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on 20 June 2017
All three cd work in a great condition no skipping
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on 25 June 2013
some good mixes and a really good compilation and now at a really good price, what's not to like, bargain :)
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on 17 February 2009
I'm in something of a quandary with this album as I'm dying to slate it for its "are you serious, all the same songs again!?" track list but at the same time find myself overwhelmed by the sheer dance value of the collection as a whole.
As a general rule of thumb with all new Ministry releases, you can guarantee the classics will be slammed to death, this time in the format of the instrumentals of one track, conjoined with the vocals of another. Its been successful in another format (MoS: The Mash Up Mix) for a few years now, and this effort largely follows on albeit with different branding.
I can't emphasise enough what the mixing of the Cut Up Boys bring to this album. Yes, you will have heard all the tracks before, and yes there is more than a hint of MoS forcing the tracklist on them, but the superb quality and depth of talent of these two great mixing artists is difficult to ignore. It sort of leaves me wondering if I should hate it for the drudgenous lack of new material, or love it for the inspiring originality of the mixing, and the freshness it brings to these out-dated tracks.
My personal favorites are the mixes of Andy Moor's White Room and Stunt's Raindrops and also Underworld's Cowgirl mashed with Deepest Blue's track of the same name. There are a few weak tracks in there such as Encore Une Fois and Cry For you but apart from that its a decent collection.
3 cd's make it an ever so slightly long-winded affair, but for anyone who loves seriously good mixing, and floorfillers throughout, then its definitely worthy of your attention!
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on 2 July 2009
I have slated recent MoS for their lack of a DJ robotic soulless CDs, so I was pleased to see this come out, real DJs mixing records not just tunes bundled through a programme.
An indeed the cut-up boys ability is incredibly impressive, it makes me as a DJ want to up my game some.
some of the tracks however seem very busy, a bit too much going on, clever yes, but a touch OTT here and there.
The track listing itself is a bit of a cliche but handled with a refreshing twist.
I would recommend the CD, but I would also advise looking out for older classics first (Sasha & Digweed Expeditions, Deeper Shades of Hooj Volume 2 & 3)
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on 9 April 2009
As someone who listens to music purely for the sheer elation of finding that track that i can just connect with, this album fulfilled my every wish.
I'm not one for criticizing where a piece of music came from, or who produced it, or who influenced it, despite seeing why those who do, will forever do that. However, I bought this album by complete chance, having searched for months to find some truly inspiring anthems to play through my rather zealous stereo system in the tin can i call my car. Unfortunately, this search had been futile for a long, long time.
I travelled the country for a week with my best friend recently, and this mix was the PERFECT soundtrack. Just as i thought it could only go downhill from CD1, The mix of Lustral/Deepest Blue came on, as we passed onto the brow of a hill on the M18 on a gloriously sunny lunchtime..

This, to me, is an album which is for those who just simply love to be entranced by music, and don't care about the who's or the how's..

Special recommendations from me are CD2 Track 1, 5, and 9.

Hope this helps from a neutral point of view. :)
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on 31 March 2009
LOVE this CD. I don't think I've ever found a set of CDs where I've liked all three as much as each other - this is just great and you certainly get your money's worth.

Yes, it has a lot of the old classics on here, but they're classics because they're so good. And the difference is that a) they're mixed really well and b) they're inter-despersed with some great recent or more unheard tunes too, not fillers.

Love the way the CD gradually builds - they start off nice and gentle and lull you into thinking "Mash Up? Eurphoria? Am I hearing this right?" but before you know it you've been taken along on a ride where you start sitting-down-dancing without realising it, then tune after tune gets you moving and smiling more than the last. Brilliant.

Awesome and a must-have CD for the younger clubbers of today or those who have been around the block a bit ;o)
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on 26 April 2009
With mash-ups you can either make it really good or just mess it up totally. With the pass few dance albums I've bought (esp with MOS)I have been dissappointed and like usual the 1st CD is pretty good and steadily gets worse the more you listen.

This isn't the case here. All CD's and all tracks are very good, still haven't chosen my best CD. mash ups are smooth and incorporating 2 sometimes 3 or even 4 mash-ups in the same 'track' with good acappella but still mixing in with the following track- keeping it quite fresh. Yes it has some of the well known tunes of old but not as much as I thought. Have to admit this is one of the best albums I've heard in a while
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on 15 March 2009
When you read the back of the CD you will say 'oh not not again' as you get the impression no one writes new material any more all they do is 'Mash up/Puke up' the same meal over and over again.

So given that no one is able to write new material any more.... this is a must get CD if you like Euphoric Vocal Trance; best played as end to end MP3 in your car with the windows wide open.

If you are going to Rip it to MP3, Windows Media Player had none of the info so had to update all the info from Amazon. WinAmp info was uptodate.
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on 30 September 2009
This is the best club CD I have heard this year. I've played it many times over the year. It is beautifully mixed and quite an auditory treat as it is so complex. I've got other Cut up Boys CDs but, this is by far, my favourite. I like the third CD best, followed by the first, but all three are excellent. The only warning is this... when you've heard mashed up sounds like this, it spoils listening to them on regular CDs because you're expecting that extra dimension!
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on 29 July 2009
I have all the Mashup up mix CD's from the Mashup Boys from 2004 and this one is by far their best to date. Best CD I've bought this year (2009).
Worth it just for: Everytime [Acapella] / Is It A Sin [Circada's Stadium Remix: Waiting 4 Vs Finally (Acapella) Mix: and Close Clover (The Piano Track) / I Am [Acapella] / From Russia With Love [Acapella].
Absolutely sublime trance.
Don't hold back get this CD!!!
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