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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2011
A film with a promising line-up, idea and effects, but nothing ground breaking here, being all too clichéd for horror fans. Unborn has some shortly visited dark moments, but fails to pass any expected thriller paths, sticking to winning formulas rather than being imaginative. I also think it is hindered in it's own goals, such as it being a PG-13 rating and the next scare is never that scary. The movie's plot is a mash-up of folklore and for me, loses its way late on (possessions), never surpassing a disappointing average horror thriller title. However, most teens and gore-haters will probably find this a non-taxing, relatively entertaining light watch. The critics have described this as 'laughable' and I think that is fair. The trailer does look great but this is simply the highlights of effects deployed.

The film include Idris Elba (the Wire) and Gary Oldman. The film is from the producers of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and from one Dark Knight writer.
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on 10 February 2013
I say this is a good movie. There are some truly twisted moments in the film without it ever getting too crazy with special effects (in the demonic sense) to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, this film has received a lot of flak because it seems the horror genre's audience these days is extremely demanding, harsh and critical.

And yet, this film is miles above ANY of the Paranormal Activity sequels, for example. I have watched the latter and near bored myself to death. Yet the Paranormal Activity films receive a higher rating (e.g. on Rotten Tomatoes) than this film? This is exactly what doesn't make sense. Thus, four well deserved stars.
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on 14 September 2009
I think the main word that springs to mind for me is "Lacking". Lacking suspense, lacking plot depth, lacking appeal. I absolutely adore horror films of any type but I just can't bring myself to call it a horror. I should've listened to myself when I saw the trailers in the cinema and thought to myself "...................Nah". Unfortunately I listened to a friend who told me how great it was.

Classic interesting beginning with the strangeness followed by abrupt normality but I just didn't feel that the plot flowed, or even went anywhere. It was theoretically a good idea but the delivery was sadly, lacking. I was initially intrigued to see Cam Giganet in something new (bearing in mind the last time I saw him in anything he was being ripped to pieces in a ballet studio) and I really don't think I can fault the acting. They did the best they could with what they had.

I note some people have referred to this as an intelligent horror, one where you have to pay attention and think. I can safely say I did pay attention. I did notice that the ghost is NOT supposed to be that of her dead twin brother. I got the plot, I just wasn't entertained by it. Better than Dracula and Frankenstein??? That's a new one!?!

Bottom line is I can't recommend seeing this. It was just too much of a "miss" for me. My advice would be to give it a miss, if you're remotely curious then my next suggestion would be to watch the menu screen - you see everything there. If you do decide to watch it then don't be surprised to find a few "I told you so"'s.

