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4.4 out of 5 stars
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Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Special Edition|Change
Price:£57.00+ Free shipping
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on 15 March 2009

This game is now my fave on the ps3, beating both resistances and bio-shock, all of which i loved. I only have 2 chapters left to complete and i can say that i have thourghly enjoyed the game. Wor chris is as usual great, with sheva being a great partner, but not quite jill. I'm actually suprised that it is an 18, because i can't see anything different (violence wise) to resident evil 4, but hey, maybe im missing something...

I'll start with the bad points of the game first, then tell the good one's.

The bad one's-
.it may take a while to relise that sheva also needs ammo...
.the controls need some getting used to.
.wesker, a.p.u, dosen't feature as often as he should
.bagheads are much slower, less powerful and more irratating than in 4
.no merchant (everyone loved that guy!)
.2 bosses are nearly carbon copies of re4
.some areas are similar

The good ones-
.great weapons
.new melee combat
.unlike ashley, sheva is actually able to defend herself and is actually of use
.Head hunters!!!!
.involving bosses including wesker (very hard) and his new aprentice, an old friend of chris's (from re1, closer to guessing yet?)
.Longer than re4
.bagheads are clumsy, so easier to kill
.Axeman is really cool, and should feature more
.great cut scene's
.No sherry birkin
.cool tin
.new enimies
.because sheva can save you and take care of herself, you take care of her
.heart pounding moments
.hours of gameplay
.allround quality, with cool trophies and lots of replay value

All those who have the gamecube remake, zero, outbreak, 4 and code veronica may well be able to see similarities and may say that its a combination of them, but its one of those games that keeps you hooked. ok now come's the MAJOR SPOILER. Jill is not dead, and she is in fact a very hard boss, but she aint a zombie, shes just normal but under weskers control. so once you free her, there's quite a touching scene between her and chris (true love? of course!)

I can't recomend this game highly enough, especially this edition, with a bonus dvd (haven't watched it yet, to busy with the game!!!!) but it's a great package. and don't get too critical of chris's new biceps, everybody likes to keep fit!

Get it and love it, even hardcore fans such as myself can't be disapointed, so BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!
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VINE VOICEon 15 March 2009
On the surface it seemed Resident Evil 5 had made some big changes, with a focus on co-op play and a move to Africa. Early rumours of how the blistering heat would cause hallucinations haven't made the final game; instead the end product sticks to the formula that made Resident Evil 4 a success. This is no bad thing, but games have moved on, controls in particular.

This is my only issue. Admittedly they have always been awkward and clunky; advocates argue that reduced mobility creates fear and tense situations. Yet the franchise has moved away from its horror roots into action territory, so the controls should have improved accordingly. Not being able to move and shoot could have ruined this, and makes combat harsh in places. Especially as the inventory screen is now managed in real time, which can only aggravate matters. To fully enjoy this, Resi's twisted logic must be embraced, and its control scheme accepted. Obviously that will be easier for some than others.

The rest of the game is excellent. Chris Redfield now works for the BSAA, preventing the sale of Umbrellas biological weapons on the black market. Chris has become disillusioned, wondering if it's all worthwhile. Without giving too much away, it soon becomes a personal mission, and provides a gripping subplot for series die-hards. Sheva is more than a pretty face, and the co-op element works better than expected. She rarely misses, and her AI is surprisingly competent too.

The town Chris and Sheva arrive at quickly erupts into a violent battleground. Graphics are astounding, in fact it's difficult to criticise the presentation. Crowds are more numerous and in these early stages, combat becomes a matter of crowd control, incapacitating the highest risk zombies whilst keeping the crowds at bay. Those who kicked up such a fuss over Resi 5's apparent racism will find much to complain about. The town populations are mixed race, but this is made irrelevant by the Marshlands level, where Chris and Sheva exterminate tribes of spear throwing, grass skirt wearing Majini. The imagery is morally dubious, but taken in the context of the story, couldn't be deemed racist at all.

Weapons can be upgraded in areas of firepower, capacity, reload speed and % of citical shot. Treasures are hidden on enemies and throughout levels, which can be sold to purchase these upgrades, ammunition and supplies. Its a deep, comprehensive system, and a logical replacement for Resident Evil 4's traders, who always seemed at odds with the rest of the game world. An infinite ammo option can be purchased for fully upgraded weapons. This will take a while to attain, but adds massively to replayability, and makes those S ranks much easier to achieve.

There are some nice extras to round off this package. 30 BSAA emblems are hidden throughout the game, and are fiendishly difficult to locate. Library files flesh out the story, and contain detailed notes on the BSAA, Majini and Chris Redfield (12 in total). Figurines can be obtained for every character, and a Mercenaries game is unlocked once the credits roll. Scores can be uploaded to global leaderboards, and online play is very smooth.
This special edition contains a bonus disc with a making of documentary, and a trailer for CGI film, Resident Evil : Degeneration.
Mainly a retread, this can feel like a HD makeover of Resi 4; but that's good enough for me.
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on 15 December 2013
Ok so I bought a Limited Edition (Very Good Condition) PS3 Game for less than £5? How awesome is that? I'll tell you how! Sooo awesome that if you don't buy it right this moment you're a total jrk...Just kiddin but still £5? Really? Really? Well the game itself has had a lot of bad critics saying that it's not scary as the previous Resident Evil games but the action and ofcourse the Local Co-Op Campaign system you can play with your friend is Awesome!
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on 13 March 2009
Well this definatly isn't as good as the "limited editions" that japan and the US received and i would recommend the purchase of the standard version because the "making of" dvd here really doesn't justify the extra money.

