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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2009
I bought this Kenwood breadmaker to replace a Morphy Richards one that had died. As I wanted to use it on a regular basis, I wanted a top quality one and, although it was at the expensive end of those available, it has not disappointed me with the build quality and lovely looks.

I read many reviews before committing to buy and was a little dubious about one review saying the control buttons were indecipherable. They are not..... the button symbols are pretty logical, so don't be put off. The main ones are a book symbol for the program number, a scales symbol for size of loaf with three choices and a slice of bread symbol for colour of loaf, again with three choices. So with these I set it to make a white loaf within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box and it was perfect, as have been all the other loaves I have tried.

A lovely feature is that it allows you to extend the cooking time at the end and I'm just starting to practise with the custom made programmes with good results

The only thing I can fault it on is that the touch buttons are very sensitive, so don't brush your arm on it when setting up!!
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Bread machines have been around for some time now, and the technology is evolving.
This machine differs from older bread makers in a few distinct ways:
* The mixer paddle does not tend to get stuck in the loaf when you remove the bread from the tin
* The mixer paddle does not make a large gaping hole in the bread loaf (It's much thinner, and has less of a vertical curvature than paddles on older machines I have used)
* A round tin is available as an additional extra so you can enjoy different shaped loaves

Other features which perhaps not all breadmachines have are:
* Incredibly good looks - those pictures don't do it justice
* A light to see inside through the hinged lid, without lifting it and jeopardising your loaf
* Very good quality and comprehensive recipe booklet
* Genuinely good rapid bake setting (creates well risen loaves in less than an hour)
* A large dispenser to add nuts or fruit partway through the cycle (added from the beginning, they get broken into too small pieces by the mixing action)

And of course, it has all of the standard features like a timer setting so that you can set your bread to be ready as you wake in the morning, cake programmes, jam programmes, and the ability to select different sizes and crust colour. If you'd be interested to see the recipes which come with the maker they are available free of charge online from the Kenwood site, I googled for 'kenwood bm450 recipes'.

As a breadmaker it really does an excellent job, the bread it's produced for me has been flawless. As with all new technology I needed to read the instructions first, though the programming of the cycle was not disimilar to other makers I have used.

As other reviewers have noted it is rather large, Amazon have provided dimension in the product specification so you can see if it would fit your kitchen.

I hope you find this helpful in making your bread maker decision!
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VINE VOICEon 24 August 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a top of the range bread-maker. Is it worth the extra expenditure?

Appearance - good. Brushed steel and dark glass. Solid - but big. You need to be sure that you'll use it a lot if kitchen space is an issue.

Instructions and recipe book - both adequate, though the instruction manual would benefit from better presentation. Larger print would be helpful for some crucial information - like how to cancel a programme you didn't mean to choose! Recipes varied. Great to have 3 loaf-size options for all recipes.

The control panel -intimidating initially. There are a lot of options and some aren't self-explanatory. It's easy to make mistakes until you're used to it. After that, it's fine, even straightforward.

In general - everything works just as it should. The bread pan and kneader are satisfactorily solid and completely non-stick. The dispenser - which releases nuts, dried fruit, etc. - works a treat. You can use the internal light to see how the bread is doing and the kneading process is acceptably quiet. The timer is easy to use - but doesn't operate on all programmes including the dough programme. (No setting it early to make pizza or bread dough later - but fine for loaves to be finished in the bread-maker.)

Results - great bread every time so far!

Why you should buy this machine
If you think that you will make lots of different kinds of bread and want to be able to programme the machine to suit non-standard recipes - this is the machine for you.

Why you shouldn't
If your kitchen is on the small side and you are - generally speaking - going to make basic white or wholemeal bread - go for something smaller, simpler and cheaper.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We have used bread makers from Morphy Richards as well as the popular Panasonics, most recently the SD 253 which has proved reliable (now replaced by the Panasonic SD255 Breadmaker with Raisin/Nut Dispenser). How does the BM450 compare?

For starters the construction is solid and it looks great; I doubt it will suffer from the quality problems that some have found with the cheaper Kenwoods. This one has a stainless steel surround and a beautiful smoked glass lid with a smart handle; it would look good in any kitchen, whereas the Panasonic is a bit of a white blob. The unit is somewhat large, check the measurements 38.5H x 23.5W x 31.5D, but at least it stays put in operation; the Panasonic has a habit of walking along the surface. On the downside, the Kenwood is slightly noisier.

