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on 24 December 2008
Quarantine follows a reporter and her cameraman tagging along with a fire crew to what they believe is a routine disturbance at a apartment block however upon arrival they find its anything but. attacked by a deranged woman infected with a mystery illness they find themselves sealed in by the CDC as the infections spreads what follows is a claustrophobic and tense battle for survival.

Kerching, the sound of Hollywood churning out another horror remake. Rec [2007] was a great surprise when it was released, appearing out of nowhere and proving to be a refreshingly scary ride. Within a year we have a remake in the vein of Funny Games [2007] and The Omen [2006] its more or less shot for shot.

There's a couple of new additions, extra scenes at the start in the fire station but these are simply padding adding nothing and ultimately slowing the pace of the film. Also the inclusion of the dog in the apartment building an interesting insertion but again ultimately adding nothing to the overall film.

Quarantine throws up a fair few good scares, directly ripped from Rec, the final scenes in the top floor apartment is utterly absorbing and horrifying likewise the pursuit by the creatures around the apartments is suitably tense and frantic. The camera style is borrowed straight from The Blair Witch Project [1999] and Cloverfield [2007] and like those films quarantine will split opinion if the shaky cam style does nothing for you quarantine certainly wont change your mind.

The central performances are decent enough, but the stars in Rec create a more genuine atmosphere and tension, to be perfectly honest Rec is the version to go for unless you hate subtitled films. If you haven't seen Rec add an extra star onto the score, as quarantine is an accomplished horror and genuinely chilling which cant be said about many of the current horror flicks, but for those of us who have its an all to familiar and underwhelming trip.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 August 2015
This 2008 science fiction horror features television reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman Scott Percival (Steve Harris) making a late night documentary at a fire-station when the crew has to respond to an emergency call from an apartment building. However, on arrival they find things are not quite what they seem and soon find themselves quarantined inside. It is told through in the ‘through the lens’ style as seen by the camera.
The film is essentially an English language version of ‘Rec’ following the same storyline and using about 80% of the same script. The major difference between the two films is this dwells more on the panic and frenzy of the situation they find themselves in. The camera work is more shaky and the sound less clear, this works in heightening the adrenalin rush but ultimately makes the dialogue and action detail difficult to follow [lose a *]. The acting is good but due to the techniques used we don’t ‘connect’ so readily, and the dialogue doesn’t seem to gel that well and it lacks the ‘explanations’ of the original, whilst a lot of the sinister ‘big brother’ atmosphere tends to be lost [lose a *]. However some scenes do work better –from a scary horror manner as you do get the sense of panic [regain a *].
The single disc opens to main menu featuring, play, audio [English or audio descriptive], subtitles [most Scandinavian languages and Hindi!], scene selection and special features [documentary making of, special effects and trailers].
If you don’t like subtitles this is a good English version but just losses out to the original which seems more realistic in it’s portrayal of events, yet is a worthy **** maintaining a fast pace and some gory moments.
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on 25 November 2011
To say 'Quarantine' is based on the Spanish classic 'Rec' would be like saying water is based on H20.

'Quarantine' is a solid shocker, but only because it's a virtual carbon copy of the superior Spanish version. 'Rec' Rec (Single Disc Edition) [DVD] just works better all round for me. The scares are scarier, the special effects more advanced, the acting slightly better and the tension all the more tense.

If you don't like subtitled films, then watch 'Quarantine' as it works well in its own right. If you genuinely want to see the better of the pair, then 'Rec' wins hands down every time (by the way 'Rec 2' is just as good and a neat follow on).

I don't want to go into a Hollywood rant, but 'Quarantine' is pretty lazy. It's like they thought we were somehow too stupid to understand the Spanish version and as such, needed our hands holding tightly through the production of an American re-make. There have been some great re-makes, but the key for me is to do something different to enhance the original. 'Quarantine' adds a couple of very minor changes, but apart from that duplicates the original frame by frame.

Of course, being a copy of a very good film, 'Quarantine' itself is very good; that goes without saying. If you built a carbon copy of the Winter Palace, that too would be an impressive see where I coming from.

