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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 10 May 2009
Making a Star Trek movie is not easy. One should be able to capture the spirit of Star Trek, have phaser-blazing action, romance, light-hearted fun, end-of-the-world scale drama, corrupted to the core villains, all in one story. Making a parody is not easy at all, one should take what made the original good and retain it, while with a keen eye pointing out all the little (or big) silly notions and mercilessly make fun of them - and yet the end result should remain watchable on its own.

Star Wreck manages all of the above, and as an indie movie, to boot. The special effects are completely state of the art and would do in any commercial movie of today. Every scene is lovingly crafted to as near perfection as the shoestring budget would allow. Where the homeknit quality does show, it feels mostly like homage to the cardboard and styrofoam props of ST:TOS and Babylon 5.

The criticism that could be fairly given is that the plot and the characterization suffer from a lack of a professional writer in the crew. Even then, the pacing of the movie is good, the jokes, while boyish, are on the spot, and all in all the movie leaves all the other sci-fi parodies out there completely in the dust. A definite mood-lifter for the viewer, and the story of how the movie was made is worth seeing in itself.
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on 13 June 2009
If you want to buy another safe, predictable big budget blockbuster then fair enough, look elsewhere. If you are open minded and want to be inspired by this epic, 7 year labor of love by a dedicated team of Finnish amateur film makers then stick around! I have dabbled with a bit of CGI and put the odd holiday DVD together. If you have the slightest idea of the effort involved in getting anything on screen you will be blown away with what has been achieved. This film hasn't made it to a commercially available DVD without good reason. If you watch the film with goodwill and ride over the rough edges and moments that lack pace, you will see some completely original and laugh-out-loud sci-fi comedy moments and effects sequences of a scale and complexity that square up to their multi-million dollar rivals.

The negative reviews of this film appear to have been written by people with unrealistic expectations who didn't stop to understand what they were buying, not least that yes, this film was made in the Finnish language! What genuine film lover prefers to watch a dubbed version of a film anyway? I bought this film because I knew it would do things Hollywood never would, and I wasn't disappointed!
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on 9 September 2009
This film is hysterical. I laughed the entire way through.

As a die hard scifi fan I thought this would be terrible. I think it was actually better than quite a few major productions. The special effects definately give a lot of major productions a run for there money.

If you have a sense of humour, loved films like galaxy quest, babylon 5 and startrek, you will love this.
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on 7 June 2009
Just watch it and laugh! I'm a diehard Star Trek fan and this film has everything that makes Star Trek great! The storyline is a little weird at the beginning but everything falls into place at the end; oh and watching the International Space Station get blown up by 3 `Light balls/Photon Torpedos' is something more films should have!

One reviewer mentions how an incredible amount of bear must have been involved in the making of the film and they are right but not for the wrong reasons. The light hearted fun (and use of `Light beer' in the `Light balls') coupled with watching the film in a foreign language (with UK subtitles) makes for a crazy night in.

I can understand that for some viewers the unrefined humour wont appeal to them but for anyone who has seen at least one naked gun film (and liked it) should watch this to!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 February 2015
The film "Star Wreck" is a low-budget parody of "Star Trek" in Finnish but with English subtitles, put together by the painstaking work of a group of very dedicated fans.

If you are both a keen Star Trek fan and have a certain type of sense of humour, you may find this very entertaining. If you don't have the right sense of humour, or if you watch it expecting the sort of production values in the official Star Trek TV shows or films or even higher budget parodies such as "Galaxy Quest [DVD] [2000]" you are likely to be fairly disappointed.

The story begins as a ship's company from a future time have been stranded on 21st century Earth. The star trek characters they parody are a mix of "Original Series" and "Next Generation" characters: they are led by "Captain Pirk" who is obviously a parody of James T Kirk: his senior officers include an android called Commander "Info" and a weapons officer from an alien species with pronounced ridges on his forehead, inaptly named Commander "Dwarf" and who are obviously parodies of Data and Worf respectively.

