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on 31 May 2016
What can be better than homemade fresh bread? Kenwood BM450 Bread Maker arrived with recipe book. So far I tried banana bread, it was yummy (see picture)! I also tried egg enriched white bread - it was like a pie only better if you buy pies from the shops! I tried healthier 100% wholemeal bread too. For sandwiches I use French bread ( I only don't use it for toasting, 'cos it becomes too dry for my taste). And there are much more recipes left to try!
I bought it almost 2 years ago. Still using it approximately twice a week. Bread maker is easy to use, you don't need a lot of time for preparation and the recipes are easy to follow too. You only need a kitchen scale or a measuring jug for flour, 'cos it's amount is given in grams and the measuring beaker which comes along with bread maker is in ml. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know how much salt and sugar there is in his daily bread!
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on 6 May 2009
I've only had this bread maker a week, but it's fantastic! I thought long and hard because the smaller Kenwood didn't get great reviews and the Panasonic got rave ones.

Not only does this Kenwood look great (it's by far the best looking I've seen), it's easy to use, and it also performs amazingly well. I've made a number of loaves, both white and brown - and they have all turned out perfectly. It's fantastic to have fresh warm bread for breakfast!

It's early days, but I'm already thinking this bread maker was a great investment and I'm happy recommending it.
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on 1 November 2015
This was recieved as an Xmas present about four years ago and has been used to make beautiful bread on a regular basis - about once or twice a week, which is enough for my household. It couldn't be simpler to use - it takes me about five minutes to add the ingredients and the machine does everything else. I'm not too keen on the hole in the bottom when you turn the finished bread out (left by the mixing paddle), but it isn't a big issue. I find the bread lasts just as long as shop bought, plus I know exactly what has gone into it - no flour enhancers or other additives etc. I'm not sure it works out cheaper than shop bought, possibly not, but I don't use it for the cheapness (or otherwise), just the end result, which is lovely almost without fail. The only "failures" (two or three I think) have been a result of not following the recipe amounts precisely (wrong fluid to dry ratio, due to my own error). There are many recipe ideas in the accompanying book, though I've not tried them all - I ususally make egg enriched white, generally with a small proportion of spelt flour and a few seeds - these are added to a dispenser which adds the seeds part way through the mixing process. Frequently make pizza dough too, which is superb!

Some people have noted that the bread pan fails on a regular basis, normally the rubber seal on the mixing paddle. After four years I'm still using the original pan, although in the last couple of mixes, I've noticed the paddle has become rather stiff - to the point of the breadmaker stopping in the last mix. I managed to get it loose (ish) again with some WD40 applied to the underneath of the pan, and finished the breadmaking process, but I wonder if this stiffness is the first signs of my pan failing.

So, I'm here looking for a new pan, as I'd hate to be without my fresh-bread-fix. They seem to be priced about £25-30 and if the new pan lasts another four years, it will be a price worth paying.
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on 6 November 2012
I bought this Kenwood BM450 model breadmaker about two and a half years ago. I now find myself having to replace the baking tin for the second time. The previous replacement, about a year ago, cost £40+. I initially thought that I was responsible for a seal failing and leaking water into the oven and was scrupulous when I was drying and cleaning the replacement. Unfortunately an identical problem has arisen and I find myself having to make a difficult (relative, of course) decision - a costly replacement yet again or scrap an otherwise functioning product. I don't see why this problem cannot be solved by the replacement of a simple seal - annoying in itself - but costing pennies. I also (and this is why I'm writing my first ever review) cannot believe that I am the only person to be experiencing this recurring problem. I have written to Kenwood and am awaiting a response.
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on 29 November 2017
I am so pleased I chose to go with this bread maker . I have many Kenwood items and all are sturdy made and reliable and this is no exception. I have had a Prima and a Breville bread makers before many years ago and gave up with them as I was unhappy with the results. I have made six loaves so far and used the dough cycle all with 100% success. Using the White Egg Bread recipe the loaves were light and absolutely delicious. I have been using the Doves flour and yeast and been very careful with my measuring . The recipe book is clearly detailed with the various sizes and at the back it gives the breakdown times of all the different programs, time for kneading, rising etc., which is very helpful that's what I found hard to figure out with the other models I have previously used. It is expensive compared to others but definitely worth the money.
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on 7 July 2016
The breadpans do not last much longer than the 12 month guarantee and cost £30 to replace. That's roughly £30 a year on top of the initial cost. They are assembled using steel circlips which rot, they leak, then the spindle falls out. I contacted Kenwood but they are content with that lifespan. I think it's a disgrace. If they used stainless steel they wouldn't rot but then Kenwood wouldn't be able to sell so many replacement pans. I was only using mine for the mix and 1st rise then finish by hand and cook in the oven as the loaves from the machine come out like bricks.
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on 24 December 2009
Let me start by saying that I really really dislike bread makers, at least I did until I bought the Kenwood BM450.