Worth watching, but I just had to knock a star off for lack of originality.
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on 30 January 2015
as far as remakes go they suck lets face it there just rubbish but and that's a huge but quarantine really changes that its a shot for shot remake of rec but it pulls it off so well its just like watching rec but in English the effects are great the acting's spot on and its just as tense as its Spanish original
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This is the first horror movie in a while I've watched that has had some properly good scares. But the problem for a lot of horror movie's for me is they overstay their welcome. If they cut 10 minutes from this movie I'd have given it another star. It's a great re-make with an excellent premise and the plot moves nicely. I thought the transition at the very end (no spoilers being given) was a bit rough. But overall it's still an entertaining horror flick,
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on 26 July 2013
If you like really scary films based around ordinary everyday events, I would recommend this film wholeheartedly.

It is very well written and directed and the characters are extremely believable, with a somewhat surprising ending.

Well worth a watch.
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on 17 May 2010
REC was better. Not because it came first but because it's scarier in Spanish. REC was made better and the fact is Quarantine is made with exactly the same script. In Spanish it was original, the ending made more sense and my God it felt more real. This has been hollywoodised, taking away any realism and making it less scary. The original was a masterpiece of European horror, his is a masterpiece of American cinema needing to make sure other countries don't move in on it's movie market. Watch the Spanish version because it's better and was made with originality but most of all watch it because it is a fascinating and scary piece of horror film. 'Quarantine' is a heartless, needless waste of film made with no originality at all.
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on 21 March 2015
Rec for me is one of the best horror films in history and possibly the most nerve wracking movie experience i have ever had.
There was the usual groans when a remake from Hollywood was announced and even though i didn't want Rec ruined i did want to see the same story done in English.
Its near enough the same plot where a tv crew follow a bunch of fireman to a apartment block where a woman has been reported screaming,when they get there she bites one of the fireman and other people in the block start doing the same and it becomes obvious a virus has broken out and as more and more people become infected it becomes a fight to survive for the remaining non infected as the raging zombie like infected try to attack and kill them leading to a finale very similar to Rec's.
As i said its the same basic story with a few changes like more of a feel of a movie than the documentary feel of Rec,added scenes including a infected dog(even though a infected dog is mentioned in Rec)and the big change is the virus is no longer a demonic possession virus but a more realistic one with the crazies having a rabies type of strain which though more like reality the possession virus in Rec was more scary.
The acting is a bit of a let down compared to Rec with the actors not really reacting to the horror of the situation like the Rec actors did and as i said before because it feels like a proper movie they act like proper actors unlike Rec which feels like a real television program and real people going through a nightmare(i know both are made up films but Rec's acting is so much more realistic and feels like a broadcast gone wrong).The biggest culprit in the bad acting department is Jennifer Carpenter as the lead Angela who is the reporter,though a fine actress she is much too silly and flirty in the scenes in the firehouse and then goes well over the top with her reactions to whats happening when the infected are after her and the others,i think Manuela Velasco in Rec is so much better and gradually gets scared instead of Jennifer who goes over the top way too much and early.The other actors are not great but decent though some do irritate and can't wait for them to be attack or bitten,the little girl is very good though and out acts the adults.
There is not much to say about the action or horror as its near enough the same as before apart from the virus itself and the infected look more realistic if less scary even if they do remind me of the 28 Days Later infected but that is a classic horror this isn't and the finale is near enough the same as Rec and is the scariest part of the movie.
Not the worst remake but not amazing as its near enough shot for shot of Rec and that is a original stunning piece of cinema,if this was made first this would be a classic,worth one watch because its in English and has a few more added scenes but only one viewing really.
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on 12 October 2013
This is over hyped rubbish with one of those stupid low budget hand held cameras. Here is a spoiler for you. That picture on the cover and that lone movie clip they show you is the last scene in the movie. It was just starting to pick up and it is over. If you enjoyed the suspense aspect of the movie and the idea of an unknown horror, but failed to loved the bad documentary style, I might suggest "The Possession of David Reilly."
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on 17 September 2015
A fun film that starts as a slow burner then ramps it up in the second act. It was good seeing Jennifer Carpenter playing a role unlike how we were used to her in Dexter. It helps that the film lacks major star power as you are focussed on the ensemble and how their alienation and confusion sees them slowly turn on each other.
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