It comes with clear instructions and a colourful recipe book: we like the plentiful tips and hints. There is also a good-sized measuring jug, though check the booklet to understand how the markings on this work, and a handy measurer for tablespoon/teaspoon quantities which helps the all-important accuracy for yeast, sugar and salt.

There's an internal light you can switch on, so you can peer through the glass and see how it is getting on - a nice feature though hardly essential.

Just in case you've not used a bread maker, the idea is that you pop all the ingredients in the bowl, turn on, leave for a few hours, and come back to find a lovely loaf. You can have this on a timer for fresh bread first thing in the morning. There is also an ingredient dispenser which pops open automatically later in the kneading cycle, for nuts, raisins and the like, which are better added at this time.

Does it work? Yes - generally it works very well. Bread is fiddly stuff to get right, and small errors can get you flat or collapsed loaves. So far we've had no failures, though the small white loaves were a little flatter than we would prefer. This is a matter of experimentation until you get it perfect, which is where the hints and tips come in. The wholemeal loaf we made came out perfectly first time; we also added an egg to this one, and it was delicious. Overall the results are as good or better than from the Panasonic.

One oddity: most of the loaves we've made are noticeably higher at one end than the other, giving them sloping roofs. It's not really a problem and makes them look more home-made which is not a bad thing. I have no idea why this is or whether it will continue.

Another good tip from the booklet: home made bread has no preservative so goes stale quickly. Try slicing the bread and putting some in the freezer as soon as it has cooled; then you can get out one slice at a time for toasting.

Overall we like it very much - a little pricey, but with looks and performance that are worth the money.
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on 6 May 2009
I've only had this bread maker a week, but it's fantastic! I thought long and hard because the smaller Kenwood didn't get great reviews and the Panasonic got rave ones.

Not only does this Kenwood look great (it's by far the best looking I've seen), it's easy to use, and it also performs amazingly well. I've made a number of loaves, both white and brown - and they have all turned out perfectly. It's fantastic to have fresh warm bread for breakfast!

It's early days, but I'm already thinking this bread maker was a great investment and I'm happy recommending it.
review image review image review image
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on 15 November 2009
I recently bought the Kenwood BM450,I have to say if you follow the instructions (forget what you may have done before)it turns out a very good loaf.I have tried the rapid and was not dissapointed.My old machine did not cook a rapid loaf succesfully.It may be a little taller than my old machine but it does not take up any more room.The style and build is very good.The light enables you to follow the progress of the loaf with out opening the lid.The loaf tin is easy to remove.The mixing arm stays in the pan when the bread is removed so you don't scratch the non stick coating.Once the loaf is removed soak the pan in hot water with washing-up liquid for 10mins.The mixing arm removes effortlessly.I also ummed and ahhed over which bread maker to get.I am over the moon with the Kenwood BM450.I think anyone would be.It may be a little dearer to buy than some,but it is well worth it.I do use unsalted butter instead of oil,but that is how I like it. Go for it.*****
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on 8 January 2010
I previously owned a Panasonic SD253 - a very good product but it's not the best looking child in the class. As it's not practical to put it away in a cupboard between uses, it does inevitably become a conspicuous part of the kitchen furniture. So when the Panasonic stopped working properly (after only 3 years) I decided to go for looks as well as functionality and bought the Kenwood 450. This product really does look great in the kitchen, albeit you have to have a reasonable amount of counter space to accomodate it. The basic bread recipes work very well every time and the Brioche recipe is so much better than the shop bought equivalents.

There are one or two niggles that do irritate, particularly that the kneading cycle does not tend to pick up all the ingredients, meaning that some flour will end up clumped together in the corners and will be stuck to the outside of the loaf at the end. I have taken to scraping the pan with a silicon spatula during the kneading cycle, but feel I really shouldn't have to do this. It also means that if you do an overnight or unattended bake, you have to pretty much accept this outcome. The paddle does make a nice neat hole in the bread and is less obtrusive than the Panasonic, but the paddle is very difficult to remove after use, and I have to force it about with such vigour to loosen it that I'm glad I sent off the warranty card.

Once you've sat down and mastered the sequence of the bake programs are very easy to use, although some of the more fancy recipes have been a bit hit and miss (fruit bread was to heavy) even though I followed them closely.

