always end up with left over cream, so you can make a DIY version of this.)

Duct tape (5 stars)
I have to give this 5 stars because it's what I was using when I finally got rid of the damn thing. I'm not 100% sure it's gone butt I can no longer feel the lump under the skin I used to feel. I'm a sceptic and very wary of `home remedies' so before I sing its praises I should add a few caveats. Firstly, the verruca may have gone because of all the stuff I'd done previously and it may have just been duct tape's good timing. Also, sometimes verrucas just get better, and this may have happened.

Anyway, what finally worked was this. I stuck the Gorilla (duct) tape on and just left it on for around 5 days. I didn't take it off to shower or sleep or anything. When I did take it off I noticed that something odd had happened. Usually I can see the `root' after a treatment, but it's dry. This time it was wet, and rather than little spots it was a small `pool' of congealed blood. When I wiped it I noticed that there was now a hole where the verruca had been. I wasn't sure to get happy or not but when I pressed my foot I noticed it wasn't painful anymore.

My advice is to keep fighting...It took 9 months but it was worth it in the end.
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on 13 January 2014
My son ended up with 2 verrucaes and this was recommended to my by a podiatrist rather than over the counter high street cures. After a few treatments, both were killed off much to my relief. Recommended.
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on 2 March 2014
Ive had warts on my hand for years. Tried everything, and am currently having laser treatment. The consultant plastic surgeon advised me to use this between treatments. Does burn skin without pain. Wart still here though. I will persist
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on 13 October 2016
Sorry but this product didn't work on my verrucas for which I have had for twelve years.
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