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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
Eat Lead (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£4.90+ £2.00 shipping

on 11 February 2011
Eat lead: The return of Matt Hazard is a game that offers enjoyment and entertainment if the gamer can cope with its more negative elements. I do not mean to say this is a bad game, it offers the gamer an average play. This can be excused by its lovely low price tag. Here are my opinions on the positives and negatives on specific elements:-

You play as Matt Hazard, a washed up game hero from the 80's. The gameplay is limited to a cover and shoot style, running and gunning almost always results in death, so if looking for a fast paced shooter look elsewhere. This is not the say it doesnt seem frantic, enemies use cover, are pretty accurate and attempt to flank you, however they are otherwise not too intelligent. The overall feel of the game works well with what it is trying to achieve, a humourous parody of the 'last 25 years of gaming'.

Graphics are not this games strong point, the levels are basic, colour is not overally impressive. However the AI characters are quite well created.

The storyline and humour is likely to be what is enjoyed most about this game, although not complicated the plot makes a change from normal shooters (Matt Hazard is playing in a game which is constantly being hacked into and changed, to the obvious detriment of his progress). The main character constantly blurts out with one liners ('Dont lose you head, oh wait, too late') etc, this works particularly well.

Soundtracks are replayed on a seemingly neverending loop, this can become irritating, although there is some variety in the type of music, ranging from rock orientated to more classical sounding tracks.

For those of you who are concerned with this element, the trophies involved are simple, easy and not to taxing.

Gameplay : 3
Graphics : 2
Storyline : 4
Sound : 2

So if you are looking for a hardcore, awesome looking, smooth shooter or action game, look elsewhere. If you are willing to purchase this game, play for a few days, then discard, you may not be as dissapointed as other reviews may suggest. Remember you should stay open minded and look for the positives in a game as opposed to concentrating on the negatives.
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on 5 August 2009
I think people are missing the point of this game. Its true the controls are very clunky and hard to handle. The graphics are indeed poor for a PS3 game but that is kind of the point. The game itself is parody of actions games!
Tha main character is hilarious, he points out "It sure would be nice if I could jump!" which in most games you can't, which we all don't like.
Then when the level is being described "Go here, run to this section, open here ect...." He pipes up with "Err maybe we could just summarise"
The enemies are similarly funny, yelling "I run forward and shoot. I must hide and reload!"
This is only the first 2 levels. This game is a lot of fun and good game to play with mates. In the same level you get fight Cowboys, Zombies, Spacemen and 2 Dimensional Germans!
Don't expect the graphical and gameplay brilliance of a MGS but if your up for a giggle this is the way forward
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on 12 March 2014
everything in order as provided for packaging and delivery to the desired 5 stars aconsselho honestly are professionals though sometimes fail but solve all problems immediately are recommending 5 stars
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on 27 August 2009
Well, I'm playing Eat Lead at the moment and it's not too bad. I've let a friend try it out - he's better than me - and he seems to be sailing thorugh the game; rather too well, in fact, so he's now barred from playing it...

Anyway, the point is that if you're a reasonable gamer (and I'm rarely in that class these days - must be my age...) or better than you will have no real trouble with this game, and may even get a lot of the references and the targets of the humour. Yes it is not a serious game in the style of Call Of Duty, and you can get stuck behind cover, but with its own style Eat Lead is worth your time and money, especially at this low (under a tenner) price.

Oh, and don't forget to shoot some potted plants for a special trophy - bronze, I'm afraid, but where else (and in what game) can you get a trophy for shooting potted plants?!
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on 19 July 2013
Honestly the best game i have ever played! and thats saying something! really though! go buy this game now please!
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VINE VOICEon 11 September 2009
Eat Lead is an attempt to prove videogames can be funny. It's a satire on the industry, littered with in-jokes. Matt Hazard has been one of gaming's biggest stars since the 8 bit days. Working up from a side scrolling sprite, with 'more firepower than pixels', he's starred in classics like Matt Hazard 3D, and You Only Live 1317 Times. He's featured in nearly every genre, but latest attempts at diversifying the Hazard brand failed miserably. A racer named Hazz Matt Carts and a non violent water-gun shooter called Soak Em forced an early retirement.
Recently, he's given a shot at redemption, by starring in a next-gen shooter. It turns out to be a trap, and Matt's old enemies are released into the game. From the Wafferthinn soldiers to Sonny Tang, Hazard must survive the gauntlet, and get revenge on the person behind it.

Music and presentation have a suitably retro feel. Although character design for Matt Hazard is more Jason Statham than Duke Nukem; a big, bald protagonist, with similarly angry growls. Whilst the plot is refreshingly original, gameplay is the polar opposite. There are also major frame rate issues and system freezes. Controls are functional, but gunplay is sluggish and inconsistent. Considering the entire game is based around shooting, it's a big disappointment. It also features the worst Shotgun in memory.
On the other hand, Eat Leads cover system is very intuitive, including a dash feature, where Hazard locks onto cover and automatically moves to it. The lack of a jump button is highlighted during play. But a sprint button would have been appreciated, as Hazard moves at a leisurely trot. He can't even climb ladders, or crouch, so how he survived 20 years of gaming is a mystery.

The humour isn't side splittingly funny; a Mario knock-off named Captain Carpenter got a chuckle. Final Fantasy also gets it, under the name Penultimate Illusion. But the majority of jokes are subtle observations on gaming trends. Stuttery voice acting is sent up by Bill the Wizard. His cries of foes to the...left, foes to the...right during a sniper mission is reminiscent of the PS1 era. Yet it seems poorly designed for those unaware of the joke. There are humourous remarks on gun turrets: "Why can't I just pick it up and run around with it, that would be much more convenient". And after a boss battle, objectives update to: Taking out the helicopter miraculously unlocked the exit.
There's a nice parody on overloading the player with tasks. Matt complains about having too many, so they are replaced with one simple objective: Shoot everything that moves! Trophies are painfully easy. One is awarded for watching the credits in their entirety, whilst another is achieved by pausing the game. Similar oddball trophies are given for shooting 30 potted plants. Theres a Multiplayer Master trophy, despite no multiplayer options.

The concept of Eat Lead isn't fully explored, giving the impression more could have been done with this unique setup. For example, more genres could have featured, like a side scrolling level, or a 1st person shooter stage, reflecting Hazards long and supposedly varied career. Missions lack variety, and most consist of warehouses or docks. This could have been a homage to the past 20 years of gaming, instead of a hit and miss spoof. A joke that few will get, which isnt even funny.
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on 5 November 2015
Fun dumb with will Arnett mr hijack horseman himself
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on 15 December 2014
Want your Platinum trophys easily
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on 20 April 2012
This for me me was a very good game,tounge in cheek dialogue made it funny as,but game play was much better smooth and fast,i managed to platinum it..and trust me on the hardest dificulty its one of the tuffest........an i got 24 plats....graphics ok so all round a bargain.
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