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on 17 August 2017
I bought these from John Lewis and am happy with my purchase. One size does not fit all as i have long fingers and i have these gaps. From what i have read online from other buyers, these will shred if caught by the blades of a grater. So i don't recommnend them with graters. There is a fork technique when cutting the last 2 inches of a carrot which is very safe. They need regular washing as onion juices get on them and for hygiene you need to use them clean.

Update review:
The gloves need regular cleaning at the stated temperature on the wool programme. They have helped me avoid many cuts and equally did not when i once did not put them to cut a tomato.
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on 23 February 2018
Not the best protection for opening Oysters as they described but barely adequate to do the job. Far less efficient than the metal glove but a lot cheaper as well.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 April 2014
Although the glove looks like some sort of metal mesh in the photo, it is actually a synthetic knitted fibre which stretches to fit most people's hands. I was impressed with it on first use -- it really does protect your fingers from kitchen tools, especially mandolines, which are notorious for their sharpness. Regular use has borne out how useful this is, compared to much heavier, professional rubber gauntlets which cost a lot more and are much less practical for the home cook

This has become a real standby in my kitchen, but there are a couple of important details to bear in mind if you decide to use one of these.

1. It is designed to protect from small, smooth blades like mandolines -- cut resistant, not cut proof -- and will not offer the same protection from serrated blades. Serrated blades will quickly fray the fabric.

2. Don't expect the glove to protect you from a direct cut with really big, heavy knife. Electric slicing machines, electric carving knives and other motorized blades will also quickly slice through the material. Don't be any less careful when wearing this glove than you would be with bare hands! Don't hurry where chopping and slicing are concerned!

3. If you have really big hands, and the fabric is stretched very thin, the glove is much more vulnerable to being cut.

4. Don't put the glove in a tumble dryer after washing -- it will shrink and weaken the fibres. Drip dry only.

5. If the glove gets hard use, it will eventually fray and unravel -- get a new one at this point, as your precious fingers will no longer be adequately protected.

With these common-sense precautions, a highly-recommended kitchen accessory!
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on 3 December 2015
I was slicing away with my mandolin when I sliced the tip of my third finger, which bled profusely and didn't stop so I ended up in Casualty having it steristripped and dressed. Living alone in these situations is very stressful. I decided therefore to find a protective glove when I'm using graters/mandolins again, although I'm reluctant to right now after this accident! I haven't tried and tested it so far but it looks robust and adequate I hope at protecting ones fingers and hand from injury. My review to date is not really very helpful. I will review here again when it's been tried and tested!
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on 26 December 2015
this may stop you grating your fingers one time, but then the glove will be shredded and you will have to throw it away.
Sure, that's better than blood in your coleslaw but it's an expensive way to grate if you go through a glove each time!
Microplanes are fantastic tools, but this glove did not protect me from their vicious tendencies and was returned pronto.

I've heard about kevlar gloves and might try and investigate that, for now I am sticking with the waste a bit of food and don't get too close to the blades.
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on 3 November 2016
Very good - not tested it with a knife though!! Hopefully I never have to but it gives me a degree of protection and the feeling of safety so it works!
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on 3 December 2013
Purchased in good faith, after reading very positive reviews here. Arrived promptly, and 17 page instruction manual was detailed, although it needs some pictures - I almost put it on my foot the first time! The weight is ideal for me, and the texture feels great on my skin, especially at night. One day, against the advice of a friend, and no doubt encouraged by the previous evening's sherry, I gloved up, tossed a working revolver to my friend, and held my hand aloft. Shouting "in the name of Queen Elizabeth!", I nodded the command to fire... Only after 29 minutes of severe abuse and vigorous nodding on my part, and shaking on his part, did my friend finally commit the bullet to my hand. So confident was I that the glove could stop any shell, I chose not to remove my grandmother's exquisite Victorian tea service from the line of fire. It was only as I regained consciousness, that I realised all was lost. The fine porcelain shattered, my hand now unable to participate in a simple game of hide-and-seek, and my friend arrested for attempted murder.

However, I have never cut myself on a microplane whilst wearing this glove - highly recommend!
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on 12 December 2016
Not great only a few uses and it looks worn out
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on 19 October 2014
Not much use. Whilst it says it's for zesters and graters it also says "We recommend that you use this glove for all your food preparation requiring sharp tools. ... The benefit comes in the case of accidental contact with a sharp edge. It may still damage the glove, just not your hand." Well, of course the fingertips in gloves never fit tight, so when the fingertip flops about and then gets caught on a sharp edge that the finger was comfortably missing, it immediately cuts a big hole, thus rendering the glove useless for the future, since the fingertip is what needs protection in general. Therefore this seems to be slightly worse than useless - conferring a sense of protection which is largely false; it's likely to get ruined even when the sharp-edged tools are being used safely and correctly and then can never be used again. Pity, as it was a present I gave. Absolutely not a substitute for a chainmail glove, even though Amazon puts it first in the results if that's the search term you use!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 March 2014
When I cut myself on my mandolin I thought I better get one of these. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I thought
perhaps I didn't need it after all and I worried about the hygiene aspects.
Why bother, because I practically use it every day now. I'm chopping stuff with a much bigger knife, which means I've speeded up. The blade on my big chopping knife always frightened me, now with this on I feel I can just cut away.
You still have to take great care mind you, but its sort of like wearing a seat belt and driving, the car could still kill you but at least
you can drive a bit faster because of the belt?
I also worried that I would have to wash it every time and that would mean more work. I find I can get away with cleaning it off on a damp cloth and reuse it. I would have to wash it if I were cutting up any meat, but I don't intend to use it for that. This one is strictly for the veg.
I think its an expensive item, but quite well designed so I didn't mind the price too much in the end.
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