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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 December 2015
I won't go into the various qualities of the film itself.I saw it at the cinema in the 70's and was very impressed.
No want I wanted to comment on what at first seems a poor Blu-ray transfer.
There appeared to be artifacts (crushing I think it's referred as) and heavy grain,particularly in many of the darker scenes.
I expected a lot more from this.I was surprised others had not commented on it.
It was as if details were trying to be drawn from where there were,nt any.
Surprisingly the DVD released in 2004 by Anchor Bay,although unfortunately non anamorphic at least gets this aspect of the film correct.
This impression however was only half right.Yes there is some grain,but by turning down the brightness,the grain becomes far more unobtrusive.and indeed restores the film to I think more as to how it should ordinarily appear,as was the case in the first Anchor Bay DVD.
So yes,probably the best this film will ever appear.A worthy purchase of what is a very original,well crafted and multi layered horror film that has drawn more admirers each passing year.For those of us that appreciate this film,we understand what is meant by the tagline a beautifully crafted horror film.For such it is,able to generate much genuine and deep discussion.
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on 11 November 2015
I wasn't too sure about this Folk horror at first?...but when I watched I realised that it was one of the best of this horror sub-genre, notable for the wonderful Wendy Padbury (Zoe Herriott, 'Doctor Who' 1968-'69, Patrick Troughton), a very good performance from Michelle Dotrice ('Some Mother's Do Ave 'Em'), also the late, great Anthony Ainley ( one of the most memorable portrayal's of The Master, 'Doctor Who' between 1981-1989, a worthy successor of the equally late, great Rodger Delgado), not to mention Linda Hayden's great performance, hard to believe that she wasn't in many other horror film's?!, a fascinating tale of the Occult, an underated classic that is far better & more worthwhile than Hammer's dreadful, dull, far too long, overated 'The Wicker Man', 'Blood On Satan's Claw', Kobal, is far more deserving of that high repute, sorry...but true, that was not Hammer's finest hour & certainately not the late & great Christopher Lee's finest hour, but 'Blood On Satan's Claw is by far head and shoulder's above that film, watch it...you'll see, great quality, price & a film that I'd forgotten once again how good it was?!
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on 12 July 2010
This movie is a really good horror flick. It is very period authentic and it gives a great feel for what people really feared in those days. You can imagine that most people in villages of the late 1600's would believe that every bit of this was possible. They probably sat around and told tales just like this one. Which makes this a fantastic movie that doesn't try to be hip, it goes for a good creepy tale of horror. People were highly superstitious right up until the `1900's in most places only this tale plays it as not a village in hysteria which did happen in those very repressed days, but as a real evil lead corruption. The evil corrupts and leads people into violence ,sex and murder. In reality the hysterias would lead innocent people into getting killed by fearful people who believed stories just like this one!. Which we enjoy today as a horror movie.
That makes this story a eye opener if you watch this flick and look at it like that. I thought the acting was excellent as well.
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on 20 March 2014
A British horror film that I have seen translated into several foreign languages. Set in 15/16 century agricultural England, when witch craft was supposedly in its hey day
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on 27 February 2011
This is arguebly the best horror film ever made. I can write lengthy reviews but is repeating what everyone else is saying if you google. Like everyone said the only negative was the devil in the finale that looked unconvincing. I think the maker of the film share that view too. It was done on a budget and special effect at the time was not good enough. I'm not one for remakes but I would support the idea of updated scenes (like they did for Star Wars episode 1-4) so that they could make the devil look more credible and update the fight scene too.
I wonder if there are additional footage that did not make the cut back then but worthy of inclusion now?
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on 3 May 2005
A beautiful and atmospheric film set against a backdrop of isolation, susperstition and wild countryside. A semi-human set of remains are unearthed in a ploughed field, which set off a series of macabre goings-on between the young people of the village.
The story is very well acted, and the three characters of the Judge, Margaret and Angel are particularly effective. Presumably given an '18' certificate for one rape scene and various scenes of female nudity, the film is not as creepy as it could have been, given the story matter.
Some parts of the narrative are disjointed with some features having little or no explanation. For example, no tie-up between the frightened girl locked in the attic and subsequent discovery of her acquiring clawed hands was forthcoming, neither was the 'thing' that hid under the attic floorboards. Some actors were left hanging around, seemingly waiting for a part. The ploughed-up remains were never examined beyond the first couple of frames.
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on 20 May 2014
Always loved this film and the blu-ray version here is well worth buying. It is brilliantly filmed and takes you back to the 1700's, it just has that atmosphere to it. It has an unusual plot but Linda Hayden, Patrick Wymark and Barrie Andrews all excel. Michele Dotrice is on there as well as Tamara Ustinov and Simon Williams plus "Mr Kipling" himself.

The earlier detractors on here criticising the film need to be ignored
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on 11 October 2009
One of the best British horror films, in my opinion.
Has a memorably creepy soundtrack which stayed with me for decades. Worth the price of the DVD for this alone.
Only let down is the ending, which I believe was supposed to be much more impressive but they ran out of money.
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on 31 August 2013
Well what can I say about this film other than an absolute classic .... This is one of my favourite horror films of all
time and rates as No.1 on my list of favourite horror films .... This folk horror film is a very creepy and spooky film
with a great soundtrack by Mark Wilkinson that adds to the flavour of the film .... The location shots are very spooky
and menacing ... The film begins with a lonely ploughman, Ralph Gower calling to his mistress, Cathy Vespers over the valley
.... the music then suddenly goes very creepy as the viewer knows that something frightening is going to happen as the ploughman suddenly unearths what looks like a human skull buried in the earth .... and exposes an eyeball left in the socket of the skull with an earthworm crawling on it .... The mood of the film is really brilliant as we're taken into the opening credits and Wilkinson music score ... What makes this film work is the low camera angle shots and disturbing scenes of woodland and the countryside that give it an awesome creepy and eerie feel and adds to the witchcraft that is taking place
.... These scenes are perfected by director Piers Haggard and superb photography from Dick Bush ... I think I recall that most of the location shots were taken around the countryside of Buckinghamshire in a village called Bix ..... The ploughman goes on to report his find to a local Judge, Patrick Wymark and when returning to the scene finds that the skull has somehow disappeared .... The Judge immediately concludes that no such being had ever been there .... Later the central character in
the film, Angel Blake (played by saucy sexpot actress Linda Hayden who was I believe only seventeen at the time and had only done one previous horror film for Hammer, Taste the Blood of Dracula)....Well an Angel she certainly ain't !! She corrupts the local youngster of the village into forming an occult Devil Worshipping group that goes around murdering each other
to supply limbs for a Satanic figure they are worshipping who marks the children with hairy patches on their skin ...
Michelle Dotrice (Frank Spencer's Betty) also appears in the film when there is a shocking rape scene and murder.
She later has a patch of the hairy skin removed from her leg by a local doctor after the locals chase her and throw her in the
lake and assume she's a witch .... This is a great film from Tigon that was released in the early 70s and is very much regarded
as an accompanying film to Witchfinder General also made by Tigon a couple of years earlier .... This film was done on a low
budget whereby it would have been impossible to pay wages for the top horror actors Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing to have
starring roles ... However the cast in the film are still remarkable and deliver outstanding performances ... This is a must
for all horror fans who have loved the Wicker Man and Witchfinder General ... A definite must have !!
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on 22 April 2014
If you are a fan, as indeed I am, of classic british 60's and 70's horror films then this is a must. Lovingly restored to near perfect HD picture quality for blu-ray. Includes the full ending occasionally absent from previous releases.
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