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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Change
Price:£9.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 15 August 2009

Firstly, Having side stepped last years release somewhat wisely, I was glad to hear that the aiming was going to be sorted in this installment, with this I gambled with the purchase and am so glad i did. After 15 minutes on the practice board I was hitting a decent 3 dart average and decided to bring on the big boys...

... LOST!!! But put up a good fight, only just being beaten by wadey! Now, a few weeks on having thrown through a few tournaments and championships I have won some silverware and improved my world ranking. All in all the aiming is dramatically improved and is in my opinion much much more realistic, my only advice is to make sure you hold the Wii-mote like Taylor does on the front cover and not as you're instructed to on the instruction page (at beginning of each match), this way you're 3 dart average will be much better, in my opinion!!!!

Secondly. Graphics are good for the wii and sum up modern day darts except for large arena venues where premier league is now played. The walk ins are good too and contain that special bit of music we all love to join in with!!!!! Sound wise is good, with realistic sound effects from the board, the referee's, and of course the magnificent and legendary Sid Waddell!

Only a few downsides (if you can call them that!) but the character creator isn't the best but this doesn't stop the game from being excellent! Hopefully next years installment will fix this, as well as adding a premier league to the game with arena atmosphere, whilst leaving the aiming exactly as it is. (and maybe with a few more "Waddell-isms" ?!?)

In conclusion this game is more or less 180 with only a few minor issues (and thats all they are... MINOR!!!). It has kept me going for a month or so now and, in my opinion is ideal for both the casual gamer as well as any true darts fan. The matches aren't easy and for me represent a true game of darts as when you start to lose you're confidence it does seem harder to hit those doubles. I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone who loves darts or who even enjoys the odd game now and then 'cos at this price its cheaper than a dart board and some arrows!!!

... GAME ON!!!!!
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on 30 June 2009
Just bought this game yesterday and am very impressed with it. i am a massive darts fan and this game was a must buy. i really didnt think it would be that good but it really is just like playing the real game. it took me about half an hour to get used to the controls with the full aid assister on but when i got used to finding the "sweet Spot" i was flying. Played a career as Adrian Lewis and even hit a 9 darter after only about 2 hours of play. Havent played the game on the harder less assisted levels yet but will give them a bash tonight.

The graphics, crowd animation and menus could have been made a lot better but thankfully this does not really take away from the game play. Its a great sense of satisfaction hitting that 180 and beating Taylor, Barney and Wade. All in all a great game and a fantastic comparison to a fantastic sport
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on 26 January 2010
Im a big fan of real darts and now that I cant have a real dart board in the house, Ive been looking for a good computer darts game as a replacement, Ive found it. As this is a WII game, you have a throwing motion like a real dart so you actually do feel like you are throwing a dart. The max assist is brilliant as it allows you compete in games, not be hammered all the time, however, you still have to learn a bit as you wont win everything right from the start off. 180's and 140's come flying. The career mode is great, your 3 dart averages, 1 dart avergae, no of 100+, 140+ and 180's etc are stored, you also get these in each game. The walk-ins are fine once or twice but then get boring, different music would be better but there may be copyrights there. The commentry is very repeditve and you should be able to switch it off but leave the score announcements, you cant though, both go. Oh yeah, above it says there are two commentators, only Sid in mine. The graphics are very good for the WII to and the sound in general is brilliant. Also like the different views of the borad you can have. All in all, if you like darts, this is as good as it gets
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on 1 June 2009
I am a huge fan of darts and I feel this game does darts justice. After just a couple of throws you get to realise just how in-depth it actually is (dart weight, if you throw slightly to the left or right, releasing the a button, angle of the wii remote when throwing, point of the board you are trying to hit).
I completely agree with "diceman56". I kept hitting the 1 aswell and had no idea how to change it, but with practice you do get better. Plus there are 2 levels of assistance that you can have to help the beginners hit the better scores. Means that if you are struggling you can practice with the assistance on and still compete with the best players.
The character customization isn't great to be honest. There is only a few things you can change and hopefully in next years installment this will be rectified.
The amount of players is really good. 18 top class PDC players is more then enough to choose from as 95% of people will choose either themselves or Phil Taylor. It also a great feeling when you are playing against one of the top players and win a leg or two.
The career mode is good, although I haven't managed to play through a whole season yet, but you can't ask for much more then just to play on the main stages, which it does.
I haven't played the party games yet but from adverts and screenshots on the internet they look fun aswell, especially if you want a fun game with your mates.
The animation of the crowd is a bit poor but your concentrating so much on throwing that you barely notice it.

