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on 8 March 2017
This album is an absolutely stunning piece of work, but be warned it is addictive. If (like me) you suffer (?) from hearing music playing in your head all the time, you might want to think twice before buying it.
I walked around for days with "La Puerta Del Cielo" playing away in my grey matter. I just could NOT get rid of it. Trying to replace it by listening to something else didn't work... as soon as the other music stopped, hello... there it was again. I even found myself lying awake at night trying to work out how the fiddly bit of the vocals on that track entwines with the backing and the rythm....
But no matter.
Although I'm not so convinced by the track "Distorted Love", the rest of this album is a masterpiece.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 August 2017
If you're new to the sound of Enigma I'm sure you will love this. However, I have all of Enigma’s albums and all credit to Michael Cretu who has always attempted to evolve his signature sound along with the changing pop trends. With this seventh album, Seven Lives Many Faces, Cretu mixes what he calls “the dirtiest Bronx hip-hop beats” with the lush spectacular sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra. It’s still atmospheric, with more new-age synths, but unfortunately, at least for me, there are some forgettable melodies, particularly during the album’s latter part; the wonderful Gregorian chants and shakuhachi flutes have now gone, but the album still has that distinctive spiritual/ethereal quality. This album feels at times a little like he’s recycling some of the same sounds, something that must be very difficult to overcome when you have such a uniquely distinctive musical style. All that said, I'm pleased I have it, and I still enjoyed it, but I don't think it's one of his most innovative works compared to some of the other Enigma albums.
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VINE VOICEon 31 July 2011
I am a great fan of Enigma. Probably like most Enigma fans I first listened to the band by purchasing MCMXC AD, which I think is their very best album. Seven Lives Seven Faces comes very close to topping the aforementioned album with its rhythmic beats and distant tones of MCMXC. As with all Enigma albums there is a mixture of music, melodies and vocals which in this album blend to make superb atmospheric music. Each track is different from anything else on the album, which is sometimes the downside to Enigma, as some albums sound similar to other Enigma albums or similar to the other tracks on a particular album.

Whilst this is still not as good as MCMXC, which for me is still the best Enigma album, this CD comes a very close second. It is obvious from listening to it that it is Enigma, but there are few throwbacks to other albums, which has been a problem with some other Engima CD's recently. I highly recommend this CD to any Enigma fan who is looking for a refreshingly new Enigma album. Great atmospheric music, Enigma back to its best. Highly recommended.
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on 5 March 2010
I think all or most of the reviews here agree that Enigma's latest offering is possibly one of the best out of the 7 (excluding compilations) and shows that there's plenty of creativity coming from the pen of Michael Cretu. I just wanted to add a word or two about the quality of sound. I hadn't thought until today to play the CD on my surround sound system as I always play my CD's on a high quality stereo system. But I had a brilliant surprise when hearing it in this way. It doesn't say anywhere on the CD that it's in 5.1 surround sound, but it definately is! And what an amazing experience it is. Of course needing to check further, it seems that the two CD's proceeding this are recorded in the same way. So if you have a home theatre system, stick it on and hear the difference! It's amazing, especially the intro. Who needs the DVD which has a lot of negative comments (and I had considered purchasing just for the 5.1 sound) when it's all on the CD version!Just close your eyes and let your imagination provide the images. Mine are sublime!!Enigma - Seven Lives Many Faces [DVD]
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on 29 March 2017
Great Music
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on 31 October 2016
I thought I had already reviewed this CD. I'll repeat: it wouldn't surprise me if this was 'knocked-up' to fulfil contractual obligations. I can 'see' the thoughts behind this, 'publish if you dare'. Well, the money men did, & they shouldn't have. Some reviewers love/like this; well, each to their own.
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on 10 August 2016
If you remember Enigma from way back then and liked them then you will love this CD, in fact i have ordered them all now :)
Great to listen too at any time of the day, i definitely recommend...
10 out of 10 for me :)
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on 29 February 2016
Really 'love' this c/d,one of the best ENIGMA sounds I have heard,very moving,emotional and 'soothing' to the ears. I play it constantly,my partner loves it to and helps us 'unwind' from work and the ;trauma's/problems of life, which you need to 'sail' through!"
Fully recommend for people who think/feel like me and need help by listening to 'soft' music.
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on 11 November 2010
Having been an fan of Enigma for years now, I was really excited about their latest album. Would it be as good as Le Roi or MCMXC, or rubbish, like Voyageur ?

I wasn't disappointed, it's an amazing album, very emotional, fantastic chill out music. Do yourself a favour; put on some headphones, turn everything off, make sure you won't be disturbed, and listen to this wonderful album - it'll take you to another place, a lovely peaceful place - seriously feel good stuff............ :-)
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on 17 January 2018
The was the last album to collect now I have got all there albums this is brilliant
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