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on 13 September 2016
This is a really good edition to get. In fact the "only" one worth considering. Many extras like interviews with cast members as well as good picture quality. The Directors final cut shows the film as originally intended. Many new scenes and new tunes. Four discs to enjoy. I unreservedly recommend this one to you. Paganism predates Christianity and the film makes you think about the ancient rites practiced in Britain thousands of years ago. Quite appealing in many ways. Unless of course the villagers decide it's your turn to burn on May the 1st.
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on 10 March 2018
I never get fed up with this movie. I've seen it so many times. It has that cult appeal. It is very strange and rather quirky. I would say it is a Horror/Thriller. It is certainly a film of intrigue as we watch a West Highland policeman search for a missing girl on a remote island off of Scotland. This policeman is a man high moral principle and devotion to duty. He is also God fearing. A man of old school fibre. He is single-minded in his quest for the missing girl. And he will stop at nothing to find her. The eccentric Lord of the isle and the strange inhabitants will not deter him. If you have never seen this movie, I would advise you to watch it. It is superb from beginning to end. All the ingredients are here. Nothing is neglected from the plot to the actors and the music.

The Last Days of Thunder Child: Victorian Britain in chaos!
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on 5 February 2018
I remember this film in production and being so impressed with Christopher Lee's performance. The visual and audio quality of the restored Final Cut is truly stunning. The examples of film restoration made by Studio Canal staff are very impressive.
I was also very interested to see that Sgt Howie has regained his integrity and dignity as a devout man through removing the early scenes filmed in Stranraer, where his character was subject to ridicule by his work colleagues. This addeded to the power of the film for me. In 1973 I felt it was one of the finest films ever made in the history of British cinema, and that felling has not diminished over the subsequent years.
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on 3 July 2015
Studio Canal Blu ray: A lovely restoration (which dips in just a few places - presumably where any 'lost' footage was found), so no gripes with that.
Film: Wonderful, better than I had remembered it, so this presentation certainly delivered for me. A powerful film with a good solid plot and thoughtful direction. Nice to see Christopher relishing his role as Lord of the island as it were, and his brief but interesting singing which, he adds in one of the extras, he managed to slip in to the film. The extras were good, especially the CD of the incidental music which I found fascinating. The only gripe was of the TV interview with Christopher Lee and the film's director. The picture quality was truly abysmal - literally worse than a fourth generation copy 'men's film' on VHS (for those who remember the format). Surely the distributor could have found a better source copy for this uniquely interesting interview with Christopher himself - ?
However, this is unreservedly recommended. This is clearly a lovingly restored film, and it deserves it. This was Christopher Lee's favourite film he appeared in.
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on 8 July 2015
For starters let's be positive. At £14.99 including postage you get a real bang for your buck: three different versions of the film, Mark Kermode's excellent documentary, interviews old and new with director Robin Hardy and the late great star Christopher Lee. You get fans' opinions, you get a featurette on the music which was all composed especially for the film by Paul Giovanni (which is included as a bonus CD) and even an extra on the making of the audio commentary. As for the film itself the latest 'Final Cut' has the best visual quality while 'The Direrctor's Cut' has the bonus introductory mainland scenes of Howie going about his police business. Hardcore fans will be disappointed by the lack of the central scene expansion where the Summerisle and Howie characters discuss the island's history in great detail thus shedding more light on the film's terrifying conclusion.I've deducted a star for the lack of a feature titled 'Restoration Comparison' which would have been fascinating to watch but sadly is not on any of the three DVD discs included though is listed on the box as an extra on Disc 1!
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on 15 October 2013
The Wicker Man - 3-Disc 40th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] A unique film not just weird or unusual, a musical horror thriller which has a serious Paganism V Christianity thyme a film some will think the worst they've ever seen or a masterpiece, nothing else like it! The acting of the supporting characters is excellent the island's rituals grotesque and Christopher Lee convincing as Lord of the island but the movies greatest asset is a remarkable performance from Edward Woodward cast against type as the (sacrificial) Christian cop. Diane Cilento & Ingrid Pitt are OK as for Britt Ekland she looks ravishing though her voice had to be dubbed and her bum (a very good performance)played by a stripper. Previous releases of The Wickerman had poor picture quality but this final cut on BD at last does justice to the film. MPC
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on 19 November 2015
Superior and haunting British horror film. The Wicker Man has certainly grown into a genuine horror masterpiece since its release in the early 1970s. Edward Woodward is excellent as a policeman who has arrived on a deserted Scottish island to look for a missing girl. But the townsfolk are not welcoming, and seem to have no respect and no desire to help him. His deep religious values are tested to the limit by the strange and weird locals. Ingrid Pitt and Britt Eckland both star and give this movie spice and of course the late great Christopher Lee is at the head of proceedings calling the shots as the movie reaches its harrowing climax.

A wonderful movie with what has to be the most bizarre but very beautiful soundtrack for a horror movie. This review is from the wooden box edition. There are 2 discs, the normal running time and the extended version. It's worth watching the extended version as it is 15 mins longer. Unfortunetly the added scenes have not been remastered and look very patchy on a big screen, but at least we are able to view them. A genuine classic movie.
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on 15 July 2014
Although Edward Woodward looks as though he's just walked off the set of his television series, 'Callan', he delivers a good performance in this film. Admittedly, he's a bit stiff as a Christian policeman, but you do see him giving a bible reading up at the pulpit in church, and he struggles with temptation. He professes his Christian faith, albeit in a stiff upper lip manner, but it is still believable. The resistance to his presence on the island is almost like a metaphor of how the presence of outsiders are resisted by mainstream society. This is where the film works, and the film carries it along well. There are moments where it plods along and drags its feet, but the performances by Woodward and Christopher Lee are exceptional. In fact, I think this is Lee's best role, as well as Woodward.

Britt Ekland looks ravishing, and when they are singing 'The Landlord's Daughter' in the pub, there is a bloke in a kilt standing behind her making gestures. The naked scene in the bedroom is a bit weird, but again the music makes this scene work. Take the music away, as well as the naked dancing, and just focus on the temptation running through Howie's mind, what you've got left is a kind of inner turmoil that has shades of Norman Bates spying on Marion Crane in 'Psycho'.
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on 25 June 2015
Best edition available of this extraordinary, offbeat, chilling and highly original film. As always seems to happen, the extended cut makes a lot more sense, and if the film quality in some parts is not always 100%, personally, I make allowances for the privilege of seeing this as it should originally have been. One of the great Christopher Lee's best performances.

Some offbeat films of this era were self indulgent and just did not work - I would give Steve McQueen's Le Mans as an example - but The Wicker Man is a most sophisticated production which succeeds brilliantly. Sir C Lee and Edward Woodward are pros who don't do self indulgent, of course, but the whole cast are excellent, even Britt Ekland talking in a Scottish accent.
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VINE VOICEon 22 May 2016
Sergeant Howie, a devout, deeply religious, Christian policeman arrives at a remote Scottish island to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. One of the all time horror greats, and one of the all time great British films with excellent performances from Edward Woodward as Howie and horror legend Christopher Lee the island's leader, this actually doesn't feel like a horror film through most of the film, coming across instead as a mystery thriller with only the infamous shock twist ending turning it into a horror film. A 4 disc set with 3 different versions of the film, not really much between either the original theatrical cut, directors cut or final cut but a fine set to have.
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