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on 16 June 2017
A wonderful soundtrack probably Hans Zimmer best. I already have the now extremely expensive ORG issue ( 2 copies) which had a dreadful noisy pressing and there is much online comment about this.The ORG mastering was nevertheless as good as it gets but unfortunately the noisy pressing was quite distracting.ORG in fact conceded there was a problem and even sent me a couple of copies from USA but there was little improvement.Hence my purchase of this much cheaperDecca issue. No its not as crackle free as I would wish but in that respect it is considerably better than the ORG. The mastering is good but not in the same league as the ORG which was pressed at 45 rpm for improved sound quality.ORG informed me that they no longer hold the licence to repress so there is virtually no chance of getting hold of a perfect ORG copy. Don't get me wrong if you haven't heard the ORG and buy this new Decca issue you will not be disappointed. All I really want is a noise free pressing so I propose to exchange the latest purchase. Fingers crossed.A noise free pressing would warrant the full five stars.
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on 18 May 2016
It's always been a delightful experience to hear Lisa Gerrard sing the beautiful sounds she creates with her enchanting voice.

Coupled with the great Hans Zimmer it was a given that the music score of Gladiator was going to win awards and so it did picking up best original score in the Golden Globes and BAFTA.

For me Lisa Gerrard is the sound behind the success of this collaboration and the atmosphere she brings to the score is spine tingling.

I once had to undergo a life threatening operation alone in a foreign country with nobody I knew closer than nearly six thousand miles away. As I was taken to the operating theatre I was permitted to have my MP3 player and I was comforted to listen to Lisa Gerrard singing "Sanvean" with Dead Can Dance. If heaven had taken me at that time I'm sure it would be full of incredible sounds like this. Check out her singing it live on youtube "Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) - Sanvean"

Gladiator as a collaboration works really well and if you have seen the film you can easily imagine scenes from it as you listen to the music. When you play the album I suggest you play the tracks in sequence and with a player that allows "uninterrupted" transition between tracks. This is especially important for the last 3 tracks that can be played in sequence to create more than eight minutes of naturally flowing music that brings the story to a sad but ultimately liberating conclusion.

Amazing, emotional and an epic story told in a most passionate collaboration of sounds and composers. Thoroughly recommended and sure to leave an impression on you.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 September 2016
I will give this music five stars. Number one, Hans Zimmer in my opinion, creates some of the greatest film scores that have ever been produced.. I enjoy listening to a good film score occasionally. When l am in that mood. They are tomorrow's classics. It makes a change from modern music. My taste is varied. I like heavy and light metal, current and past pop, opera, classical and calm. Some blues but not every tune in those groups or every singer. I dislike modern jazz, rap, etc. This brings memories of a great film back with Russell Crow a brilliant actor and perfectly cast for that role. Worth a listen.
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on 9 February 2018
this album has been copied from cd and not direct onto vinyl as the slight gaps in certain tracks on the cd are the same on the vinyl the sound quality is poor the bass is piss poor and the continious track from the beguining of the movie where there going into battle is at the end of album and then stops then you have to turn it over and line up the que arm it just spoilt your whole enjoyment if you want to enjoythe fulfilment of this album abd fantastic score of hans zimmer then by the cd
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on 25 October 2016
I saw Gladiator when it was first released I think back around 2000. I'm not a frequent cinema goer but it had a profound effect on me then, and has continued to do so every time I go back and watch the video - and that is frequently.!!!! Right from the first time , I have found it to be profoundly motivational..... when at my lowest and there have been so low times - Gladiator has emotionally and spiritually got me back on track. I love a very wide range of music - and have as well as playing and gigging as a singer/guitarist, have spent much of the last 20 years getting into ballet, classical music and opera. It gets me that Classic FM have only focused on the one piece from the movie - Earth - Finally last Saturday, the regular film music slot finally played something different - the battle scene...... I have just today received this CD and having just played it - as usual - left me an emotional wreck (and I suspect my wife is feeling the ame) having again been taken throught every twist and turn of an amazing story of human endeavour, conquering through adversity, achieving justice and getting rid of the villain - and finally being reunited with his wife and child in the afterlife...... This is a magnificent and profoundly moving recording of what is my view, one of THE best movie soundtracks...... And you get hints of refrains from Pirates of the Caribbean too (and vice versa if you listen to that soundtrack) And who cares if some of Gladiator bears a strong almost plegiarised resemblance to Vangelis Conquest of Paradise 1492 ........ Absolute magic...... !!!!!!! Buy it ... !!!!
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on 8 November 2013
That title epitomises the entire soundtrack, but in particular the final three tracks are what stand out the most. I remember a couple of years back reading a list of the greatest back-to-back trio of tracks on albums, such as the opening 3 tracks from Radiohead's OK Computer etc., but the final 3 tracks that I refer to here have to be included.

Especially in context with the film, Elysium, Honor Him and Now We Are Free can bring you to tears, such is the beauty they exhale. I apologise if I sound false or pretentious with that statement, but listen to those 3 songs in particular and you'll know what I mean.
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on 18 January 2001
First of all, I'd like to state that Gladiator's soundtrack CD is the third one I've cautiously bought in my life. Second, English is not my native language, that's why it's beyond my linguistic capabilities to express the whirlwind of emotions sweeping over you while listening to this majestic symphony. It's Music for All Times from a Movie for All Times: it lets your imagination roam and your pulse race, scenes and images from the movie (which you've all seen, except if only you're blind or from Mars) flickering in the subconscious.
Although my personal favorites are wall-shattering breath taking "The Battle" and "Barbarian Horde" (much heard in the movie), slower, macabre and ominous "The Might of Rome" and "Am I Not Merciful", as well as hymns to human honor and valor "Progeny" and "Honor Him" are gems of this album.
To spare more talks (for music must be heard, and only after discussed) I'd advise you not to listen to the CD without seeing the movie: it'd mean to deprive oneself of double pleasure: these two go together. I think it'll take a while for such a harmonious movie/soundtrack combination to appear that can equal Gladiator's. This CD proves again that music is the highest art to move a human heart. Mine has been shattered...
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on 23 August 2017
This is a review for Gladiator - Soundtrack [CD].

This is a good score to a great movie. Although, I still think Basil Poledouris's score for Conan The Barbarian (1981) is superior.
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on 24 January 2016
This was purchased as a gift and was gratefully received. My brother loved this CD and has played it over and over again. Great music and you can imagine the film with each piece of music. Great music by Hans Zimmer. In fact, all his music in films are brilliant. Would highly recommend. CD arrived on time.
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on 25 January 2015
I love this soundtrack! I haven't seen the film but I love the atmospheric music! I heard Enya perform 'Now we are free' and just fell in love with it! Enya doesn't sing on this album but it is rousing in places, sad, sweet, stirring and always slightly haunting. If you like Vangellis' 1492 or Rabin's 'National treasure' soundtracks you'll probably like this!!
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