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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

on 30 May 2010
I got introduced to Kamelot by my children, demonstrating the two way aspect that we have with music these days. I bought the album after listening to MP3s and watching the various You Tube clipos that exists - and its great. The band have a real drama about them and the mix of Roy Khan's almost operatic vocals with a powerful heavy rock backline creates a very powerful sound. An eastern feel to some of the tracks gives it another dimension. There are a lot of good tracks on the album, but stand out for me are Rule the World, Ghost Opera and Silence of the Darkness.

Having bought the album, I went to see the band at a London gig recently - equally impressive. Good stuff and a favourite with the whole family!
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on 29 March 2012
...hard act to follow.

Kamelot's Ghost Opera follows the impressive ,The Black Halo: Limited Edition and doesn't quite measure up.

The production feels sloppy, there are far too many filler tracks, and the lyrics are uninspiring; with the exception of 'Anthem.' But it's a long wait to get to that track.

It does, admittedly, slowly grow on you, but I've become used to Kamelot albums that grab you by the scruff of the neck and don't let go until you've travelled near the full spectrum of human emotions. This album does not deliver there at all, stuck in maudlin gloom 95% of the time.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 November 2007
Prog Metal has cost me a fortune this year as I have discovered some great bands and albums that I had quite frankly never heard of. This is another of the latest slew of European progsters who have upped the anti away from the doodly twiddly style of prog and incorporated elements of the heaviest of heavy metal in the many tuneful tracks on this album. Opening with an admittedly passé operatic/symphonic track this album soon transforms into a bludgeoning riff-fest with excellent instrumental passages linked with powerful singing and furious drumming. In a mighty year for prog metal this one ranks with the best
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on 1 July 2010
Having brought 'Epica' and 'The Black Halo', I was wondering how this album would compare... It isn't the same storyline as the two previous albums but despite not having a plot, so to speak, I really enjoyed it, some of the songs on there are being played all the time at the moment. There are a couple of tracks which have appeared on previous albums which seems cheating a bit?! But other than that, I'd really recommended this but would suggest to buy 'The Black Halo' first if you're new to Kamelot and then this album. Enjoy!
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on 21 July 2007
As the title says, this has been the best album I have bought all year. Ozzy's Black Rain was good, so was Magnum's Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow but this? This is totally astounding. While I don't think it is as good as Karma (which is my favourite album of Kamelot's) It is absolutely fantastic. The drums give a throbbing high energy pulse to the face melting guitar work. The vocals are excellent, topped only by Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden, my favourite band of all time). The songs are just as interesting as previous songs and give great stories, Love You To Death being the most moving in my opinion. The musical talnt of this band must not be underestimated, the sound, the energy, the passion, and the solos make this CD the best album I have bought this year. Fantastic audio quality, though not as well mixed as previous albums - although that may just be my speakers as they're getting a bit knackered.

Nonetheless...BUY THIS ALBUM!
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on 15 July 2007
I always preferred the live sound of Kamelot, finding the sound to produced and muffled in the studio, but this album has improved vastly on the past ones, with the sound clear, and well-produced.

Ok, the classical opening does seem to be becoming a bit of a fad, strange how this album follows an album by Dutch rockers (and Kamelot friends) Epica with an orchestral opening, but I like it, and fad or not, it is certainly not something I object to.

The title track is a highlight for me. I loved the different time signature, rather than the usual poppy 4/4 used by most bands.

Song such as "Love You To Death" and "The Human Stain" had me singing along very happily.

The slow song of the album, "Anthem" was one of few that I can really get into. It didn't seem to be put there by necessity, or because the studio told them to. It felt considered, and worked on.

I do have a few niggling problems with the album. First and foremost being that on the song "Blücher" which is a fantastic song, but I was saddened to notice that Simone Simons beautiful vocals were pushed so far into the background. So much so that I didn't notice them until I read the booklet.

Another problem is that some of the songs struck me as a bit weak, and filler. But then, it may be that I just haven't given them a chance...you tell me...

Am I the only one who noticed that some songs did sound curiously like Epica songs? I am not sure if I object to it or not, I do like Epica, after all.

It is certainly good to see Kamelot develop, and progress beyond tried and tested formulas of the past, and come out with a fresh, certainly darker album than before. I certainly can't fault the guitar playing of Thomas Youngblood and Sascha Paeth. or the vocals of Roy Khan, who sounds more powerful than ever. In fact, I think his voice has developed a more mature and manly sound than before.

