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on 27 June 2017
Excellent addition to my full keyboard which has a keypad but at the wrong end - I do have a left handed keyboard (with the numetical key pad at the left end) but that is attached to my desktop computer not my laptop for which this was bought.

Best is that i can not only have it at the correct end of the keyboard, i can use it with the laotop's keyboard or a plugged in full keyboard.

It has its own numlock key to switch between cursor keys and numbers.

It is a bit "clanky" like the mechanical keys of old (as opposed to the "bubble membrane" keyboards of today).
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on 20 May 2016
I am an accountant so use calculator and number pads all the time - this one is dreadful!! It keeps missing digits. Type 1066 and I get 106. I've tried typing harder, softer, - you name it. I am so disappointed as it would have been really useful if it could recognise every figure I type! It's going in the bin.
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on 2 June 2012
Service: Excellent. I ordered it late afternoon yesterday and it arrived this morning. Really can't ask for anything more in terms of speedy service.

Quality - I bought this for my MacBook Pro - works great. The keypad itself is nice and streamlined not bulky. No issue at all. The cable is perfect length - no unnecessarily long cables that cause clutter. It includes a carry case (felt). It's exactly what I wanted and for the price it's great value. It's as light as a scientific calculator and probably as wide as a scientific calculator (ones used in school) (lighter than my iphone!) so it's easy to pick up too with one hand. It has small silicone grip pads at the back of the device to prevent it from moving around when using the pad.

It's light, streamlined and simple. I'm sure the wireless ones are great but really how many people walk around typing numbers when doing spreadsheets etc.,? (is it really necessary?) For me as a mac user at home and pc user for work, I am really lucky as mac keyboards don't come with a delete button (so handy!) but the numeric pad does and it works so well on mac too (word, excel, etc., - that is fantastic! I would pay the price only for a delete button, so a great device and so practical and useful.
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on 2 August 2012
Perixx PERIPAD-201 U Black, Slim X Type USB Number Keypad
If your laptop doesn't have a built-in number keypad, this Perixx Peripad will make life a whole lot easier when you have to enter numbers. No more reaching over to the top of the keyboard - just use one hand, with all the numbers grouped together.
I checked out the reviews on Amazon for several number keypads before buying. This one had excellent reviews and I've found them to be fully justified. I just plug it into a USB port and use it. It works straight away, with absolutely no problems at all. It's not the very cheapest on Amazon but I think it's incredible value for the price. (And it comes with a nice little bag to keep it clean when carrying it.)
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on 29 February 2016
This is quite big and clunky, but it's easy to use. A slight drawback for Mac users is that it comes on with numerical lock, which doesn't play nicely with the Mac - you have to remember to press the button so that the green light goes out. After that it's fine, although it's not a thing of beauty and I don't have it on my desk when I'm not using it.
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on 8 November 2012
I bought this to use with a desktop PC and specifically with a 3D graphics program which makes extensive use of the numpad in both numlock modes, switching between modes was a real pain. This keypad does not switch the state of the built in numpad (which some do) so I can have one numpad in 'numlock on' mode and the other in 'numlock off' mode - just what I needed.

Appears to be well made, the keys are of a good size and it does not slip about, time will tell as to how well it stands up to punishment! Overall an excellent product at a reasonable price.
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on 8 November 2017
only used it for 2 days now in my job which I can't give details about due to having to sign the O.S.A

That being said It has provided a measurable speedboost and its very easy to use and setup and works flawlessly
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on 15 February 2014
Bought one of these as I had recently bought a new keyboard without a number pad, and wanted a separate number pad to sit on the left side of the keyboard (rather than the right).

Both Windows and Linux instantly recognised the device and work fine with it. The in-built backspace key is very useful as well when entering numbers or (in my case) IP addresses. The only downside is that it takes up an extra USB port, but that's expected.
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on 8 August 2014
Excellent as far as it goes. Always a nice problem to choose which items to include. This selection no doubt suits best those who work regularly with figures. My old one - no longer compatible - was better for graphics and dtp so I now use this one in harness with a cheapo from Hong Kong which has Copy, Paste,Undo and Escape. All these are very useful to have for the left hand to reduce strain.
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on 10 March 2016
Very poor. Buttons are only usable if you're typing perfectly verticle, otherwise don't bother because you will miss-type constantly. The buttons are unusable and jam at any kind of angle.
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