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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 December 2007
To be honest, I don't see what the previous 'negative' reviewers are getting at. If you liked the first album, then I'd be pretty sure you'll like this.

The album starts with an interpretation of Nimrod from Elgar's Enigma Variations. The interpretation is wonderful - all soaring harmonies and carried beautifully by the girls' voices, but not in any sense 'overdone'. I thought the album was worth the purchase price for this track alone.

The second track is 'In Paradisum' from Faure's Requiem. A lovely, peaceful track, well-sung and (although very popular) not over-familiar. The first two tracks are exceptional.

Then we have 'Make me a Channel of your Peace', a spiritual highlight, and perfect for those reflective moments in your day.

'Swing Low' is, of course, an interpretation of 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot', which I have always thought (though I could be wrong) was a Southern-US spiritual. Anyhow, it's (again) well-sung, fitting the reflective and spiritual mood of the album so well.

Although there are pop songs on the album, I'm not sure why previous reviewers are complaining - after all 'Angels' was on the first disc. They are universally well-sung, and interpreted into a peaceful and relaxed style.

If you enjoyed the first album, I feel that you'll love this one too. Of course the girls' voices have matured slightly - they are a couple of years older, after all, but those soaringly pure harmonies are all still there. I defy you to listen to Nimrod (track 1) or Nothing Compares 2 U (track 12) and not be emotionally moved.
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on 16 March 2009
I was not familiar with the group "All Angels" before sent me a recommendation to buy their CD. I did a little research on the group and was pleasently surprised. I decided to purchase their first CD and and enjoyed listening to it when I received it. The four ladies' voices are simple terrific - a quality that is not like anyone else I've ever heard before - especially in this age group. I can't say enough good about this group - they sing such a wide range of different songs - ALL BEAUTIFULLY DONE! I think their cause is pretty fantastic too. Their second CD (this CD) is really quite nice. I think their performance is slightly better on this CD. They did a remarkable job singing " The Scientist" and "Sound of Silence", however all of the tracks on the CD are exceptional. I would love to see one of their concerts available on DVD in the near future. I really recommend this CD to all who like really GOOD music. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK All ANGELS!
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on 27 November 2007
I really love this new album. The girls voices have matured, they are intepretting the songs marvellously and they sing these songs like they really mean it. There were a couple of tracks on the last album that I felt didn't show them at their best but I bought this album yesterday and am bowled over how far they have progressed this last year.

Every song here is a stonker, particularly Nimrod, In paradisum, Queen of Sheba is great fun, John Brunning's Pie Jesu and the amazing Singing you through. The arrangements are lovely and the orchestral sound is far more lush than the first album.

I wasn't bothered in the slightest about the maturity of the songs they are singing as was one reviewer. They are 17-18 now apparently and by rights have emotional maturity enough to attempt most if not all the songs they sing on the new album. I'm not a big fan of the original Nothing compares but the way they've sung it here is well argued and has dispensed with some of the weirder lyrics from Sioned O'Connor and Prince.

I must comment that two of the most recent reviews keep comparing the group to Katherine Jenkins. Why? Katherine Jenkins has an okay voice but a very ordinary voice for someone who graduated from the Royal Academy of Music. Perhaps one of their more bankable graduates but patently not their best. The two 'acts' are clearly not comparable (ie. solo & group) so can we keep the comments on here on the matter in hand. While we are on the subject though, I don't rate Jenkins at all!

By contrast All Angels are teenagers with genuinely lovely, non-pretentious voices who are clearly able to deliver on a huge variety of song styles with ease and authority. If this is a review page for 'All Angels' then perhaps comments as to whether one likes Katherine Jenkins or not could therefore be kept for reviews of her own CDs.

I am a huge fan of this group, as indeed are my family and all my inlaws. Their first CD has been a constant companion in the car this last year! We have even adpated one or two of their song ideas for our own amateur singing group.

The girls are clearly progressing, singing very well, recording lovely songs with great arrangements and from their appearances on TV still maintain their musical integrity and enjoyment of the music.

This new album is beautiful! I hope other people see it as such
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on 29 August 2008
I enjoyed the first album, and this is no disappointment. The opening track works surprisingly well. It's pointless asking what Elgar would have made of it - he didn't want his Third Symphony finished, and look what happened there. I for one enjoy it, and it's not the first time Nimrod has been vocalised: the only difference is that this one is a success.

The great joy of this disc is the way in which the Angels are at home, and expertly skilled, in flitting from one genre to another. No sooner are they done with 'Swing low' (a cappella, perfectly in tune), than they move on to 'The Scientist' and the 'Sound of Silence'. If the girls are guilty of anything, it's being able to bring a wamrth of expression to whatever they sing.

