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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 13 December 2016
Shame this is broken as the theme is great and the old fashioned graphics are quite charming. Watched the wife play through this and she's patient with all games, but gave up here due to terrible battle controls - looked almost unplayable to me with no amount of violent waggling getting to fire on time or in the right place. Some producer made a humdinger of a bad decision when playing with the wii's new control system. Real shame - keep an eye out for the dev in future though (not the producer!).
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on 14 October 2010
This game really does what it says on the tin. Its scares and it scares good.

Its rare in horror games these days to feel scared and be made jump out of your skin. This game has a great ability to get you when you least expect it.

The story is little hard to follow at first and a lot of the plot revolves around Tibetan history & Buddhist rituals that may confuse. The way the story is told, is through journals and the lead characters tape recording machine. Which adds to the tension and relays the feeling of loneliness. The story becomes easier to understand as the games unfolds, and draws you in making you want our character survive and win the day.

The graphics are very impressive, great views all around of deep valleys, high ridges and lonely villages all portrayed in great detail. The weather effects are done very nicely with mist rolling and blocking your vision and giving a claustrophobic impression. Snow storms rage across the screen. All in all a very impressive image is given from your humble little Wii.

Difficulty is managed very well, with nothing too hard but it does offer you with a challenge that lasts for a satisfying amount of time

The only bug bear I do have is the controls. The character moves very slowly and does feel a bit sluggish at times. This however does not take away from a very enjoyable horror quest.

If you are interested in horror games, you couldn't do too wrong by buying this game.
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on 6 September 2009
Ive only played this twice so far but am enjoying it immensely. Its the kind of game that wears its heart-on-its-sleeve as far as its influences are concerned. The basic camera and slightly linear pathway is straight out of RE4, the ghostly apparitions are very Project Zero: Crimson Butterfly and the foggy mood and eerie sound effects are Silent Hill-esque, the setting could be Tomb Raider.
This is no bad thing as the game puts you right into a deserted village and creeps you out straight away!! The learning curve and controls are clear and simple with the only slight problem being a change in movement when the camera changes sometimes. This is not as irritating as the camera in Resident Evil:Outbreak for those of you who have played that shambles!!
The setting is very different and atmospheric, climbing a mountain and investigating ramshackle villages on the way. As someone else mentioned, the buddhist angle of the games story is different and you feel it is rooted in real philosophy, not some crazy virus or something. The added bonus to this approach is the fact that you can dispatch ghosts with a prayer/exorcism move by flipping a couple of gestures with the Wii remote. This works very well and is a welcome change to the silver bullet/rocket launcher approach of some games. It also heals you a small amount so there is added incentive to exorcise the ghost, not just kill them.
The game is also full of nice little touches that immerse you in the experience. Instead of health potions you must light purifying incense sticks at shrines and you learn more of the story by picking up notes and diary entries as you go. These extra bits of wisdom help to increase your health meter over time. You can 'see' into the underworld with your third-eye vision (clearly influenced by Zelda TP and Forbidden Siren but thankfully, to good effect) to see ghosts and cursed objects more clearly.
The producers of this game should be applauded for taking a basic survival horror game and making it more than the sum of its parts in a very enjoyable (if scary) way!
Now, if this lot could get together with Crystal Dynamics and work together on the next Tomb Raider we could have a classic on our hands...
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on 13 May 2015
Very good atmospheric game. I like strategy games so figuring out and gaining knowledge was right up my street. You learn more as you go on. If youre into esoteric stuff you learn a bit on that too. Game worked perfectly. As described. Very good company.
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on 27 January 2017
great product delivery good as was packing.
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on 26 June 2013
Goodish game. Lots of walking around and not many fight scenes. Relaxing but a little boring. However, if you don't like fighting games this is the game for you!
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on 27 April 2013
it's a good game for wii. using nunchuk & remote is funny and works good
the art work is good too, and don't forget we are talking about wii
the strange think is that you are killing spirits which is weird and you have to break a lot of jars...
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on 14 April 2010
The game is interesting but not particularly fast. You'll need patience and determination to get most from this game and enjoy it.
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on 15 March 2013
I ordered this game and, about a week and a half later, I got a copy of Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.....

I mean, I sort of see the link there, Ice Age, Cursed Mountain (where there is Ice), but it's not a mistake I'd really expect is easily made. I sort of visualized a single 90 year old woman working in the warehouse, when she got the message for 'Cursed Mountain'.

"Well, this computer disc has a mountain on it....this is probably it"

And then proceeded to spoon cough syrup into the computer, because it had a virus. To be fair, they did give me my credit back, so it was hardly malicious, but even still!
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on 29 May 2010
After the blurb on TV and the terrified people playing it I thought this would be right up my street. So having completed Resident Evil 4 I dived in ready to go all guns blazing. Instead I ended up ripping most of my hair out in frustration and dislocating my arms as they took on a life of their own trying to perform the weird and wonderful wii moves.
I must confess I only got as far as the strangely legless flying thing and after many attempts and my wife shouting from various parts of the house asking why I was cursing so much when the object of a game is to have fun, I gave up. I was definitely in fear of destroying my new 42" HD TV as I hurled the wii controls through it.
It could all be down to me not being much good at wii games, I have to be honest I come from the PC gaming arena, but Cursed Mountain in my opinion is totally frustrating and very slow. If I could have skipped the in game animation I may have kept going but when you've been killed as many times as I was by the big legless flying thing you really don't want to go back down the mountain pass and have to run all the way back up while yet again having to sit through a clip of animation while you are running to your eventual doom!!
I'm now happily blowing things away with a rivet gun in Dead Space and I'll let those of you with more dexterity and patience wade through Cursed Mountain.
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