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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 24 April 2009
a stunning voice, surrounded by soft guitars and pianos, followed by a beautiful set of lyrics to each song, every single song, is sung brilliantly and the whole list shows off a wonderful range to Karima's voice, she clearly has a very diverse and stunning voice, well done Karima, I aspire to make music like yours one day!

brilliant!!! a particular highlight was The author (track one) - beautiful, can imagine laying on a beach and floating away to this song!
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on 20 February 2009
This is not a review of the album as such (seeing as the album's not even been released yet) but rather a review of the individual songs and Karima as an artist.

I've been a fan of Karima since I first heard her back in the middle of 2006. She was pretty much unknown back then, and I listened to some of her old tracks on her Myspace page religiously. Even then, at the tender age of 19 and with relatively simplistic numbers (a mere shadow of some of the songs she would go on to write) , I couldn't help but be astounded by her incredible voice and range. I knew that, given time, this girl would be big...and here she is.

Fast forward nearly three years, and what we have now is an incredibly heartfelt, natural, talented young woman, capable of silencing an audience from her first note. Late 2008, Karima supported Natty, the London based straight talking reggae singer. One would expect, that, as is usual when most support bands come on, most people continue their conversations and watch the support band half-interested. Karima arrived on stage with her tiny frame, timid posture and big hair, and I could almost hear people thinking 'whats so different about this one?'. From the first note of her incredible song 'The Author', the whole audience were gazing at her in silent astoundment, and that is the ability of Karima, to captivate the most biased of audience. I had many people that night asking me who 'that woman' was, and with a certain amount of pride I said 'she's Karima Francis'...

With regards this album, I have been waiting so long for it, years in fact, and it has been a long time in the making. The release date has been under much speculation, but I remember talking to Karima about it and she said 'I am happy with the pace...its happened naturally' and it has that. I suggest to anyone that likes Tracy Chapman, or any other soulful acoustic singers to go out and buy this record. If you're unsure watch her on 'youtube', as she's spent many years performing and perfecting these songs so now, on the album, they are pure bliss.

I'd say the album is split into two definite parts the first part (after the author) has catchy, upbeat tunes, paving the way for the second part of the album, which has slower delicate songs (with the exception of Oh Laura). I have put together a track-by-track guide to the album.

'The Author' as an album opener is a brilliant choice. It starts 'I want to tell you a story', soaring to the crescendo 'I am the author, you are the queen'...Its completely enthralling.

'Again' is an upbeat song with a catchy tune, which will get you hooked straight away. It's Karima's first mainstream song, with BBC Radio 2 coverage, and a music video!

'Chasing the Morning Light' is a brilliant combination of heartfelt lyrics and another catchy melody. Released on 7'' vinyl with 'Forever'.

'Francis' is a brilliant acoustic anthem, which is amazing live, in my opinion discussing Karima's change in lifestyle since becoming a professional musician.

'Hold You' is beautiful. My favourite song by Karima. It is a captivating love song, which, much to my disappointment has been changed from the live version. Originally it was Karima and a guitar, showcasing Karima's amazing voice, however for the album alot more facets have been added to it. Who knows, it may grow on me, but I thought out of all the songs, Hold You was the one song which showed vulnerability and love and emotion and power yet the arrangement was so simple. Definitely go and see her live, even if just for this song!

'Morse Code' is another song that shows how amazing Karima's voice. A true love song, this song is one to look out for on the album.

'Remember Your Name'. WOW. This song is one for the concerts. It's a deeply personal song that spans from Karima's childhood. When Karima headlined Manchester Academy, this was a show stopper- unbelieveable. I can't wait to see how this songs been adapted for the album.

'Oh Laura'. Complete and utter classic. Another love song, however the tempo is alot more upbeat.

'Forever'. After Hold You this is my favourite. Unbelievable song. Powerful, raw, emotional...AMAZING! Another live favourite of mine.

'Laurel Avenue'. A brilliant end to what I know will be a brilliant album. The ending to this song is phenonmenal. Definitely one to watch.

Overall, knowing all the songs, I am very very very excited for this album, and I know it won't disappoint! If anyone gets the chance, go and see Karima live as that is when she is in her elemet. The emotion can only truly be conveyed with the tiny Karima singing from her soul right in front of your eyes. I have converted many a hard music follower to devout fans, just by hearing her spine tingling songs live...See for yourself.
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on 8 April 2009
I am just listening to Karima for the first time right now and already realise what I've been missing! Karima has a lovely voice - so varied and melodic - and she's clearly a very talented songwriter because the songs are great too. She deserves all the success she's had and more.
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on 4 April 2009
Having seen Karima live several times over the past couple of years, I suppose it is only fair to say that, having tipped her for success early on, I am bound to be rooting for her album. But I can only say that, in nearly every respect, "The Author" has surpassed my expectations.
It is: emotional, cathartic, catchy, uplifting, intriguing.
I have just been listening to the final song: "Laurel Avenue" so loud that the bass has made my windows shake in their frames - it has the kind of quality which takes you out of yourself, makes you want to join a swaying crowd, arms in the air, tears pricking your eyes, phone aloft. Wow..!
I am hesitant to say anything which might seem to detract from this brilliant album, but I have to say that I do not think that the production always does justice to Karima's amazing voice - but buy it, go and see her live, and make up your own mind. You won't regret it!
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on 20 April 2009
I saw Karima on 'Later with Jools' singing 'Francis' and I was very impressed.
I then bought The Author...her first album.
I thought that some of the passion of her voice had been filtered out during the production....and I am not sure that she is with the best people. However....I still think that she is a great talent and there are several great tracks on this album making it worth buying.
My favourite is Laurel Avenue..which is very Jeff Buckley.
Morse Code, Hold You, The Author and Remember Your Name stand out.
She has a remarkable voice......but am not sure you can't have too much of a good thing....her voice can grate at times and be wonderfully beautiful at others.
Anyway....she could be big...or just disappear off the radar...we shall see.
Buy it.
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on 29 November 2012
It's a beautiful album full of haunting songs - I love them more with every listen. Her music is full of soulful longing with a raw edge. Karima Francis is a talented musician and song-writer and I'm glad I've discovered her.
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on 27 March 2009
After catching a free intimate gig at a cafe in Falmouth two months back i left with my mind blown, an outstanding talent. Her songs fair just as well on CD and i would recommend it any fan of acoustic music or anyone who likes there songwriters to be a bit more memorable then a lot of the dross you hear on the radio at times. Key Tracks - The Author, Francis, Morse Code, Again
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on 7 September 2011
Caught her live in Sheffield, had to have her, she was very humble, love her grooves, top Girl. Very underrated talent.
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