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on 7 April 2016
It's good.
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on 21 November 2015
good, very good.
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on 2 June 2012
Its so great, I've bought 3 so far! I've got one for the back, and one for the front (and one for my wife). Sadly Amazon.co.uk does not sell the front skink, so I had to buy that from the sister site amazon.de.

The rear lights have 5 different settings - one continuous on (ie. all four LEDs on at the same time), and four different blinking settings.

The front lights have 3 different settings - one continuous, and two blinking.

I find them to be quite bright, and good enough for commuting in the city. And they're easy to pop on and off when I lock up. And small enough to fit in your pocket (if you only carry one).

I use the rear one even during the day. This makes me more visible to motorists. I always use it on the slowest blinking setting. This makes the batteries last longer. And I find that the slower blinking actually makes motorists more cautious when passing me. (Perhaps they mistake faster blink lights for a faster moving bike? Who knows, but this is my experience).

I have had them for about six months now, and the batteries are still going strong. The batteries are AA so no problems finding replacements when the time comes.

I've had no problems regarding moisture. I have ridden in the rain a couple of times, but don't make a habit of it.

One minor gripe, I keep the lights in my backpack and the rubber does attract fine dust or lint. It does wipe off, but its a little annoying.

If you do buy two, one for the front and one for the back, get them in different colours, so you know which is which. And perhaps opt for the transparent one. In one of the online bike mags (I think Bikeradar) they stated that the clear knog was visible from the sides as well as from directly in front or behind.

All in all, a great product!
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on 9 January 2011
This 4 LED rear light is spot on. All the LED's are angled within the case,so when mounted to the rear of the bike point slightly upwards where they can be seen more clearly by motorists following you. The more lights the more lightly you will be seen. Easy to fit with it's intuitive design, just wrap it round the seat post and that's it, no screws or nuts to worry about, mounting takes just seconds. Well made,silicone rubber casing, waterproof, pretty well shockproof. Easy access to the switch with 6 different modes. Small, easy to remove and fits into your pocket or bag.Well priced, good value and a good rear bright safety light.Reputable company. Would highly recommend this product.
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on 11 November 2012
Not sure why red was cheaper than any other colour! They are bright, last for ages on one of the flashing modes. The only niggle is that there isn't really anywhere to fasten them on my bike except on the rear pannier rack, and they need padding to fix safely on these (otherwise the strap is too loose). They seems to be designed to go on the seat post, but because of my pannier rack and panniers, I don't think it would be as visible as I would like in that position. Updated 3 years on: I have had no problem with these lights at all. Battery life has been great and there is no problem with water getting into the casing although I cycle in all weathers. However, I have come to the conclusion that they are not bright enough for sole use on unlit roads. I will however be keeping on using it as a backup.
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on 7 February 2012
got front and rear knogs,love them, and brought as didnt want fixed fittings on bike. really bright, easy to use, only slight negative i would say is wish the plastic light panel on back went round sides slightly therefore giving out light to the side and not just directly behind.
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on 6 June 2012
The first weeks worked fine. After the 4th week I was having difficulties turning it off. I used it under raining conditions and the second time water got in, I managed to dry it and it worked afterwards. After a week or two it stop working altogether. There are no rust parts therefore I don't believe the rain damaged it.

I wont buy the brand ever. I have had cheap lights that have last longer under all conditions.

Total waste of money
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on 17 August 2012
I was very pleased with my purchase initially, the light is very bright and easy to attach/detach - however, perhaps a little easy to detach as I discovered after embarking on a night ride home, confidently cycling in the knowledge that I was fully illuminated only to find out when I got home that the light had popped off somewhere on route. I was sure it was attached securely but it is now lost forever, dimly blinking in a gutter somewhere. RIP. (although, I still like the product and will probably give it a second chance and reluctantly buy a replacement)
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on 19 February 2012
I actually used this light to put on my dog's harnass to be able to walk him when it's dark, and the range of visibility is excellent and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. There are different light sequence to choose from (from slow to fast).
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I really like this rear light because i can change it from bike to bike very easily. It makes you visible from your back and it was a good design.
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