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on 13 December 2010
I can understand why folks have problems setting this up. The documentation leaves a LOT to be desired!

However, once done, it works very well for me and I get a connection of between 216Mbps and 270Mbps in bridge mode.

Here's how I did it: I connected my Mac direct to the DAP-1522 by Ethernet Cable. The DAP's default IP address is I changed this to a fixed IP address in my router's network range, i.e.: I rebooted the DAP and connected to its web interface again.

I originally tried to *manually* set up the DAP's WiFi settings with my D-Link DIR-855 dual-band router (operating in 5GHz mode ONLY) and failed. I have since discovered that in the latest firmware, manual WiFi set up can ONLY be attempted using Internet Explorer as there is a bug in the web interface resulting in missing options on the DAP's Wireless Settings page ... fairly unforgivable and not helpful to Mac or Linux users!

So ... to *automatically* sync the DAP-1522 with my router, I made sure that the router's SSID (Network Name) was temporarily visible and then pressed the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button on the side of the router. Followed by the corresponding WPS button on the side of the DAP-1522. YOU MUST-MUST-MUST HAVE at least ONE DEVICE PLUGGED INTO THE ETHERNET PORTS ON THE DAP-1522 for the auto set up to work!

Seconds later the two synced.

Job done.

The DAP-1522 is located upstairs and the router downstairs in the lounge and they live together very comfortably.
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on 31 August 2010
I've been looking for a 5ghz wireless N network bridge hardware device to support 3 lan enabled devices I have in my living room for quite some time.

I was using a Buffalo Nfiniti device but had dire results, so bad that I had reverted to my old trusty LinkSys WET200 which is only wireless G but was still faster and more stable than the horrible cheap Buffalo device. Well, having found the DAP 1522 all my issues have been resolved and I now have a lightning fast responsive lan connection to all the devices in this room of the house.

I can also highly recommend putting this device with the business oriented DAP-2553 which is a fantastic piece of kit... the two work wonderfully together and have similar web interfaces and product features.

I quite agree with the other reviewer that docked a star due to the plug situation. An odd lazy decision to not include a real uk plug and to have to use the supplied socket converter. Still, im so ecstatic that at last I have solid wireless n around my house that I'll give it 5 stars none the less!
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on 26 December 2010
I recently purchased a Sony TV, with built in internet capability via ethernet, but the TV is located some distance from my BT Home Hub 2.0 wireless router so connecting to the internet presented a problem. I tried using a pair of Comtrend Power Grid 9020 devices working through the house mains wiring but broadband speed was inadequate for reliable BBC I Player operation. Replacing the Comtrend devices with a D-Link DAP-1522 operating in 'Bridge' mode now gives me 11MBit broadband at the TV allowing the BBC I Player to operate in the highest picture quality mode without pixellation or frame freezing.
Also, as the DAP-1522 has 4 ethernet ports, I have my BT Vision box connected through this device too so all the BT vision services now operate with a significant improvement in picture reliability.
But, the supplied manual is rather more technical than being user friendly so read it carefully to ensure the device is configured correctly. (in 'Bridge' mode for this application).
D-link DAP-1522/B Xtreme N Duo Wireless Bridge and Access Point
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on 16 July 2011
4-port dual-band N is great for gaming or HD video streaming (720p only - 1080p can suffer on fast action/high bandwidth)
Better performance than powerline 300 products.

Bear in mind that 5ghz band suffers with range and obstructions; close to the router I get amazing 5ghz performance, but on the other side of the house it is barely there, whereas the 2.4 is still great (although can suffer from interference of other devices).

Also, connecting a 'b' or 'g' device to an 'n' network will reduce the speed of everything on your network. If you need b or g get a cheap old router and run a second access point do you can run a pure 'n' network and see the speed benefit.

Orientation of this unit is also quite important, plug a PC in the back and run speed test, turn it round and do it again, and again, and again(!) before you decide where it goes - quite tedious, but you only have to do it for the install and it really can make a huge difference.
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on 2 October 2010
I needed to connect my PS3 console on the 2nd floor by ethernet cable to give me better performance than by wireless and to go through my broadband router on the ground floor. With the DAP-1522 switched to bridge mode, it has proved to be a perfect device for the job. With a professional help from DLINK support the setup took less than 10 minutes. The performance is awesome
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on 10 October 2010
Bought this in conjunction with a D Link Dir-655 and the performance is abysmal.The router is in our ground floor study and I have the DAp-1522 bridge across the hall in our lounge which is a short distance away. I bought this after reading a favourable review on amazon to supply internet access to my Blu-ray player, and wish I hadnt. It will not maintain a connection with the router and keeps dropping packets. I bought a new router to replace my netgear 802.11G router thinking an 802.11n would give me better performance with the bridge. The bridge is not fit for purpose. Looking at various forums which suggest disabling settings, settings it to G only mode and not N which defeats the purpose I cannot get this to maintain a connection. I would add I work in IT so am no novice at setting these things up.
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on 22 August 2013
I'm using this in bridge mode and it seems to work excellently. One issue I had early on is that I had to force it to use WPA2 only otherwise it just wouldn't work. Once this initial problem was out of the way it's been plain sailing
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on 23 November 2013
Very satisfied with the box. Easy to install and I can now use Iplayer on the TV. The plug system using the power circuit did not work in my house.
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on 21 May 2014
This has Gigabit ports so you don't slow things down. Used in training centre to provide access to modern 5GHz capable devices.
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on 24 December 2009
This product does exactly what it is supposed to.

I would have given 5 stars, however it came with a European plug.
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