Overall I really like this unit and would recommend it particularly for those who are conscious of looks.
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on 10 April 2010
First the good news: the bread from this machine is consistently fantastic. We most often use a Jennie Shapter recipe for potato-starch bread and it comes out fluffy, light and tasty even when we sometimes muddle the recipe.

The breadpan is a short but deep unit that provides a "tall" slice of bread. The pan is well coated and baked bread drops-out cleanly. There is one central paddle with a clever axle design that ensures that it remains attached to the pan after baking and does not get trapped inside the bread.

The display is clear and easy to read and the machine allows custom programs to be created and stored.

Unfortunately the glass-fronted touch-sensitive user interface can be difficult to use. It is incredibly stylish and could have been designed by Apple, but is frustratingly inconsistent in response. Sometimes a heavy press is required to activate a function and on other occasions an inadvertent brush against the START button prematurely activates a cooking program. Little wonder there is a override ON-OFF rocker switch hidden around the back!

The ingredients dispenser claims to hold 75 ml but when filled to capacity with moist fruit it tends to jam closed, resulting in fruitless endeavours. Ha.

However in its basic function, making bread, this machine excels.

Update: September 2010

We bought this example in November 2009 and after 10 months daily use the shaft in the bread pan has failed. The shaft appears to have been retained in the pan gasket by two washers which have disintegrated. The bread machine itself it still working well, so we have bought a replacement pan ( £18 ) and have contacted Kenwood to determine whether they consider the pan to be a consumable item or covered by warranty. More soon...

Update: November 2010

Nope, the bread pan is considered to be a consumable. Oh well, bought a couple of spares elsewhere on Amazon.

Update: May 2011

16 months after purchase, the machine finally died. We did disassemble it as much as possible but the fault appeared to have been a failed clutch, so that the paddle could no longer mix the dough. We estimated that we had made in excess of 700 loaves, which seemed reasonable, so went ahead and bought another BM450!
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on 24 August 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'd heard a lot about breadmakers recently and despite being tempted by a Panasonic breadmaker with fruit/nut dispensers I plumped for this model when given the chance to try it, and I have bought Karen Saunders' book; Breadmaker Bible as although this machine comes with a recipe book, I like to experiment. As an aside, I do thoroughly recommend the extra book, which is available on this very site.

I have made a banana, chocolate and walnut loaf, a cinammon and raisin loaf, and a normal wholemeal loaf, all of which came out perfectly. I didn't know how well the ingredients (I mean the nuts, etc) would be distributed but it worked well and they were smattered throughout the loaves.

It was easy to get the hang of how to use the machine, and also easy to take apart and clean relevant bits. I have not yet tried to make jam, but I look forward to giving it a go and seeing how this breadmaker makes jam.

Much as a previous reviewer has said, it is heavy and large and does take up space, so be aware of this if you have limited storage/a small kitchen, and if you're only making ordinary loaves, then you would be fine with a cheaper option. It looks very classy and modern though and should match most kitchens.
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on 31 October 2009
This breadmaker is 'absolutely great' and with such little reviews so far, i thought i had better add another to highlight the credit that this breadmaker deserves.
I have never made a loaf in my life but i really fancied having a try and additionally I wanted to get back into making some cakes and jam too but without too much time being spent.
After countless research on breadmakers, the BM450 ticked all the boxes. I took the plunge and purchased the BM450 about two weeks ago and I can say that I'm absolutey delighted with it.
The Breadmaker seems to be of high quality and would sit proud in any kitchen.
The Kenwood instruction booklet is easy to understand, even for a novice like me and The Kenwood recipe booklet offers enough varied recipes to get you started.
The Breadmaker is really easy to use and the paddle rarely gets stuck, especially if you oil inside the paddle which is a really good tip from a previous review.
I've already made several 100% successful tasty bread recipes and it really is a case of just adding all of the recipes ingredients, in the correct order and exact quantities and the breadmaker does all the work.
Ive made the Kenwood Marmalade Cake recipe, with a slight adjustment to adding extra topping for my sweet tooth.
Jam was also a great success but the recipe only filled one jar, so im going to try slightly increasing the ingredient quantities next time in order to get a bigger batch.
As suggested by other reviews, two really good breadmaker recipe books are by Sonia Allison & Karen Saunders which I'm looking forward to trying because this BM450 is a pleasure to use and gives great results.
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