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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 January 2013
I bought one of these six months ago to store guest bedding, towels, duvets and pillows. I have now bought a further two as I am so impressed with the quality of the product. I have bought other vacuum storage products before and was not at all satisfied as they would lose their vacuum within weeks, however this case lasts until the next occasional guest arrives. The expandable straps inside help to keep the items inside compact.

As another reviewer has commented, it helps to pack items in roughly the shape as the container, in order to ensure even compression and maximum use of space. I have also bought the closet storage (on a hanger) - fingers crossed that they are as good as these beauties.
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on 3 January 2013
Didn't think this would be as good as they said, but it was.

Easy to work out. Placed in 4 feather pillows (which helped keep the bag open ready for duvet) then put in a double feather duvet and another pillow. Seconds later air sucked out and all the above reduced into the storage container.

It could have easily taken more but I didn't want to mix feather and hollow fibre together for labelling purposes.

I have just ordered another one for the other 2 duvets and pillows and think I might even get a third for my summer/winter clothes storage.

Quite good fun watching the stuff shrink! Very pleased with this product.
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on 20 November 2016
I have now purchased 4 of these little beauties (this one being the largest). They really do do what they say. duvets, pillows etc go in and are reduced to neat little boxes which stacks neatly on top of each other. there is an inner 'harness' which clips together on the top when the air has been sucked out (its a bit like some suit cases which have these to stop your clothes from dropping to one end etc). The zip closure is pretty sturdy and haven't had or found any problems with any of mine. Yes they are more expensive than the average vac bags out there, but really - give these ago. U will not look back. i must have spent probably the same amount over time on bags that claim they are great, but after only a short period of time are soft, with the items inside fluffing up nicely. Also they vac into strange shapes (you really need two people - one to hold the nozzle and one to push down and shape). With the compactor range because it has to stay within the confines of a box (it is attached at the bottom of the bag to the outer box), it kind of just reduces down naturally and only slight pressure needed from you to help it along. After a year my items contained within my original boxes are still compacted! Just to say - I have bought all of these items at full price and HAVE NOT received any item reduced in order for me to write an 'unbiased' review.
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on 2 January 2014
Great size and we managed to compress a king size feather duvet and four pillows into an amazingly small package for storage - which is exactly what it is designed to do so five stars up to this point. After a couple of weeks we needed to get the quilts out ready for some visiting guests and our luxury feather quilt and pillows came out as flat as pancakes and looking pretty lifeless. After 5 days and a whole load of plumping and shaking we have some improvement however still not as full looking as before. So... the product is first class at what it does (i.e. compression) but do be careful what you put in it!
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on 10 November 2014
The large compactor bag combined with the case really makes for an excellent and tidy storage solution. Ours currently has four pillow, a synthetic double duvet and bedding in it.

If you have a Dyson it is a bit of a pain to get it to make a good connection with the air plug on the bag so here's a tip that took me an age to find on the internet - get an old toilet roll tube (the cardboard bit at the center of the roll), shove the Dyson end in it - it's a pretty tight squeeze probably, get a good hold around that end and then use the other to put over the plug on the bag. Much easier that wrestling with the Dyson end directly.

Easy to handle, compacts things right down.

One other thing - remember to guide the compacting stuff into the case as you compact as you can inadvertently end up with it leaning over the edge of the case and when it is compacted it isn't very malleable.
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on 29 April 2016
There are vacuum storage bags and then there are COMPACTOR STORAGE BAGS. The difference is like buying Hellman's or buying supermarkets "own" brand. The others are may be cheaper, but they only do the job "sort of".

In comparison, these are very well made, robust, simple to use and above all THEY WORK ! The vacuum bag part is an integral part of the whole thing i.e. it is attached to the zippable outer cloth bag and there are also compression straps that surround the compressed inner. The end result is a bag that is easy to compress and EUREKA it actually STAYS COMPRESSED. I'm so impressed with these that I just ordered 3 more.

