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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2009
I was fascinated to watch this portrayal of the work of a therapist. obviously since the script writing is so brilliant, this gives it a level of polish and shopistication , but th e portrayal of how hard it is to be therapist with integrity, and how very difficult the job actually is. The therapist seems genuinely to care and give his best to his patients, and of course his own life is difficult, he dosen't have time for his own family etc. but this was never trivalised or made into a joke. Anyone who is deeply involved in their work has the same problem. But where as we laughed at the arrogance and incompetence emotionally of Frazier and his brother, this series just gets deeper and better. I thought the interactions with his supervisor were brilliant.At a time when therapy is trivialised, and good long term intensive therapy is marginalized in uk in favour of 6 seshion quick fixes, it is really great to see this long process of people struggling with their difficulties given a serious treatment. Highly recommended.
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on 15 September 2009
I was bought this as a birthday present by my son. He knows I like a good scripted programme. Well I have to say this is one of the most original and intelligent scripts I have ever seen on TV. The acting is superb, the story's draw you in from the start, you want to go on and on finding out more about these damaged souls. It ia a unique visual experience unlike anything else I have seen on the TV. I firmly believed the WIRE AND MADMEN were pretty much unbeatable but with this I think they are.
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on 10 November 2009
I have never written any reviews before but have been watching this for the past few weeks on sky arts and have to say it,s the best thing I have ever seen on TV. Completeley compelling with an excellent script and character depth that is so realistic. I don,t know if this will be shown on mainstream TV but if not one of the Channels needs to get hold of it. Also like to add that they couldn,t have picked anyone better than Gabriel byrne to play paul the Therapist.
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on 28 July 2009
In "In Therapy" we follow Paul (Gabriel Byrne), a therapist, in his sessions with various clients during 9 weeks (=one week per DVD in the box-set (R1)). Often, Pauls clients don't seem to know exactly why they are there, or deceive themselves. And the same with Paul when he starts to meet with his former tutor, Gina (Dianne West).

The action takes place almost exclusively in Pauls office/treatment room with client and therapist engaged in conversation. What is so great with "In Therapy" is that these sessions are totally captivating as we delve deeper into different persons, including Paul himself whose private life we are showed interiors of, in between sessions for example, or in his dialogues with Gina. As a therapist Paul seems very professional and in control, but we also see his more probematic sides as a father and husband.

I don't know how truthful "In Therapy" is compared to the real thing, but as I see it this is of minor importance. Also, I don't know how to categorize Paul as a therapist: perhaps some kind of cognitive therapy-school with an existentialist touch, where the treatment mostly consists in asking questions that forces the clients confront themselves and their life situation.

The picture quality and sound is good. The acting is great. The only 'minus' is the lack of extras in the DVD box-set.
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on 11 February 2010
A friend had told me about this series, and I decided to watch it. I hope that this is shown on terrestrial channels at some point. It will give anyone who has no understanding of therapy some insight into the process. It raises some challenging issues with a bunch of tricky clients. I had a soft spot for Jake, Sophie and Alex.

It was interesting for me to see a Psychodynamic therapist,working in the way that Paul did. He self disclosed on many occasions. The management of confidentiality or not, when Paul had a couples session with his supervisor.Accepting gifts from clients. Alex giving Paul a coffee maker. Dealing with a suicidal client, who took pills from Paul's bathroom cabinet. Paul taking a phone call in the session. Working with clients individually that are in a relationship together, and managing those boundaries. Managing client confidentiality when a client has died. Drama, drama, drama. The series illustrates how challenging it can be to work as a therapist.

I assumed that Gina was Paul's clinical supervisor, but at times it felt like she was his therapist. The way that the power dynamics between the two of them were portrayed, I found amusing.

I found the series slow to begin with, but then could not wait to see what happened next.

I had difficulty with some of Paul's interventions with his clients, yet was touched with his relationships with his clients. Watching him work with Sophie, and how he adapted working with a young person was refreshing.

I wish that the writers had shown Paul having a panic attack with Laura in the final session, as when he was recounting this to Gina, it was hilarious.

I will definitely recommend this series to friends. I think it gives a realistic portrayal of the issues that some therapists may come across in their work. Paul was human, and had his own issues, despite being a therapist.
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on 3 December 2009
As other reviews have stated-a brilliantly played ensemble piece with master, and I use the word with it's full meaning, Byrne at the helm.
The writing is superb , the director (with a light touch and a stillness conveyed so elegantly ) guides the minimal action and replicates the intimacy present in the doctor patient relationship perfectly
Do yourselves a huge favour , watch and absorb this fantastic drama and realise that-despite these patients particular issues perhaps not being close to our own, the recognition that we all carry with us the same fears hopes and contradictons, and hopefully be a little kinder to those around us whose lives we know so little of.
Hope we get the chance to see season 2................only 4 stars as I'm leaving space for expansion, and new characters, mustn't peak too early...............
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on 11 May 2008
I watched part of this series while on business in the US. Gabriel Byrne carries of the role of psychiatrist excellently and each sessions combined with interaction the family characters make this well worth watching. another HBO classic.
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on 29 October 2009
I've worked for many years as therapist, have spent time in the client's chair, and recently had a novel published about the conundrum of therapy, Listening in: A Novel of Therapy and Real Life~ Well, I've now discovered an entertaining and intelligent TV drama series and it's all about therapy... IN TREATMENT, here's my review:
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on 24 May 2009
at long last a series that is fascinating and a real in depth look at the work of therapy. the acting is stunning and this at last does not send up or trivalise therapy. unique claire hershman
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on 15 December 2009
This truly is an excellent show, and Gabriel Bryne (playing the part of Dr Paul Weston) is better than I've ever seem him before. The writing is of such quality that you can watch it over and over again (yep, guilty) and you'll pick up something new each time.

All I need now is for Santa to realize just how good I've been this year and leave Gabriel Byrne at the bottom of my bed on Christmas morning!
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