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on 15 October 2016
Thank you for my Fantastic Item it is Amazing it really is and this Album is live and with fantastic Music and this is one of My Favourite West Shows but i have not seen it Live I like to see it Live and This WestEnd Show is Better than= Jesurs Christ Super Star to be honest i think this show is not really a westend show It is more real life what really happens to Him. in real life.) But This West End show of Pantom is more poperler than (J, C, S,S.) It has Amazing West End Songs, to. and a great Story too This Album is SO WORTH BUYING and to have. Enjoy and you will not be disapointed with this Album. and you have to go for this serivce to it is a great serivce too. I love this Album very much and i know you will to
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on 22 April 2016
I originally bought this cd back in 1987. I was recently playing it and I discovered that one of the discs ( the second one) had become damaged and it was "jumping" quite a lot. I think the trouble was that in those days they use used to put square shaped spongy dividers as protection Over the years, the sponge fabric rotted and little bits stuck to the top of the cd. I tried removoing the pieces of sponge using a damp cloth, but in so doing I must have accidentally damaged the playing surface. I found the some typo of packaging was used in another double cd of Rachmaninoff's piano concertos. Fortunately the damage on this was less serious. I still think placing spongy inlays was a ridiculous idea and it seems to have discontinued. I am delighted with the new Phantom of the Opera presentation double cd. The music is truly amazing and it is a great bonus to have the complete libretto included this time.

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on 8 October 2011
Can it really be 25 years since this recording was made? Listening to it again one is reminded of just how perfectly the score was captured for all time.

The sound quality is absolutely wonderful; the cuts in the score are sensitively done and one really feels sucked into the full drama from the first line: "Sold! Your number Sir?".

As for the performances, how have they fared over the years? It comes as a revelation to hear just how good they still are. Michael Crawford gives a performance of such sensual beauty that is sends shivers down the spine. His Phantom is a flawed genius with a panther-like sexuality. His cry of pain in the final lair scene is devastating. Has there ever been a better Christine than Sarah Brightman? It is worth remembering that without her this musical would simply not exist. She was Andrew Lloyd Webber's muse and he crafted the score to suit her beautiful, bell-like soprano. One can really believe in this Christine being plucked from the chorus and assuming the role of prima donna of the opera populaire! The late Steve Barton gives a performance of vigour and sensitivity. The three leads blend beautifully; there is real chemistry and at times the sparks really fly! Just listen to the way the trio soars in the 'Angel of Music' reprise at the graveyard in Act Two!

The supporting cast have never been bettered on disc. In particular Rosemary Ashe attacks the role of Carlotta with abandon and seems to be having a ball. More importantly, her voice shines in what is, vocally, a very punishing role. The late Mary Millar gives a vocal masterclass in how to get the most out of the role of Madame Giry. John Savidant and David Firmin are wonderfully clipped as the managers. They seem as if they have just wandered in from HMS Pinafore. The ensemble performances are a joy in 'Notes' and 'Prima Donna'.

What fun Lloyd Webber, Stilgo and Hart must have had creating the opera pastiches! I adore the grand melodrama of 'Hannibal' the baroque farce of 'Il Muto' and the brooding dissonance of 'Don Juan Triumphant'.

From the spine tingling overture to the heartbreaking finale this is a recording to treasure.

N.B Please, I beg - DON'T make the mistake of purchasing the awful movie soundtrack if you are new to this show. It is miscast and badly sung. Avoid it at all costs! Stick with this, the first and the BEST recording of a wonderful musical.
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on 24 April 2010
I remember years ago watching I think pebble mill or something like that and Michael Crawford being interviewed about a musical he was going to star in by Andrew Lloyd Webber, also getting a dig about some mother do have em. I remember being about 12 at the time and hearing music of the night and even then thinking he had a nice voice.
Unfortunately I was too young to really appreciate musicals and quite frankly my parents couldn't take me to see it money wise (we live in the North East of England). Many years later as in now!! I plucked up the courage to buy the CD and my god I am impressed. I only wish I could have seen this live. Superb songs brilliant voices throughout and you can tell that the female lead was written for Mrs Andrew Lloyd Webber (at the time) as her voice is like an angel. I am literally sitting listening to music of the night as I write this and this CD I rather suspect is going to get some serious useage. Transfered to my mp3 already and looking forward to many years of enjoyment. Shame I have heard such negative reviews of Love Never Dies otherwise I would be tempted.
My compliments to The cast and orchestra as well as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. You put your heart soul and essence into this and it can be felt. Bravo Monsieur(s)
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on 26 December 2016
This is one of my fave musicals and I love this original soundtrack. I never tire listening to this.
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on 10 August 2011
I ordered this CD just after being totally blown away seeing Phantom of the Opera for the first time in the West End. They were selling this CD at the theatre, but at a much higher price. The CD arrived before expected, taking just 3 days from ordering.
Having previously brought other musical soundtracks, I expected the main songs from the show accompanied by a little booklet.
However, I was delighted to find the booklet was actually a complete transcript of the whole show, complete with all dialogue, songs and even stage directions! Although the CD doesn't contain the whole show, it does have all of the music, songs and enough of the dialogue to provide a fantastic memory of the show. I had just wanted a CD with all my favourite songs from the show, but got a lot more than that!
As this is an original cast recording, it obviously doesn't contain those who appear in the show now (I saw John Owen Jones and Sofia Escobar who were both breathtakingly good). Nonetheless, it is absolutely brilliant to hear the original cast with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman on this CD.
A must for not just any Phantom of the Opera fan, but for anyone with a love of musical theatre!
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on 6 May 2015
Our choir are singing extracts from this at our forthcoming concert, so I thought I ought to buy this CD. I've never been to Phantom of the Opera, but I know most of the tunes, which are mainly very catchy. There are two CDs in the pack and the first is better listening than the second. As for Sarah Brightman, well, our choir leader was slightly dismissive about her, but I found her voice worked very well in this performance.
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on 15 October 2013
I've been playing it VERY LOUD in my car to & from work. God knows what other motorists think is going on in my car...windows down, car stopped (traffic lights), that classic intro bellowing away. I haven't played this since I bought it on vinyl when first released
(I was an expectant and devastated Steve Harley fan....) and such fantatsic value at only £1.99. The music doesn't sound any different being second-hand. Thank you for such an excellent deal and so speedily delivered..
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on 21 March 2011
This has to be my all time favourite musical and I never grow tired of it. I think by now the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber is well known to everyone so I won't say much more about that. However, I did download the album through Amazons MP3 facility. I found this extremely straightforward to use and buying music online through this platform is a relatively new experience. For anybody else out there who are behind the times (like me) don't be put off thinking its too complicated. Very straightforward and within a few minutes you can have an album rather than hiking around the shops looking for the best deal.
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on 23 October 2017
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