As for the game, the graphics are excellent as you would expect from capcom and they have really pushed the boat out on rendering the detail and lifelike accuracy. But....for all the time, effort and money they have spent on the graphics they have somewhat neglected the control system and story. The control system is over complex, too many button combos combined with the awkward inventory system results in many a death scenario.Keeping an eye on,...and supplying ammo to your partner AI can also be an irritation in battle but grab your self a friend and this game is a great 2 player game and so much easier with 2 people. The control system just doesn't seem to become second nature to the player so spoils the flow of gameplay somewhat.
Storylines for resident evils have usualy conflicted but this has some really big problems especially regarding Wesker, this won't bother you if you started from Resident Evil 4 but Resident Evil fans from the first game onwards might be saying "what the...??".

We've all heard the rumours of the ridiculous ending....and sadly...it's true.

Over all a good game, flawed and awkward to play a lot of the time...but well worth a shot and I certainly have nothing but praise for it's graphical technical achievements.....and it's got Wesker in it!! what greater reason does a Resident Evil fan need to buy a game!?
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on 8 May 2009
Resident Evil 5 had a lot to live up to. Resident Evil 4 is widely considered as the best game in the franchise and just one of the best games ever to be made period. Unfortunately, Resident Evil 5 doesn't quite reach the branch mark set by the previous game.
It feels like all Capcom have done is remade Resident Evil 4 with nicer graphics and a co-op character but haven't added any other new elements to the game. Although the game is fun and the option to play with a friend is cool, after you complete the game (which won't take long, the game only has about 10 hours of game play and its not very difficult) you won't have many reasons to re-play the game. There are collectable items to get (weapons, costumes, etc) and the game has trophy support but it depends on the kind of gamer you are if this will be enough to get you to keep playing the game.
Mercenaries makes a welcome return from Resi 4, this option lets you take on hordes of enemies either by yourself or with a friend, which is a lot of fun. The recent multiplayer DLC does add more to the game although I've heard its not that good. The limited edition copy of this game isn't really worth getting, as all you get is a metal case and a making of documentary.
Overall Resident Evil 5 is fun for awhile but I can't help feeling the game could have been so much better if they had added some new ideas to the game.
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on 25 March 2009
I've played almost all RE games and love them all; it is a fantastic story with ambient and exiting gameplay. When RE 4 came I missed the zombies like so many others but the game it self was rock solid. RE 5 is in many ways like RE 4 and it's equally solid. The main differences are a new location and new characters compared to RE 4 in addition to a few minor changes; otherwise it's pretty much the same, i.e. very good indeed including some stunning graphics. Ok, the control scheme is still far from perfect with sometimes a jerky result in the characters movement. The camera is not following you good enough at corners but none of these problems really affect the over attractive and intriguing experience. I really hope for more RE games, new style (RE 4 and 5) but even more the old style (RE 1-3 + Code Veronica and the Outbreak-series). Sometimes I really don't believe that Capcom realize the immense magnitude of love that's surrounding this series!

