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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 July 2016
I love this album. If you are adventurous and like weird beats give it a listen.
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on 8 February 2013
This album certainly is not ambient, abstract, broken Idm as you know it! This is delicate sculptured experimentation across non-rhythmic spheres and a variety of mini fragmented rhythmic structures that takes the listener through a mind alternating listening experience though a mishmash of abstract soundscapes featuring fragmented dense beats, beatless ambient space, and funnelled sonic's that are then further crunched with disjointed broken rhythms grafted with dense elements of Idm. This will certainly take a few full listens to really absorb the micro robotic organisms of the hidden clicks and cuts with gradual swirls of glitchy rhythms and beats that funnel through within and along the ambient and twisting abstractness. Each new listen starts to reveal the deeper hidden depths of its sounds, plus the albums sculptured musical components, as they gradually start to emerge through the once complete chaos that seemed at fist. A excellent abstract and experimental album pushing techno, Idm, ambient, abstract, and electronica into the unknown that requires patience and repeated listens to understand and appreciate.
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on 18 March 2015
One of my favourite Autechre albums. The thing that struck me immediately was the production - which is very smooth and clean. There is a great sense of cohesiveness throughout the album. I won't go into each track, suffice to say that my favourites are LCC, Pro Radii, Augmatic Disport and Sublimit. Pro Radii is astonishing on a high-end hi-fi!
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on 12 September 2005
I remember when Autechre were asked how long one must study in order to listen to their music and they said about a second or less. Well I wouldn't agree with them there cos we aren't all as clever as them. Give this CD at least a month of listening before passing any judgement oh and another thing buy the CD cos if you go listening to mp3s you wont hear anything.
Opener LCC is very dark but breaks down into a more mellow piece towards the end - very powerful piece.
Ipacial Section is chaotic and the melody is very strange unlike any other types of music available you can hear elements of this chaos in the live tour which accompanied the album.
Pro Radii - i wish i had speakers that could do this track justice cos its simply stunning and very powerful a firm favourite.
Augmatic Disport - possibly the most difficult track to follow -very complex especially the beginning
Iera - i dont know what is going on here but it sure sounds good.
Fermium - im not such a fan of this one but totally listenable.
The Trees - i hated this at first but the more i listened to it the more detail i heard and now its probably my favourite on the album.
Sublimit - im still trying to work this out!
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on 1 October 2010
Untilted is possible one of the best electronic albums ever created and is Autechres finest release by a country mile.

The album is one of the more difficult Autechre offerings so if you're new to them I would recommend starting somewhere else but this album is true genius.

Beautifully layered time signatures collide, sync and contrast and pounding, glitched techno drums churn and pulsate while slow pads and fractured melodies build. The best thing for me about this album is the mind bending transitions between distinct parts within tracks. Where suddenly everything is reversed, or inverted. It is so beautifully subtle yet a very aggressive and driving release too.

Pure musical maths.

PS - As someone said before, this release needs to be listened to on vinyl or CD. MP3 quality is a waste of money. ;)
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on 12 January 2008
I think Autechre haters still come round to the 'noise' thing, and assume that people that like Autechre think that others who don't like them are uncultured, as one reviewer put it.

But that simply is not true, at least not with me anyway, Autechre are experimental, the majority of people will not like them, it's music made for a small group of people, who aren't genetically advanced simply because we like Autechre, Squarepusher e.t.c.

Right now that is off my chest, the album itself is well worth the cash, only one weak song (Pro Radii) which is a bit boring and not in tune with the rest of the album, which is probably more aimed at the dancefloors compared to Draft, indeed I think these songs are best heard live.

You can listen to a few on youtube, warehouse project e.t.c.
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on 27 January 2008
It seems fair enough after Confield and Draft 7.30 that Autechre should go a bit more minimal as a few people have mentioned already, but its the melodic content that has been dropped right down, the drums haven't been toned down that much and take centre stage throughout- and it still seems Autechre are incapable of writing a drum beat without developing it in to something a zillion times more complex.

The result is sometimes exciting and sometimes a bit 'much of a muchness'- the soundworld of the synths is suggesting ambient but the untuned stuff is going mental.