I sincerely hope there isn't a sequel.
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2009
Guess What ? The Unborn is horror film in which the main protagonist is an extremely photogenic middle class young woman ( who is usually clad only in clinging singlet and briefs when things happen ) who is plagued by visions that usually involve a creepy young child and learns that it's something to do with a dead twin and demons and lots of stuff that involve screaming and running and hanging round in eerie old buildings. The only remotely surprising thing about it is that it isn't ripped off from a superior Asian film. No this time the Yanks have made a duff horror film entirely on their own . Well done them.
Our mandatory nubile heroine is Casey (Odette Yustman), a college student who lives in a massive house with her strangely absent father(James Remar ) who she gets to see by visiting him at work .Her mother went loopy and killed herself a few years ago. Now Casey is plagued by bizarre dreams and visions, which of course must include the aforementioned creepy little boy. She learns fairly soon ( through a change in eye colour of all things ) that she had a twin brother who died in the womb, then contacts an old Holocaust survivor (Jane Alexander) whom her mother spoke to just before she died and learns that a demon is after her and she must smash all mirrors( the seven years bad luck seems trivial in light of other events I presume ) and consult a priest and have an exorcism and don't forget her five a day .No... I made that last bit up but still ,it's good advice ,though whether it helps fight demons I cannot say.
The Unborn" was written and directed by David S. Goyer[ wrote [ASIN:B000ARB0Z2 Batman Begins - 1 Disc Edition [DVD] [2005]]] who seems to have taken the approach that utilising every horror cliché in the book is the way to go. I half expected a zombie , Dracula ,Frankenstein's monster and the Wolfman to make an appearance but they didn't .Which is a pity as they would have livened things up .
There is no tension , no atmosphere built up and most definitely no scares though it did make me jump in one sequence but I resented even that as it was achieved by such rote methodology. The basic premise of a nasty demon stalking ( rather than just a haunting ) is fine but The Unborn blows it with a weedy screenplay and an over reliance on visual pandemonium.
Earlier in the review I stated that the only surprising thing about The Unborn is that it isn't a remake of a better Asian film and that is still unexpected . But what is also surprising is how actors of the calibre of Gary Oldman and Idris Elba came to be involved in this tripe. Their involvement is far more shocking than anything that occurs in the actual film. I,ts a poor , poor effort. The only thing that should have been unborn is The Unborn itself.
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Films like this often become either under or indeed over - rated, probably depends on ones expectations.
For 'Casey' (Odette Yustman) things seem to kick off when out jogging, after picking up what seems to be a dropped
glove, almost immediately visions begin to appear to her, a creepy figure of a boy wearing the other glove stands in
the lane.
From that moment on the visions and noises from behind the mirror in the bathroom begin as it intensify's she seeks
answers, a 4 year old she babysits tells her the child wants to be reborn.
'Casey' discovers that she was supposed to have had a brother that had died in her mothers womb, could it be him that
seeks to be reborn or is it something from the past that is trying to resurface.
'Casey' seeks the help of a spiritual advisor 'Rabbi Sendak' (Gary Oldman) asking him to perform an exorcism...something
he has never contemplated before, however he agree's to look into the practice so that he can help the trouble 'Casey'
Links of past horrors haunt her...
The film does begin a little creepy, and indeed has one or two 'startling' moments along with some unpleasant images, though
somewhat far-fetched as many films of this type often are, it is superior to some of the paranormal movies i have seen down
the years, though not a contestant against the best.
(have owned it without watching since it's release, until now that is) - okay if expectations are not too high.
The Blu-ray has both the Theatrical and Un-rated versions on-board.
Blu-ray Exclusive - BD-LIVE
also includes Deleted Scenes.
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on 3 October 2010
A great film which has jumpy parts in unexpected places making them more effective, storyline is also good and an unborn 2 would be a definite buy for me
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on 19 April 2009
Of course this film is going to get lots of bad reviews- that's to be expected. I gave The Unborn 3 stars on the basis that modern American horror cinema has been overrun by blood-and-guts, therefore admired the fact that director David Goyer chose to keep things creepy with minimal gore, fantastic cinematography and a decent story (of which is well explored in KM's review).

It's not obvious that The Unborn was made on a rather small budget; the special effects were successfully stylish and creepy and the acting on the whole was very good. Also, thanks to an unusual musical score, the film manages to be largely atmospheric and maintain a sense of tension that we see all-too-rarely in contemporary American horror.

My girlfriend and I went to see this at the cinema and it was clear that everybody in the screening was having a great time. It was a joy to see a good old-fashioned ghost story being heavily enjoyed by today's audiences. Hopefully horror will continue returning to its roots and we'll be treated to some more original films in the vain of the Spanish or the Italian.
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on 28 December 2009
This film is certainly not as bad as people say it is. At the end of the day most people do not appreciate the time and effort it takes to make a film like this one!

Okay, the storyline wasnt brilliant, but a lot of elements such as the camera shots were done really well! A good plot is definitely what this film needed but this is still an entertaining film. There were many tense and scary moments but at times the plot became too farfetched.

Overall, a good film, let down by the plot, but certainly worth a watch. This film deserves a lot more credit than it is getting.
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on 19 October 2014
I am going to concentrate on the positive aspects of this film first.
Odette Yustman looks great wandering around in her panties.
That's it.
The rest of it is derivative rubbish that doesn't make the slightest bit of sense, and is crammed with dreadful not-so-special effects like the dog with the upside down head.
Gary Oldman is both miscast and wasted in his role and the jump scares/ horror cliches obviously predictable.
Insects everywhere? Check. Haunted mirror ? Check. Creepy child ?.Check. Best friend and boyfriend killed? Check.
You could do worse than watch this drivel, but you'd have to look hard.
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on 1 September 2016
Great movie and excellent quality I love the way they have digitally re-mastered on to a DVD. The print quality is just great, bearing in mind it was originally a non digital print. The sound is great too at 5.1 dolby surround. Overall it's a great product to own instead of those old video cassette players.
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