Particular highlights for me are 'Sancte Deus', Singing you through (with some very emotional singing - real heart-wrenching stuff), and, surprisingly, 'Nothing compares to you'. This is a very good arrangement of a firm favourite, and whilst it may lose something in changing genre, what it gains in having such a skilled arrangement and such artful singing is incomparable.

'Zadok the Priest' rounds off the disc, which is a slightly different tack from the Barber 'Agnus Dei' on the first album, but it is a welcome romp after such an extraordinary journey, that also includes some stratospheric notes in something called 'Lift up your voice' and 'Make me a channel of your peace'. I don't know what they're feeding these girls, but it's working!

What I want to know most of all is when the next album is going to be available!! Purchase this album as a gift, be it for friend, family or yourself.
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on 19 March 2009
Unlike some reviewers I was not disappointed by this recording. Admittedly the girls are older and their voices slightly more mature, but what they lack in innocence is made up for by more imaginative phrasing. All the tracks are beautifully sung, although Elgar's Nimrod was a little disappointing, perhaps because I know this work so well in the original. Whatever they do sounds "heavenly" to me!
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on 9 October 2007
I bought Into Paradise as soon as it was available. It is fantastic! I disagree strongly with the negative comments made by some of your reviewers. I think All Angels' voices have improved one year on - just as pure, but with more tone, depth and richness. Their music is a delight and guaranteed to lift my spirits if I ever feel down. Try it! Buy it for your friends for Christmas. Ideal for those difficult people who have everything.
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Into Paradise, released in November 2007, is the second of the five album deal which All Angels signed with Universal Classics and Jazz in 2006.

Good follow-up albums often prove more difficult to produce than the debut, particularly as the self titled album 'All Angels' released in 2006 was such a commercial success in a market dominated by the likes of G4, IL Divo and Blake.

This album is another varied collection of classical and contemporary music, to which the four girls apply their lovely vocal harmony skills to provide a combination of calming and uplifting moods.

Most of the classics are well known favourites (which I think is essential to keep a young fan base satisfied), and the popular songs like Paul Simon's `Sound of Silence' and Prince's `Nothing Compares 2 U' sound beautiful after being given the 'Angel's treatment' - particularly the latter which makes a nice change from Sinead O'Connor's melancholy hit version from 1990.

It's difficult to pick out favourites from such nice music, but I particularly like the lesser heard John Brunning version of 'Pie Jesu', instead of the familiar one by Faure, and the Band of Brothers TV series theme music `Lament' is a lovely dreamy, hymn-like performance (hear also the Katherine Jenkins version entitled 'Requiem for a Soldier' on her Rejoice album). Also noteworthy is the multitracking of the girls voices on Handel's `Zadok The Priest' to give real power and an impression of large scale choir.

The girls are reported to have a maturity beyond their teenage years, and their changing appearance from their first album is certainly pointing towards an endearingly glamorous future. But it's the girl's dedication and attitude towards their music that I like too, as summed up by youngest member (aged 17 on this album) Laura Wright on their official website:

"A lot of my friends don't listen to classical music, but that's what we're trying to do - introduce it to younger people and show that it's not geeky or sad to listen to classical music. We don't think so!"

A lovely album, easily as appealing as the first I think.
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on 28 November 2007
I purchased the debut album by All Angels last year and did not really know what to expect. However, my ears were subsequently filled with some of most harmonic and beatifully crafted arrangements of carefully selected classical compositions. The girls voices were far more mature than their years and their excellence quite obvious. All this together has created a synergy that I have found hard to surpass all year. Until now.

The new album 'In To Paradise' by these four greatly talented girls has not only surpassed the previous album, but set the bar higher for those now would be classical startlets. The new arrangements (Lole) of modern songs such as 'The Scientist' show not only the groups versatility and range whilst not detracting from their classical roots.

Although this album is not entirely of a 'classical' ilk, it is nonetheless a 'classic' album that will appeal to a wide audience. And why shouldn't it? We are in an age of mass production pop and this offers something different, and in terms of technical excellence, something far superior.

Don't shy away from purchasing this album if you are afraid of it's classical credentials. One listen to 'Sancte Deus (Nimrod)' and 'In Paradisum' will soon assuage any would be fears that you may have had.

In short, this album is fantastic. Go and buy it!

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on 16 February 2009
Fantastic CD, tried all the shops to get hold of this CD but could not find it anywhere. Before purchasing this Cd on Amazon they gave you the option to listen to a short video clip so you could hear some of the songs on the CD - great idea and after listening to it for a matter of seconds, we were hooked!
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on 7 October 2008
soaring, searing, the voices of angels. I just got this one. I know it's been out a while. But i love it. Incredible vocal clarity and clever arrangements. I'm really looking forward to listening to this over the next few weeks whilst my kids are away at school. Perfect!
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