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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2009
This game has some exciting additions to the original - such as snowboarding, extra tricks, and being able to use the balance board alongside friends skiiing with you - but seems to have lost some of its appeal for younger users. I can't find any hidden animals, and you don't get instant feedback as you finish each run. The documentation isn't as good either as there aren't any reminders of the trick controls, or a map of the hills. I haven't explored much of the mountain yet, but this is a really wild place to ski/snowboard.

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on 2 March 2009
Having really enjoyed playing Wii Ski I was looking forward to this game. If has not dissapointed. I really like the "Free Sking" of Mt Angelo. If is exciting and quite breathtaking. Kangaroo Park in the Jamboree Ski Resort is also excellent and you have the options of lots and lots of different tricks. The runs are much more freeform and you can ski off piste. I also like the fact that you can meet other people and ski with them. The only thing I dislike is not getting the instant feedback at the end of each run.
In general I think this is much more of an adult game than the orginal some of the freeskiing is quite scary especially when you get caught in an Avalanche or Ski down a gorge. The task to get points are quite difficult as are finding some of the "Hide and seek" and "Herb" folk but this is beacuse you have so much more to explore. This on the whole not a bad thing as I think it will for me at least make the game more long lived.
I would have given this game 4 1/2 points if possible because the only thing I would have added would have been the instant feedback.
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on 20 February 2010
I am Jerzy's son. I think this game is much better than Family Ski. You get Family Ski and you think it's really fun but you grow out of it nearly straight away. This game you never grow out of. You can ski or snowboard in a much bigger, better resort and you can also ski or snowboard on the mountain. If you ever found Bigfoot Canyon on Family Ski ( The only secret route in the hole game. ) there is a much bigger and better Bigfoot canyon in Family Ski and Snowboard followed by 4 other secret routes. In Family Ski and Snowboard one spot in bigfoot canyon has lava.

I highly recommend this game and if you were thinking of buying Family Ski buy this game instead.

Thank you
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on 10 January 2010
This really is a game for all the family and it's fantastic fun. My 3 year old daughter can just about do the skiing, but struggles with the snowboard, my 6 year old son who can ski absolutely loves it and is very good at it, my wife and I can ski and think it's great, and other grownups (like Grandma) who can't ski have been able to play and took to it quite easily.

It's great fun playing together in 2 player mode (not tried 3 or 4 player as we don't have enough wiimotes), and you really get the feeling of going skiing together and can spend hours bombing up and down the slopes, chatting, deciding where to go next etc

You can get really immersed in the game too - particularly when you come up to precipices and big cliffs - there's a definite feeling of 'OMG' as you peer over the edge. The first time my son went to the top of Mt Angrio and was stood on the balance board, I gave him a little push from behind (mean, I know) and he had a bit of a 'I've just been pushed over for the edge - aggggghhhhh!' moment, until he realised he was actually still in the lounge.

There are also lots of mini games and features you can get involved in on the mountain, from races, games of tag, getting your photo taken in various locations, meeting people (again, my son got teased loads yesterday after he hooked up with a snowboarder called Liz who he spent quite a bit of time skiing with(computer simulated person, not real person over the internet btw)).

The only thing I think is missing is the ability to use a balance board for each player when playing with more than one person, but I think this is a limitation of the Wii rather than the game. Something to look forward to in the next generation Wii whenever they make it I guess. That said, it's still a lot of fun playing even when you're the player that hasn't got the balance board.

All in all, definitely the most played game we have and just tons and tons of fun.

Can't recommend it more, particularly if you're a skiier / snowboarder.
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on 16 February 2010
this is simply awesome. value for money off the scale and responsive play makes this involving and fun. Graphics are incredible bearing in mind this is the Wii and there are enough opions to make this a real time waster ,,,, put aside 30 minutes for a play and the next thing you know a couple of hours have passed. The only critisism really is one of nintendo , not the software ,,, WHY on earth did they not design a console that would allow TWO balance boards to be syncronised at the same time !? to only permit one is ridiculous... clearly a platform limitation but daft really... anyway to leave on a +ve note this is the best game for the Wii we have , simple.
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on 4 January 2010
All in all a fun game for all the family. True it's a bit limited and can get boring and repetitive for the older family members but for younger kids it was a hit. There is enough to keep them happy. It works well in conjunction with the Wii balance Board, which gives it a nice feel and really makes the game for me. For multiple players it can get a little busy on screen, a large HDTV will help. I wouldn't recommend it at full retail price but if you can find it on offer, get it. Just don't expect hours and hours of game play.
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VINE VOICEon 5 February 2010
At first glance, this game might seem quite similar to its predecessor, Family Ski, particularly if you are not inclined to snowboard.