A gamer since 1978
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on 22 March 2009
This game was years in the making, and this is what the programmers came up with?!? This game feels (and looks!) like RE4, just without the great athmosphere it carried. The controls are prehistoric (no moving while aiming) and drive you crazy while you're getting riddled with bullet holes by your machine gun carrying enemies in the latter half of the game. The enemies themselves are, and I am not kidding, basically a copy from RE4: You got normal villagers with tools or blades just like in RE4, then there are the enemies firing burning arrows just like in RE4, the dogs are back and as annoying as they were in RE4, there are also the enemies carrying cattle prods or rocket launchers just like in RE4 and they even copied the chainsaw villagers and the big fellows with the gatling guns! In terms of the bosses, the similarities are also quite obvious: there is an El Gigante and a Salazar-like Boss, all concepts that were great in RE4 but now just seem repetitive. Graphically most of the areas are completely static with almost no interaction with them possible, most of the time not even a flag is waving in the background. Furthermore, when compared to Dead Space or MGS4 for example, the graphical inferiority is quite obvious. The areas themselves have not near as much athmosphere RE4 or earlier parts like RE1 and 2 had. Horror in this game is completely absent anyway, it is just an action shooter. The sound is a sad fact also, since many of the sound effects were recycled from earlier parts. The soundtrack had also been hyped to constitute a revolution in terms of production values in videogames, but, while being a solid soundtrack, is far from perfect.
Concerning the actual gameplay, the player mostly enters an area and reaches a certain threshold. Then a little sequence follows showing enemies entering the area. A battle music starts and the player disposes of the attackers, then the music stops. There is no anticipation nor suspense, the player is just disposing waves of mindless enemies and then heads for the next threshold to be tripped. While RE4 however was a balanced game in terms of difficulty, this game is just flat out borderline unfair. Not hard mind you, UNFAIR! I can honestly say that no RE game has ever annoyed and enraged me to the point this game has, and that is sad.
The worst problem in the game however is the artificial intelligence controlling the mandatory sidekick Sheva. What on earth were the developers thinking? She picks up ammo the player would have needed and then keeps running away if you try and get it from her. If enemies attack, she often looks in another direction and gets hit. Although not necessary, she then uses a health spray to replenish the little amount of LIFE she has lost, practically wasting resources. After that, she often stands right in front of the player character while you are trying to aim so that you have to fire blindly (remember: no moving while shooting!). In boss battles she will empty whole magazines in parts of the boss that are invulnerable and will then come running and ask for ammo or she will stand next to a stationary gun with unlimited ammo and still use her handgun. I could go on and on, I just wish this character was out of the game, believe me... To give the character itself purpose most of the riddles are constructed so that always two people have to pull chains or levers, a design decision that feels fresh for the first and second time you encounter it in the game but gets so annoying after the 30th time. What I have not mentioned is the story, which seems appropriate since there is almost none. After certain story developments however I would rather have wished for even less story, since the plot devolves so much into a matrix-wannabe Wesker-is-god contraption it really hurts anybody knowing the plot of RE2 or 4. Storywise this game really marks the sad end of an era...
With this being a review for the PS3 version, I can only confirm that there are heavy drops of framerate throughout the game, another fact that obviously annoyed me.
In a nutshell, this is a step backwards from RE4. For everybody being unsure about getting this game: get Dead Space instead and witness a real gameplay evolution!
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on 10 April 2009
Resident Evil 5 - Limited Edition (PS3)

Ok the control dynamics is still frustrating as all Resident evil games are (referring to the typical "Stop & shoot" mechanics), but then give it time you get used to it as you do with all 'Resi' games, it is a learning curve.

The best feature about this game by far out of all the series i would say is the Co-Operative gameplay. Play with anyone offline or online, one thing annoying about offline 2-player gameplay is the split screen. The 2 screens per player is cascaded making each user screen smaller, still it does grow on you....eventually

The story is probably the drive behind the series. Once you have played the first Resident Evil you will want to play them all because of the well structured and intriguing storyline.

Its just Resident Evil at its best. Hopefully there will be a sixth.
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on 6 April 2009
First of all i like to talk about the limited edition version , its fantastic grete looking game very unique case its made of a light metal with give it the uniqueness , the extra DVD is cool you an see the making of RE5 and the RE Degeneration trailer which is nice too.

Second thing is the GAME .... WOW ... the game is grete , the graphics are cool , the story is related to the original RE , the game still have the RE soul , the control is little confusing in the begining but you will get use of it soon , the cooperation mode is nice too , yes it is like RE4 but trust me it is much more better than RE4 , If you are an RE fan you have to bring this version its perfect.
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on 12 March 2009
I got my copy of RE5 a day early from another retailer so i thought id throw a little review down. I wouldnt call myself a fan of Resident Evil but i have played through all the games so that must count for something. Anyone who has played a Resident Evil game kinda expects a certain kind of experience from the game, namely fear and paranoia of immiment death. Its what survival horror is all about. With Resident Evil 4 Capcom updated the series with a whole new look, lush graphics but still keeping some of the shocks that make playing a Resi Evil game at night in a dark room so pleasurable.

Now Resident Evil 5 hits next gen consoles. Firstly i have read some reviews allready that really dont give the graphical side of the game too much credit. This game looks amazing. The lighting effects are astounding, animations are for the most parts excellent, character models are mega high poly ala Metal Gear and the special effects ( heat haze, explosions, particle effects ) are great. Most people have played the demo so you kinda know what to expect. Sound is fine allthrough it does tend to sound compressed and the voice acting is...well its rubbish, but rubbish voiceovers are a Resident Evil trademark, so lets just say the voiceover is nostalgic.

Whereas the technical side is up to next gen scratch the gameplay feels slightly old. You still cant run and shoot all the time. The inventory system is clunky and in heat of battle can actually get you killed while attempting to heal yourself. This is also a Resident Evil trait, but while it worked in a survival horror setting here it feels out of place. This is due to Resident evil being more of a straight out action game. There are very few shocks to be had at all here. Instead the game throws tons of zombies at you to stess you out. This kinda works but sometimes, other times its just a mess as zombies surround you on mass.

Resident Evil 5 is built with co-op in mind and it works great. You really feel like you are helping complete the game together and have to work as a team all the time. Even in single player mode you get a feel for the co-op mode. The AI is very good apart from the cpu controlled character being far too trigger happy. But there is tons of ammo so its not a huge headache.

I wont get to much into detail about the story of the game but suffice to say its lacking and lacklustre.

To round up Resident Evil 5 is a great action game but not a great Resident Evil game. It feels more like a sequel to Resident Evil 4 and plays in a similar way but its not as fresh. If you are looking for a great action ride then this game will not disappoint. If you are a hardcore Resident Evil fan you're going to be letdown.
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