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on 6 April 2017
I'm not sure the U rating is deserved here! I showed this to a class of 10 year olds & they were horrified when the duck was eaten! Then Peter goes on a revenge hunting mission against the wolf!
Quite a dark version of the story, think twice before using with very young children.
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on 23 September 2017
My 4 year old adores this story, he has the book, the Sting DVD, 2 different CDs, so I bought this hoping it would be slightly less zany than the Sting / Spitting Image version. It looked beautiful. 5 minutes in and I was making a dive for the remote before his tender mind was scarred forever. It is DARK. I haven't watched it through yet but I'll certainly be making sure I watch it all the way through before I let either of my boys watch it. I have a feeling, from what I've seen so far, I won't be letting either of them watch it. It's a real shame because there isn't really a beautiful to watch, faithful adaptation of this engaging story and, given the score was created by Prokofiev to introduce young children to the orchestra, it would have been nice if the maker of this film had had the same vision.
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on 15 November 2016
As a child i loved Peter and the wolf and my imagination of the characters were magical, however having watched this DVD with my 7yr old children they were scared and totally put off as its very dark and haunting. Such a shame for their minds now to be filled with dark and sad images of this amazing music- awful film not suitable for young children.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 7 February 2012
This version of Peter and the Wolf is the best animation I have ever seen. The attention to detail is extraordinary, there is much humour and also plenty of the harshness of life, in fact it gives a superbly balanced vision to younger viewers, I think. The duck - based on the Indian runner duck?! - is particularly lovable - there is an acute sense of sadness when he gets eaten when he is so affectionate and has provided such entertainment on the ice with all his slipping and sliding around in an attempt to stay on his feet. In this last regard it seems much funnier than Disney's take on animals losing their balance ... but all the animals are vividly characterized by the action and the models match this inspiration. The appearance of the wolf is mesmerising, his way of moving so sleek and suggestive of contained power. The poor injured bird looks very much the worse for wear, a lot like a modern pigeon (although he looks more like a crow). There is an amazing moment when he flies with the aid of a balloon and is so happy to be back in his natural element as he slowly floats down. I also like the way Peter, who has shown such bravery throughout and such depth of feeling for the duck, finally releases the wolf because he realises it was only acting in accordance with its nature. The visual style and beauty of the film leads up to this final gesture and makes us feel the rightness of it. This respect for nature, and awe before it, makes it a very good film for children to see, as well as providing them with a wonderfully enjoyable visual experience.
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on 30 June 2012
My enthusiasm for 'Peter and the Wolf' was rekindled by hearing a version of Prokoviev's wonderful music being systematically destroyed by ITV in its introduction to the European Soccer Championship. Suzie Templeton I had heard of before, and I wanted to find out how her animation blended in with the instrumentals. I wasn't disappointed. The mixture was intoxicating. My only reservation is that the two yobs with hunting rifles didn't do justice to the menace which the huntsmen were supposed to present. I was somewhat saddened by the way that the wolf swallowed the duck and disappointed that the wolf was allowed to get off scot-free. The moggie and the bird were brilliant characterisations. The extras, designed to emphasise the educational value of the symphony, were a welcome addition. Anyone with young children should buy this remarkable DVD.
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on 28 November 2012
The music is familiar. The story is also well-known. It's about a kid who gets out of his garden and meets a wolf, isn't it? It's for young children to learn about the instruments in an orchestra, right? And wasn't it the theme many years ago for a children's TV programme called "Zoo Time"?

Hmmm. It is, I suppose, all of these things but if you are thinking of buying this DVD for your little kids then think again. This film is for you, the adult, or maybe for older kids with an artistic bent or an interest in serious animation.

This DVD is all about the original folk story. It is about atmosphere. There is violence (although nothing like the level of violence described elsewhere as "gratuitous"). There is an unrelentingly bleak background and a steady dripfeeding of fear and struggle. Peter is a lonely boy whose only friends are a duck and an injured bird he has rescued. Their joyful games on the ice beyond the gate offer a brief respite, cut short by the duck's demise in a scene which is definitely not for the very little ones. Peter's sadness and indeed all of his emotions are beautifully portrayed by the animators. In fact, everything is beautifully portrayed from the Russian countryside and the ramshackle house where Peter lives with his grandfather to the ratlike starving wolf and the sinister bully, Peter's other enemy whom Peter eventually captures in the same manner as he captures the wolf.

The music is a treat as expected and the animation works seamlessly with it to create a real masterpiece. If you think animation is all about the Simpsons or Spongebob (and nothing wrong with either of them) then watch this film and see how animation can also be true art. OK, I may be waxing a little lyrical here but spend a tenner (pounds sterling) on this and raise your expectations as to what animation is about. I am not an expert on the genre and if I say that the only other short animation piece that comes close for me would be Raymond Briggs' "The Snowman" then I am sure the cognosceti will sit back and sneer.

Let them. This is a bloody good film. So there.
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on 3 August 2017
A '4' is better than average. I like it rather than just accept it.

Good quality dvd and I enjoyed the film though the old stories are rather dark. None of the false cheerfulness of Postman Pat who ignores rural crime and drug taking.
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on 16 November 2011
I recently purchased the new version of Peter and the wolf to use in class. We couldnt use the old disney video anymore as the video player was replaced by a big whiteboard.laptop and sound system and the old tv removed. I couldnt get the disney version on dvd so I went for this new version.I tried it out at home with my 3 yr old grand daughter, but was a bit worried as a review had said said the duck got eaten and it had upset various young children. I explained at the start that the story was sad and the duck gets eaten. We then watched the dvd-which being so modern and different from the disney version, I had a job to follow at first.We got to the bit with the duck being eaten and my grand daughter didnt mind a bit-in fact she loved it! We ended up watching the dvd 3 times in a row and have to watch it every time she comes over. she can now recognise the theme tunes for all the characters and knows when the big bad wolf is coming.
I must say the new version has grown on me and it has a beauty about it I like very much.
I still havnt used it at school-I think my pupils would get upset and have found an old tv to watch the disney video on!
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on 18 November 2012
As I write this my nearly three year old daughter is watching Peter and the Wolf for the 1000th time!

As fans of Prokofiev's score, we were a bit unconvinced of the need for a film version, and wondered what animation could add to an already vivid story. But this DVD has proven us wrong and is a total hit with the whole family. It is by turns enchanting, sinister and uplifting, and the slices of dystopian Russian life that it shows give a subtle and unobtrustive lift to the story that in no way detracts from the original tale.

It is the perfect length for smallish children, and apparently not too scary (though this would obviously depend on disposition). However, its appeal is in no way restricted to the young. Highly recommended.
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on 22 October 2015
Fantastic DVD. Bought it to watch with my 3 year old grandson who loves the story but think that this film version might be a bit scary until he's a few years older. Really enjoyed watching it myself and will revisit often. My copy seems to have a couple of minor glitches - paused very briefly twice but it could be my laptop and didn't really affect playback.
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