The only reason I bought this bread maker is because my Kitchen is currently being remodelled (although I swear a small nuclear bomb has gone off in there judging by the holes in the walls) and during the recent cold weather I couldn't stand out there for more than five minutes without parts of me freezing and falling off. So I took the plunge and bought what seemed to be the best bread maker on the market.

I have in the dim distant past, owned two cheaper bread makers which churned out dull dense heavy bread which was OK for toast and throwing at the chickens. However I soon tired of that and spent the intervening years making it all by hand swearing I would never use a bread machine again. However, my recent choice of losing limbs to frostbite either in the kitchen or on the way to the bakers made me decide that heavy toast seemed the preferred option and at least I still have chickens.

Despite the fact that half of Europe had ground to a halt under a blanket of snow and ice, my delivery from Amazon.co.uk arrived a day before they said it would, quite impressive considering I'm in the south of France. (insert grump about it being much more expensive on Amazon.fr) That evening I set about making my first loaf, the first one in the included recipe book which is egg enriched white bread, I made a 1Kg loaf on the dark crust setting so the total time was three and a half hours. The result was astonishing, to me at least. The loaf had risen right to the top, almost touching the lid, it was as light as a feather and had a wonderfully soft crumb and a lovely thin crisp crust.

Next I tried out the 58 minute rapid loaf using a multi grain flour. Now I really was expecting a brick this time as there's no way a machine can make a decent loaf in just 58 minutes. Wrong, it can and it does!. Again the loaf rose up beautifully and was once again light, soft crumbed and crispy crusted.

I think I'm a convert, as it seems bread machines really can produce great bread these days and this Kenwood bread maker does a superb job of it.

***Update*** 04 March 2010

Unfortunately the machine lasted just ten weeks before it packed up. It stopped kneading ten minutes into the rapid cycle and will no longer turn the paddle. As its over 30 days old Amazon do not want to know, which I think is shoddy service. I now have to contact Kenwood myself. Perhaps I'm just unlucky with this particular machine, or perhaps its just shoddily made, but at the moment, rather like my half kneaded dough, I'm a bit deflated and disappointed that its lasted for such a short time.
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on 10 November 2016
It's been just over a year now and we have used our Kenwood BM450 machine 2-3 times per week since purchasing. Usage was 90% making wholemeal dough. It has functioned quite well and we have not had any issues with noise levels or ease of use. However, just outside the guarantee period the pan spindle has worn loose and would leak if liquid were left in it. We have asked Kenwood if they will supply a replacement gratis as it is only just outside the guarantee period. We did pay a premium price for this machine in the hope that it would be more durable based on Kenwoods reputation but am now not so sure it was a good buy. I'm not holding my breath on a free replacement (I've already purchased a spare) and I'll post their response here when it arrives. FWIW our ancient Zojirushi machine gave us 5+ years of service with no problems and is still partially usable so we would have expected more than 13 months of trouble free use from the Kenwood product.
**Update** As it was just outside the guarantee period of 12 months Kenwood are sending a replacement pan free of charge. Assuming that a Kenwood pan lasts for about 13 months of regular use we now have 2 years worth of parts! Just a FYI, in the US replacement bread pan repair kits are available. Have no idea how effective they are.
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on 21 February 2018
I’ve been using this make and model of bread maker for many years. It is easy to use and understand, especially with the intuitive booklet included.
The one I’ve just bought is a replacement for the same make and model which broke its hub and drive coupling assembly. I wonder if this is a weak point which needs to be looked into? Do the parts need to be made of stronger materials?
Having said that, I would buy another because the overall design and measurements fit in my kitchen better than other makers’ designs, and it really does make very good bread.
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on 6 February 2018
I bought my BM450 a little over six years ago and it broke today. I used it pretty heavily throughout the whole period, cooking at least two loaves every week, often more. I had to replace the bread tin once. I'm pretty consistent with what I baked with it: generally a ~100% wholemeal loaf with some Rye flour thrown in. Eventually the motor ceased driving the blade so I'm buying a new one. Kinda annoyed that it broke after only six years... but am aware that's longer that most the crud you buy these days last.
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