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on 27 February 2015
A quirky sex comedy about the swinging 60's.The film is broken up into three different storylines about three different men who are all unlucky in love.The first storyline is about a young photographer's assistant "DENNIS WATERMAN" being asked to take lots of glamour shots of a married women who then try's to seduce him whilst he his trying take various glamour shots of her in different locations around her flat.The second storyline is about a bundling depressed man "VICTOR SPINETTI" trying to commit suicide by using his gas fire to gas himself but is not very successful.When he is interrupted by various young free spirited female partygoers that have invaded his flat,he is then invited to their party but unfortunately this does not seem help him and he goes back to his flat and try's again to gas himself.Once again he is interrupted by a young female partygoer who he had met before,but unfortunately she still had not realised what wss really going on.The last storyline is about a cheeky cabby "JOHN BIRD" when he picks up a fare in "LONDON" after coming out of an adult cinema,The fare he has picked up is a very glamorous female "YUTTE STENSGAARD" who asked to be taken to a remote rural area,during the journey the cabby begins to experiences sexual advances from her.but each time he turns around to look at her,she appears to be asleep in the rear seat of the cab.When they get to their destination she immediately jumps out of the cab and runs of into the woods without paying her fare.So the cabby runs after her and comes onto a modern remote rural residence and has he explores around the residence looking for her,he observes lots of scantily glad dancing girls inside the residence but does not know whether he is dreaming or whether its real because they keep disappearing each time he try's to get close to them.
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on 21 December 2013
i wasnt too keen on the 1st section with dennis , but the 2nd part with victor was brilliant !
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on 22 June 2010
I bought this film simply because Yutte Stensgaard is in it and the fact that I tend to enjoy saucy comedy films made in the 1970's - such as the Confessions series of films - they are usually rather fun - this on the other hand is the most boring, mixed up and totally confusing film I've ever watched - it makes other films of the same type seem rather intellectual. I'm not having a go at the actors - the script writer must be to blame for writing such rot - he must have been on LSD at the time and had a bad trip - the film is split into three seperate sections, the last one being the worst (the psychedelic bit). I cannot understand why the producer (Stanley Long), made this rubbish as he was responsible for such gems as Eskimo Nell and Adventures of A Taxi Driver - perhaps he was on LSD as well, the only redeeming feature of this film are the pretty girls, Valerie Leon from the Hai Karate advert's makes an appearance, Alexandra Bastedo from the Champions is there and a few girl's I've never seen before. If the storyline matters to you avoid it at all costs - if on the other hand you are obsessed with films of this period and intend to buy this anyway, then simply be ready for a mixed bag of nonsense !!!
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on 28 August 2014
A portmanteau of sexy stories from the cannon of Long and the Ford brothers.
Each one is a separate tale with a similar theme, wherein some ordinary blokes fall unwittingly into a fantasy world of boobies and gyrating women.

Segment 1:
The photography obsessed son (Dennis Waterman) of a film producer is lured into the apartment of a foreign actress, hell bent on method acting her way into his father's raunchy movie.
Apparently she wants him to take photos of her with his "nice looking equipment", while she dresses up in 'sexy' outfits, then wiggles and cavorts her way around the apartment..
Unfortunately Dennis has run out of film for his camera, but this doesn't dissuade him, and instead he decides to wing it, not really caring either way if the pics come out okay or not with just some toilet roll bunged in there for show, providing he gets an eyeful!
Of course this is just a ruse on the part of the actress as well, so that she might seduce Dennis and get the desired film role.
However having had a drink spilt on him and his pants removed, Dennis gets frisky and starts chasing her around the apartment in a scene uncannily reminiscent of 'A Clockwork Orange' (please someone tell me Kubrick saw this and stole it's ideas for his own celebrated film!), until the audience get dizzy and they eventually collapse on the bed with predictable results..
The twist ending to this first segment providing the one and only smirk

Feeble levels of humour and completely unerotic action, leave this lacking any merits at all. Albeit at least this one has that 'fnarr fnarr' 70s soft~core, sex comedy quality about it.
Quite how this would tickle anyone's fancy though is beyond me!

Segment 2:
Victor Spinetti plays a lonely man on the verge of suicide (like the rest of us still watching this!), who receives a telephone call from a woman enquiring as to the whereabouts of Claudia and the party she's hosting at his home address.
However Claudia doesn't exist and when the lonely man explains this, the caller rings off. How strange.
Soon though, guests are arriving at his front door expecting a swinging party, with a suicide theme.

This one's quite good fun, offering another silly male~fantasy, escapism story. Wherein hot young girls show up at your house, when you're home alone, wanting to spin some records and groovy dance the night away..
With the resulting awkwardness of our rather geeky, troubled hero and his newly found friends the main source of the humour.
Notable guests including Vanessa Howard (remember all those short skirts in Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly - Digitally Remastered [DVD] [1970]??), Valerie Leon and Alexandra Bastedo ~ who sadly all keep their clothes on!

Segment 3:
John Bird plays a slimy little taxi driver, who picks up the mysterious Yutte Stensgard and follows her to her equally strange retreat in the countryside, when she bunks off paying the taxi fare.
Anyway, it turns out she's a witch or something, and there the boundaries of the taxi driver's erotic awakening are pushed to their saucy limits, when he sees some girls swimming in an aquarium with their boobs out and their amazing, magickal fruit balancing acts!!

The music was starting to get on my wick by this point, playing as it does the same two pop records over and over, and just when you thought it was safe to turn the volume up, somebody on the production staff is let loose in the recording studio with bongos, a sitar and a BBC sound effects record. Far out man.
Not to mention, that the 'actual' humour in this one is almost nonexistent. Instead opting for psychedelic kitsch and pandaemonia erotika!
Cue the feather boas and suede boots.

In the end this light hearted trash from a bygone era is completely inoffensive, unerotic, and for want of a better word(s), rather dull. With almost all studio work and very little location footage. If it floats your boat great, but it's very unlikely. I can't say I really recommend it, which is a shame considering the wealth of faces.

The Odeon print is very sharp.

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on 18 September 2014
the best thing about this film was Sid James.
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on 12 September 2012
One of the worst Best of British collection dvds from Odeon.

Unfortunately Odeon have ruined every dvd I have watched in the series by putting a Sid James clip at the start of every film.

Well done Odeon for alienating everyone who does not like him (a fairly big club I suspect).

I will never buy another Odeon dvd again for the above reason.

A shame because good restoration picture quality and sound .
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on 15 March 2012
I tried this out on both a European DVD player and one I used when in the USA - on both it showed as "disc incompatible" - as did the replacement disc. I suspect it was cloned in a shed and they forgot to "finalise" it.
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