Overall it is a really good game and a definite purchase if you are a fan of darts. The main aspect of a dart game is the throwing of the darts and I think they have defintly hit the bullseye with that one.

Things to improve on in the future will be to introduce online play, because I think that would be awesome. More settings to change with your character. create your own entrance, import your own music to walk out to and also include other darts players walk on music.
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on 31 May 2009
I have to say, like last years review that darts only has darts to offer.
No first person shooter here. I did purchase this with a little
reservation as many had said that
the controls were a little unpredictable. My initial reaction was the same. No matter how much I hit the 'sweet spot'
the dart consistantly went into the 1. So my 3 dart average was 3?? Hardly enough to make Phil Taylor quake in his boots.
I did persevere and started to apply a little logic to the controls.
Last years version was quite frankly pants because the only way that you could launch
the dart with that was by doing a 'tossing the pancake' move with the controller.
This one is really a dart throw. So with that in mind, I thought
"On a real dart board, if I kept hitting the 1 or 5, I would turn my hand slightly to the left or right."
This now realised, I only had to concentrate on the sweet spot. At this point I was 2 sets to nil down in the tournament, my
scores were more like they should be, and I went on to win 3 sets to 2. You still have to get the angle as you point to the screen, but what a difference. Before this I was really playing bad especially as the opponent CPU was not any better, yet was in the lead.
I now feel that the programmers have it just right.
The real big change as well as the controls is that all the big names feel
the pressure, and you'll find that if they only need a double,
or a 3 dart checkout they often go wide or just clip the frame.
It's not a forgone conclusion that they will get those last couple of
darts, so this then gives you chance to rob the legs (scuse the pun) from under their bodies.
The only thing I really wish they could have done though is make the player creation much more editable. Photo face perhaps.
This is the 21st century.
Very atmospheric game and really is very rewarding when you have got the controls mastered.
If you have this game, just stick with it and remember those angles. All in all a much better version than the last one, improved
graphics etc..
Maybe next time the photo face eh!!!
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on 2 June 2009
When this game was on its way they said they had changed the system which I honestly doubted but having bought this on the day of release they have done and done it well.

The throwing is realistic and easiers but the difficulties levels mean a long term challenge.

The atmosphere etc has been improved as have menu's and options.

Only complaints would be the lack of new players only two and there seems a laziness about the design of the players, menu's it all seems a bit amateurish but as I am a big darts fan and that the real issue this game delivers on what it should
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on 26 February 2010
Quality. Bought it for myself, and lacking imagination, for relatives as well when their birthday pops round. Find myself getting dartitis like real darts players and adjusting the grip and shaking my head when I sling 3 darts into the treble one. The character design could do with more bling and obesity to add on to your characters though, we need to be able to design Bobby George or pre-diet Andy Fordham style characters.
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on 25 June 2010
This is quite a good game, very easy with the assisted help on max but only took an hour or so to master the controls. Good fun game if played against others.
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on 6 January 2010
Excellent game, bought this for my partner and he hasnt put it off since. I have had a go myself and I have to admit even I started to to get competitive. Would definately recommend if you are a darts fan.
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on 5 January 2010
This game is very accurate and allows you to pick your weight of darts to suit each person. play against your friends or the computer. Top marks for this game.
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