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on 6 October 2016
Great quality short patch cables for connecting FX pedals together.
If you are new to guitar and are shopping around for cables right now DON'T BE TEMPTED TO BUY CHEAP UNBRANDED CABLES!!!
Your cables need to be
1. High Quality (No hiss or crackles, well built so they last, Thick enough so they let all frequencies through)
2. as SHORT as you can get away with. (The longer the cable the more signal loss will occur)
So many people buy expensive pedals and guitars and then buy cheap rubbish cables. The signal from your guiar and pedals relies entirely on the cables to get to the amp or mixer so if you use cheap rubbish then your signal will suffer A LOT.
Stick to decent brands like Planet Waves or Klotz and you will be ok.
They may seem expensive compared to the unbranded stuff, and some people may tell you that a cable is a cable and they all do the same job but they are WRONG.
I noticed a MASSIVE difference when I used a cheap cable that came free with a guitar. I could never go back to using cheap cables as you never get the true sound of your guitar through them.
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on 18 January 2016
The feel like good quality items and they did the job of patching my sons pedals together but only 4 stars for a very simple reason. The plugs are very bulky, they project from the side of the pedal and prevent you from putting the pedals close to each other. Dont get me wrong you can get them pretty much close enough by butting the input right up to the output or another, and I guess it depends of the pedal board / layout you are using.... Just something to be aware of.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 February 2018
Having used Planet Wave cables of different types for many years, these are representative of the usual high standard.

From my personal experience, short cables, such as these, are a catalyst for better sound and a tidier arrangement, in circumstances which will allow them.
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on 7 December 2015
"Cheap cables" I hear you say. "Nothing worse than cheap cables."

I agree.

Fortunately these are neither cheap, nor rubbish.

They're a reasonable price and appear good quality. The cable is thick and flexible, everything is moulded. Am using to inter-link a bunch of pedals. I'm sure more money buys tougher cables for people who're regularly gigging, YMMV.

Personally I'd buy these again.
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on 23 December 2017
Ok I suppose.......this review was written some time after purchase, by which time one of the three leads had failed.......just through average wear and tear......not maltreatment........slightly dissapointed.......would not buy again.
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on 27 January 2014
Other than saying they provide great sound quality and a lifetime guarantee, "bendy" makes these patch leads an epic life saver. You can bend them, shape them, anyway you want them. Ideal if you don't have much space, or when the buggers have put the power input right next to the jack input the f*!&*rs. You know who you are!

Pack of three. Comes in different sizes. Great price. Every single cable of mine, from patch to speaker is a Planet Wave and I've never had a single malfunction. I still use two I bought 8 years ago. Say no more.
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on 31 October 2015
Not as great quality as some of their other products or cables they produced 10 - 12 years ago.

Mine only lasted a little over 2 years and has become faulty. I have another planet waves cable from about 12 years ago which is still going strong.

I'll update the review based upon the support I get from them being that this cable has a life time warranty.
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on 27 July 2016
I love planet waves. Scored them a 4 as the mouldings on the ends are too thick to fit the standard spacing a between my boss pedals using the standard boss cut outs. Maybe I should award me 4 stars instead for just buying and not checking. I did use them prior to getting my board to link effects pedals and they worked fine....
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on 3 March 2015
You really can't go wrong with a Planet Waves purchase. When something is guaranteed for life, you know the manufacturer has trust that their product will not let you down or they will be out of pocket. The quality and clarity is fantastic, and the assurance behind these is great. Will probably buy more in the future, and will probably not buy from any other brand again. 10/10
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on 10 July 2017
Great quality cable. Perfect length for pedal board patching and I've not had any problems with them.
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