The film continues throughout to take the mickey out of SF terms which will be familiar to Star Trek fans by rendering them as near-synonyms of the original words used, which are recognisable but don't normally have the same science fiction connotations.

Hence photon torpedoes become "light balls" and "Wormholes" become "Maggot holes" while "Warp Drive" becomes "Twist Drive" and "Impulse Power" becomes "shove power."

Pirk and his crew soon realise that history has accidentally been changed and unless they do something about it there will be no future Starfleet to defend the world against a future invasion in the time they had come from. So Pirk decides that they must bring their own navy into existence - and to do this Pirk puts together a cunning plan to make himself Emperor ...

Considering the sort of budget they had I thought the special effects in this film were surprisingly strong and one or two of the actors had great comic talent. Others did not. Some of the jokes were quite funny but personally I found some of the others pedestrian or puerile.

Three stars for an awful lot of hard work, a storyline which does manage to keep going and stagger to a conclusion, and a certain amount of entertainment value for hardcore Star Trek fans, particularly if you also watch a certain other TV science fiction show which I will not name to avoid a spoiler. There will be a target market segment who love this. If you're not in that target segment, leave it well alone.
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on 11 January 2016
A complete lampoon of the Star-Trek universe. Yes, it's been done before, but not by these guys. It is difficult having a sense of humour when you only have half the number of words in your language as we do in the UK, and even the subtitles seem to help. I wish I could understand Finnish, becuase it would be even funnier. Full marks because of what these people have achieved - I'm guessing the critics giving the lower ratings are taking it too seriously - lighten up guys and simply enjoy it for what it is.
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on 29 September 2012
If you're not familiar with both Star Trek and Babylon 5 you'll miss a lot of the references in this. But if you are, and you've ever wanted to see them fight, you have to see this!
Was OK at the start, but once they got into space it really took off.
While the scenes with people show their low budget origins, the space scenes are excellent (better than Babylon 5's) - considering that they didn't come from a major studio I was astonished.
Generally quite funny.
In my opinion wouldn't be quite so good for someone who wasn't a B5 & Star Trek fan.
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on 30 August 2010
This 7 year long marathon to make a film has got to fill you with respect for the tenacity of the makers to keep going with this project, especially on such a small budget. The effects are surprisingly good and the story not to bad. I have seen a lot worse acting (StarHyke!) and whilst some scenes are a bit ropey the film makers manage to pull this one off.

If you are a Star Trek or Babylon 5 fan you may get a little more out of it with the funny references to each sci-fi franchise, if not then you can watch either series to find out.

The subtitles add that extra something to the whole thing with some funny translation like "worm holes" coming across as "maggot holes", "twinklers" and "light balls" to add to the mix!

Let's hope that the sequel due apparently in 2011 sometime is as good...
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on 24 September 2015
Script a bit puerile in places and it takes a while to get going, but once in space then caricatures are well drawn and enjoyable.
Relies on viewers having seen both Star Trek and Babylon 5 to enjoy the jokes, and I don't know if it would seem so much fun if you haven't seen both.
I tried the extras, but they were tedious, so I wouldn't bother.
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on 23 September 2010
I've only seen the original movie, not the new Edition (in the original they just used real Babylon 5 / Star Trek Models instead of their modified ones).

I think this movie is great. Many people say, because of it being a low-budget production and having not as good a script as other movies (Spaceballs, Galaxy Quest, etc.) it's not worth watching, but I totaly disagree. Yes, it is a low-budget production, but does that make every movie a bad movie? The special effects can compare to every other movie made back then and are pretty damn good for a low budget production.

The jokes are funny (although that's just my subjective view), the plot is original and I really enjoyed watching a parody of Babylon 5, since there are no other.

After reading some comments here I just don't get why people are so annoyed by watching a movie in a foreign language. English is NOT the only language there is and there are many good non-english movies out there! But for those who don't get that: don't buy this movie, look for something like Transformers, you will have no trouble understanding that!

Normally I would rate this movie 4/5, but since it was made under these circumstances, I give it the relative mark: 5/5!
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