P.S I have a closet again
review image review image review image
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on 6 September 2013
I am not usually one to write reviews, but I felt the need to share a review for the with the Compactor RAN3066.
Having in the past used the standard space saver bags, which although useful once you remove the air from the bags, the shape of them make it a bit tricky to store, especially if you use a number of them as you cant neatly stack them on top of each other.
The comparator case which I purchased from Amazon arrived in good time and as usual were well packaged. If its the first time you are using a space saver type item, rest assured you cannot really go wrong with what to do, as the instructions are easy to follow. The case seems to be of good durable material. The best bit for me was definitely the amount of stuff you can place in them; to give you an idea I placed; 2 large Double Bed winter Bedspreads (so nice and thick) ; 3 double bed sets; (4 pillow cases and duvet cover to each set) a standard pillow and two single bed covers and pillow cases!
I would suggest that you run your fingers across the closing to ensure that its properly closed and shape the bag as you vacuum the air to the shape of the box.The handles are well placed so that you can easily pick it up and they don't tear either. One thing to be aware of is that your vacuum cleaner can overheat whilst performing the suction, mine automatically shuts off and then you cant turn it back on for half an hour which is a bit of a pain when you want to finish the job, I would suggest to switch it off every few minutes, you don't have to wait to restart it as it does the trick! Inside the case there are also straps to place over the vacuumed items, I assume the are to keep it in shape. The case can then be stored in most cupboards or even under the bed (depending on the hight of your bed of course) you can even store them on top of each other. As I have only just used it a week ago I cant comment on the length of time the vacuum will last but so far so good! I realise that they are a little more pricey that the standard bags but in my opinion, they are worth it as they are easier to use, stack and you will save in the volume of other space saver items you would normally need because of the amount items you can get into the case!
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on 10 June 2014
Having read reviews of cheaper products I decided to spend a bit more to get this one.
Overall the product appears very good. In particular the inner airtight bag is made of much stronger plastic than others I have seen, which are incredibly flimsy. You'd still want to treat it with a bit of respect - but with the outer bag to protect it, there is little to worry about.
It's got a good capacity. One key point is that you can't seal it if it's over-full. So the fact that it starts off so big before compressing shows the designers have thought about this. (Whereas cheaper ones don't seem to take that into account.) I got in two thick double duvets - carefully folded - and two pillows easily. But with one more pillow I couldn't seal it.
I've only just loaded it, so don't know if it will gradually expand as some seem to - but even if that does happen, the internal straps should help keep it under control.
My only criticism is it was not easy to suck the air out with my Dyson. The blurb claims it is compatible with all vacuum cleaners on the market. This is simply not true. The valve is much smaller than the Dyson hose, and the hose could not form a seal around it. I managed to improvise an adapter by cutting the top off a plastic Evian bottle and using some duck tape. Obviously not ideal, but I preferred not to return the product (which shows I am still pretty satisfied). With my DIY connector, the air was sucked out in just a couple of minutes. Then easy to do up the straps and zip - and job done!
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on 17 February 2014
I have another review for the RAN3066 Compactor, which is the XL size. This is the medium size, but are still quite spacious - they take roughly half-to-2/3rds of the amount of clothes etc. of the XL, and will still comfortably take a standard hollowfibre double duvet and pillows. The bonus is that it is also easier to lift, stack and store.

None of my Compactor cases have started leaking as yet and they remain the best of these vacuum storage bags I've tried (and I've tried a lot!!). Highly recommended.
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on 31 July 2013
Took ages to come so deducting one star or it would have got 5. Come on Amazon it was a long time in arriving!!??
Well packaged tho when it did and very good condition. I would buy again but know it takes an age to come. i do need to get another at some stage. The sucking with the vacuum was interesting as the nozzle dont fit over the hole so you have to hold it there for the air to suck out of the bag which is not easy. But eventually it did and all was well. Two double duvets well and truly squished! What a difference these bags make in storage of duvets well worth the extra money for a good quality one tho and this is it. There is one thing tho the white plastic strip that was meant to be with the bag was missing it slides along the two sheets to join up and close the bag before you start vacuumm cleaner on it to suck air out so i had to pinch it along with my fingers which took ages and ages so was disappointed with that. Apart from that would recommend and very happy. Thanks.
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