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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 May 2009
I bought this game yesterday, and haven't been able to put it down since! I'm a 40 year old mum, who has better things to do with her time, but I absolutely LOVE this game - it is SOOO addictive - the kids love it too, so it is definitely a game for all age ranges. Be warned though, it is not as easy to score gold medals as you may think... All in all, I definitely recommend this game to anyone who is up for a bit of fun, and has a sense of rhythm. Good luck! And have fun!
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on 19 October 2009
If you've read any of my previous reviews you'd be forgiven for thinking I was just a grumpy old man trapped in a young man's body who does nothing but get drunk on sour gin - the flavours of which are tinged with the distinct overtones of cynicism and bitterness. So it may come as a shock to you that I this game!
Yes yes, no need to adjust your monitor - Rohan Diego genuinely loves something! (calm down, jeez) ; )

This game is fun, quirky, innovative and highly addictive. The songs get you dancing and the absurdity of the mini games keep you smiling. In one of the games you take control of a young lad who has turned away from his hoody-donning Asbo days and has decided instead to become a master at eating dumplings! It's your job to tap the screen to the beat in order for him to karate chop dumplings into his gob - I know right, it shouldn't work but it really really does! And if you do it correctly you'll see him grow a wicked tash and float away on a cloud of dreams as he scours ancient China for more young teens that need converting from all their `brap-brapping and happy-slapping'!

I cannot praise this game enough, there are so many mini-games, remixes and special awards to unlock that you really can't accuse this game of not knowing the meaning of `longevity'.

Yes, sometimes your movements don't register the way you think they should and you end up failing at a particular game. But even this isn't an issue because after you get familiar with the song you'll be absolutely fine. But even if you still struggle (perhaps you have chunky fingers or some such ailment) then the game will become aware of it and allow you to skip the `problem' altogether (now raise your chunky fingers and rejoice!)

See? Even the problems in this game aren't even problems! Why can't more games be like this? I hate having games that I've had to get rid of just because I was unable to pass a level! Well excuse me if I can't chase a group of cars whilst simultaneously shooting at them, avoiding 12 police vans, 4 tanks and 30 something helicopters - armed, might I add, with rocket launchers and H bombs! (clearly I'm still bitter after playing GrandTheftAuto4 - but whatever) after all, we shouldn't have to replay levels over and over for all eternity like we were in some digitized purgatory! Take a leaf out of this book you devils!

5 stars baby!
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on 7 May 2009
Bought this as a present for my other half and have since stolen it! The basic premise is that you have to perform 1 or 2 functions (done via the touch screen) in time to music. These functions are a basic tap and a flick, achieved by holding the stylus on the screen and flicking the wrist. At first glance it seems overly simplistic, but it most definitely isn't!

The music is accompanied by animations done in cute DS style on the top screen that range from ping pong to backing singers. The animations react to your taps and flicks in often unexpected ways. This extends to the menus, which are functional and fun. It's presentation is simple, colourful and goes well with the general feel of the game. The scenarios are sometimes so bizarre it's comical, such as the Easter Island singing heads!

The game really shines when it comes to the music. There are furious beats, saccharine pop songs and guitar riffs accompanying the animations. The sound is brilliant and really makes the experience gel together. I can highly recommend headphones as the fidelity of the music is exceptional, and is the highest quality of sound on any DS game.

The only thing that I can say against this game (although it's not enough to take a star away) is the punishing difficulty. All of the scenarios can be completed even if you make mistakes, but getting the perfect score requires practice and a decent understanding of rhythm. If you are prone to losing a rhythm then you may struggle on some the harder scenarios. Not a huge problem, but when getting a perfect score gives you a medal, with which you can buy mini-games and songs with, not being able to get a perfect score can be extremely frustrating.

To summarise, Rhythm Paradise is an immensely fun game with addictive gameplay, fun visuals and superb sound. If you like tapping along to a beat then this is for you, however if you are rhythmically challenged it can hamper progress at some stages in the game. But as they say "practice makes perfect". Buy it, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I suppose I'll have to let my other half have a go now...
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on 2 December 2009
Loved the idea of the game & even better the price from Amazon was reasonably cheap. The game itself consists of mini individual games that are great fun & addictive to boot. However, there is a major drawback! Each of the games demands near perfection to qualify for their 'medals' to use towards extra bonus games. Perhaps it's just me getting old & the younger generation will find it easier. For me it's made the game quite frustrating so now after a couple of weeks playing I only pick it up from time to time & as yet only managed 5 medals which don't go very far. Would be wonderful to find a cheat to access the 'locked' guitar lessons & other mini games. In summary a game for those who can achieve perfection!!!!!!!
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on 16 February 2014
Item arrived promptly and well packaged. The game is very addictive but also very difficult!! It's even harder for someone like me who has no sense of rhythm!!! Lol

Very good game though and I highly recommend it!
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Nintendo have been up to their usual wicked ways again and developed a unique game which could exist only on the DS platform. As with many other Nintendo titles, Rhythm Paradise can be picked up and played by anyone who can hold the console and stylus - no previous gaming experience is required!

This is one of those games which can be picked up for a few minutes and then put down. It basically consists of a series of mini-games which involve you tapping or flicking the in time to the rhythm. Although the concept is the same for all of the games, they are all incredibly unique and play very differently. As you complete a game, the next is unlocked, and as you progress the games become more tricky - the ping pong game had me wanting to throw the DS through the window!

You don't have to be great at the games either, as long as you are deemed to be 'okay' then you can move on to the next one and come back to the ones you want to do better on - you can then get medals and unlock other games. This makes it a perfect title for those who just want a bit of fun and aren't hardcore gamers.

In a nutshell: An addictive DS title which will have you tapping not just your stylus but your feet as well - that was the only way I could maintain the rhythm required to complete many of the games! A nice bit of fun which can be played by several people as it allows three different save files, each progressing at their own pace. This is something a bit different and I fully expect Nintendo to release a sequel at some point.
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on 15 November 2014
Many people suggested this game, I didn't think it would be this challenging and addictive. I suggest it only to people who know to put rhythm games down if the going gets rough, because I really do need my rest between sessions.
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There are loads of small games which are based on rhythm and you have to succeed in one to advance to the next. Its a good laugh but if you can't get the hang of one game you'll be frustrated for ages - like me! Its good for teaching kids rhythm though.
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on 7 May 2011
This game is so good! Not only does it test your ability to tap in time to a beat, but it tests how good you are on off beats, at holding down and waiting before tapping to the beat and loads more! The characters in each game are really funny (especially the singing frog in frog hop)and the music that you tap to is really catchy to get you going. You occasionally have to try for a "perfect" which means getting through a whole game without making 1 mistake... these are harder to get that you may expect. If you get a perfect you are rewarded with something, be it some music to listen to in the cafe, (a place where you can chat to the barista for advice) or something to read. There are also little "music toys" to unlock which are like mini games. Obviously some of the games are easier than others, and one of them involves rocking out with a little cartoon man on an electric guitar! Whether you have rhythm or not, you're bound to by the time you've completed this!
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on 9 January 2010
My six year old daughter got this along with her DS for Christmas and the pair of us have been fighting over it ever since. The little characters are charming and funny, from the grimacing little singers in glee club, frowning monkeys in fan club, to the singing Easter Island statues. The game play is easy to get into and yet challenging. Our favourite is the dumpling swallowing Munchy Monk. I must be playing it too much because I find myself tapping to it even when not playing. If I find more games as entertaining as this one for the DS I'll be very impressed.
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