The principles of skiing and snowboarding are essentially the same as the first game (although the snowboarding requires you to be at an angle to the screen), which is good for previous players to get straight in.

The format is the same. Runs, varying difficulty, lifts, challenges and games. All of these are the same as the old game with the added bonus of being able to ski off piste a lot more. As well as this, there is a powdered wilderness to explore at a second location.

The main difference to the original game is the snowboarding. Flip the wii board round 90 degrees and you can snowboard down the same slopes, do tricks and flips to your hearts content. Play similar challenges, or just ski for fun. The choice is yours.

The snowboard park is fun, albeit a bit hard to get to grips with (for me at least).

All in all, it's great fun, and easy for any member of the family, young or old, to get the hang of very quickly.
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VINE VOICEon 21 June 2010
I never owned the older version of this, so I can't compare it to anything, but I love this game.

There are two mountains that you can explore. You can do races (either with other people or against the computer, or both), or you can just ski or snowboard around the mountains and explore. There are a LOT of courses you can play around on - and you can be as competitive or as relaxed about it as you want.

I very much like that you can play as your own Mii or as an avatar from the game - any game that lets me play as me gets an extra fun point in my book (yes I am this easily amused).

I don't play this on my own very often, but it's great fun when my boyfriend comes over - he's not a big gamer, but he has a lot of fun with this one.
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on 21 November 2009
Good fun. We have the older 'family ski' game, which is great, so I bought this.

This is a much 'bigger' game, having a familiar but improved and expanded version of family Ski, plus a completely new off piste area.

The resort skiing area has a lot more features, like jumps, rails etc. The off piste area is not unexpectedly far less structured, but it does have a few surprises if you look for them.

This is the kind of game the WII excels at, and this is one of the best.

Good for all ages too, my 5 year old daughter and I play together without any 'age gap' problems.

The WII fit board can be used, but it's not necessary and while it adds a little to the experience, not having one definitely doesn't take much away.
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on 4 April 2009
I confess, as much as I enjoyed the first Wii Family Ski game, I really didn't play it as much as I should. I found peace in the relaxing atmosphere, and was impressed with the games implementation of the Balance Board controls, but the complete lack of any sense of achievement disappointed me. I'd win a race, and nobody would care. I'd collect 56 ski goggles in a single run, and nobody would give a hoot. Fortunately the latest incarnation has rejuvenated my love for the (now) series.

The most significant change in this release, is the addition of snowboarding. While playing with the balance board, the player positions the device length ways towards the screen. Leaning back and forwards simulates the effect of leaning on the front an back edge of your snowboard, and results in a turn. Additionally, various buttons on the nunchuck and remote allow you to do other maneuvers such as edging, and short turns. Jumping is accomplished by lifting your weight off the board, without allowing your feet to actually leave the surface. Rotating both the nunchuck and remote 90 degrees onto their sides, puts you into a tucked position, and increases your speed. I was a little disappointed that this couldn't also be achieved by shifting your weight forwards on the board. Overall the controls were pretty good, with or without use of the balance board.

As an alternative to the standard on piste play, a totally new off piste mountain range has been introduced. The level designers have really experimented, creating some very satisfying natural playgrounds. The textural aspect of the snow has also been improved, with attempts to simulate consistencies varying between powder and sheer ice. Visually the snow looks fantastic, but sometimes you feel like the effect of such surfaces on the controls, has been dumbed down to allow easier "family" play.

Thankfully Namco Bandai have added some sense of an achievement system, by giving players access to new ski equipment and clothing as they complete sections of the game. I was pretty pleased when I unlocked myself a penguin suit, for completing some of the off piste race challenges. This system could still do with some improvement, as the player has no idea what they need to do to unlock a specific achievement, and even when you do complete a task, you are unaware of your new bounty until you exit the game back to the main menu.

Character creation is pretty good, with players being given the opportunity design a Family Ski avatar, or use a pre existing Mii. You can use your new unlocked items to perfect your look, which is pretty satisfying if you like that sort of thing.

Overall I am impressed with them game, and suspect I will be keeping it for a while. I feel a real incentive to explore the pistes extensively, locating some of the hidden items, and unlocking content. I'd be excited to see yet another sequel, hopefully which introduces the possibility of more flexible controls, and a richer achievement system.

Overall 4/5.
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