Khans miming in the video has improved as well.
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VINE VOICEon 26 May 2007
I try not to play favourites with my children but of all the power metal bands doing the rounds out there, Kamelot are probably my favourites. "The Black Halo" was such a good album, it blew the competition right out of the water with live follow up "One Cold Winters Night" solidifying their place.

So this, their seventh studio set, had a lot to live up to. Would their unique blend of symphonic, power and gothic metal still hit the mark? Or would the Floridians turn all My Chemical Romance in pursuit of a fast buck? If you plumped for the latter then you are a very, very stupid person and are barred from all future reviews. For this is an exceptional continuation of the Kamelot story.

Straight from the opening track 'Solitaire' it's clear that everything is in order with the driving riffs, otherwordly female backing vox and sympathetic orchestration. It's early days in my love affair with this album and I don't want to offend any of the tracks in case I turn to them for comfort further down the line but, if yu promise to keep it a secret, then I'll whisper 'Solitaire', 'Love You To Death' and 'Mourning Star' in your ear.

Destined to be one of the albums of the year, Kamelot have managed to maintain the exceptionally high standards they've set for themselves, resulting in an album that's required listening.
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on 13 April 2008
I really don't know exactly how these guys manage to do it-but they keep producing albums of high class symphonic,melodic rock!!I thought that the last album(THE BLACK HALO)was incredible but the band obviously do not like to rest on their laurels because this one is-put simply-AWESOME!!It will be interesting to see if they can keep up the very high standard that they've set for themselves with the next album but lets worry about that one when it comes along!!For now,lets just enjoy every single note of this "masterpiece"!!After the quite restrained voilin intro of "SOLITAIRE",the music kicks in "big time" when "RULE THE WORLD" starts and along with some very heavy&melodic music khans voice sounds probably the best it's ever sounded-not that he's ever sounded bad before,it's just that he seems to have got it "spot on" for this album!!Next song up is "GHOST OPERA" with an incredibly infectious chorus and some more great driving music behind khans powerful voice!!That one is followed by "THE HUMAN STAIN"-a more "mid-paced" song but it certainly doesn't sound any less impressive than the first two!!The next tune up is "BLUCHER" another sort of mid paced one with backing vocals by SIMONE SIMONS of EPICA-yet another highly impressive song-that is followed by "LOVE YOU TO DEATH" which is a "haunting" ballad featuring some great vocal interplay between khan and amanda sommerville-the lyrics are quite "disturbing&soothing" at the same time-but the combination of khans dark brooding style along with amandas soft feminine voice make this one of the highlights on the whole album!!Next one up is "ON THROUGH THE ASHES" which is another mid paced one that builds up nicely to another extremley "catchy" chorus!!Then comes "MOURNING STAR" which i would probably describe as a mid paced rocker/ballad with backing vocals again provided by miss.sommerville!!That's followed by "SILENCE OF THE DARKNESS" and that certainly kicks things up a notch or two-great driving hard rock/fantastic vocals and another "sing-a-long" chorus!!Another ballad next in the form of "ANTHEM" and khan shows another side to his singing style here by singing in quite a restrained-almost "soulful" style-very impressive!!Last tune on the album is "EDEN ECHO" which is another excellent mid-paced to fast tune with another awesome chorus brillianly handled by khan to finish off the album and set the seal on(as far as i'm concerned)a "MASTERPIECE"!!I feel fairly certain that this album(along with all their other work)will still be very highly thought of in years to come!!Put quite simply,they're an absolutely great rock band!!If you're a fan of bands like NIGHTWISH/HAMMERFALL OR SYMPHONY X then you'll absolutely love this album and if you don't then there's something "seriously" wrong with you!!
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on 14 August 2009
absolute genius music ,my view is last 3 albums all worth getting this band getting better and better , drummer is absolutely brilliant in rythmn section one of the best ,, kamelot dont produce bad albums but i would suggest last three are brilliant .
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on 26 June 2007
So where was Kamelot to go after the masterpiece The Black Halo? A repeat of the same, a greatest hits album? No! Kamelot are forever evolving and developing their sound and the results are nothing short of amazing. I know alot of Kamelot fans believe this album fails to deliver, and yes it is a completly different album. But I believe it is a much more mature, sophisticated sound that they have experimented with. I especially love the album's intro with the violins (it works it does!) Highlights for me would be the 1st two tracks, Love you to death (a song of tragic young love) and Anthem. It seems to me that Kamelot have concentrated on making a solid album instead of concentrating on single tracks. Perhaps not for all Kamelot fans, however give it a chance and it will prove to be a good buy. :o)
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