I'm giving this 3 stars as someone who likes all of Autechre's output but feels that they're not firing on all cylinders here creatively. I still haven't heard a weak Autechre release.
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on 30 March 2005
When i first heard about the new Autechre album i thought it might sound like their most recent breezeblock session - 31st 03 2003, more soundscape stuff with less beats. when i actually heard it i must admit i was slightly disappointed - at first anyway. the first track LCC begins with beats almost unrecognizable as Autechre - quite commercial in fact, this lasts for a few mins until the time stretch comes in - the typical autechre sound returns! Impacial Section begins sounding like it could have been a relic from the Confield sessions, until heavy beats come in and are added to a sound like machines struggling to function. This carries on gaining momentum until the end were noises come in sounding like your cd player skipping. Pro Radii starts off with quite a menacing effect and even a few slightly distorted vocals, morphing into dark and menacing stuttering beats, sounding not unlike "Gob Coitus" by Chris Clark.my favourite ae track on the album, and possibly ever!Augmatic Disport sounds like a typical LP5 era track,another strong one. Iera is followed by Fermium - (which can be heard on warp records site). Sublimit sounds like another epic battle between Autechre and their stash of machines with both parties sparring for the upper hand, with stuttering beats and bass. The Trees sounds less abstract than earlier Ae stuff but still contains classic Autechre elements. This album could be a greatest hits of sorts - it contains all the best bits of Autechres work so far, referencing Confield and LP5 but whislt still managing to sound fresh and ever original. It might not have the initial impact of earlier works but give it a few listens and you'll probably think its one of their best.
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on 15 October 2013
The album begins with the brutally direct, percussive 'LCC'. This is a common theme for the album, the beats are much harder and the melodies more abrasive than on albums like 'Confield'. It is much more glitchy and there are more bleeps on this album than on any other.

I prefer this album to some of the newer stuff for its cohesion. Like 'Confield', it's an album with a structure. Tracks like 'Iera' really function to slow down the pace and offer something more chilled and relective.

One of the standouts is 'Pro Radii'. This album has echoing bass and has been expertly composed, going through so many seamless transitions. It samples a kind of old-skool hip hop voice and crowd noise, too. Also, the second track 'Ipacial Station' transforms from abrasive glitch and bass into a chilled, trancey meltdown. These are tracks you can really get lost in.

There are moments in the second half of the album when the relentless glitch can become a bit repetitive. 'Fermium' eventually explodes into a stream of synth chords, while 'The Trees' becomes annoying after a while. However, Autechre end the album on a high with the brilliant opus 'Sublimit'. This track goes through so many changes and transitions, and is extremely funky.

Altogether, I recommend this album as one of ae's most cohesive. It doesn't have the variety of sounds as on their latest effort, 'Exai', but it is a record you can get lost in, that will take you on a journey. I would have preferred a bit more variation and more synths to break up the extended breaks and bleeps, but there are still some good melodies to be found on here. However, some may find the emphasis on percussion too unrelenting.
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on 16 January 2006
Building on the strengths of Draft 7.30 Autechre has reached new heights with the latest album, Untilted, producing what are some of the duo's finest moments by a long way in many years. Gone is the oppressive nothingness that so hindered Confield and EP7 and elevated, almost into the full glare of their neon spotlight, is melody and atmosphere albeit swathed in complex rhythmic workouts. These key musical components, virtually absent from some of their recent works, that began to resurface in Draft 7.30 are displayed here lovingly restored to former glory however packaged in brand new, up to date plastics and other high-tech fabrics.
There are so many ideas here it's really amazing; each track sounds like at least three seemlessly spliced together genetic experiments. Warped alien atmospherics mutate into full on cosmic warfare before melting down into synthetic post-apocalyptic symphonies. The merest of electro magnetic pulses shift into gravitational fields that could alter the orbits of passing planets. What was thought dead thrusts its hand up through the dirt only to be shellacked in silicone and whisked into the future, to a meta-glass museum of Autechre that houses a melded combination of what is old and new.
I have the headphones on even now...
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