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on 7 August 2014
After the success of previous album, 1994's Smash, The Offspring had to come back strong with the next album and on Ixnay on the Hombre in 1997 they did just that by keeping with a similar formula but at the same time taking a slightly darker route. The majority of songs here are fast paced punk rock numbers and there isn't a Self Esteem or even a Come Out and Play but the likes of Mota, Me & My Old Lady, Gone Away and All I Want prove The Offspring know a tune when they write one and also aren't afraid to chuck in a bit of melody here and there.
Their latest material may get a lukewarm response but the bands 90's material is what has kept their legacy alive today.
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on 13 September 2017
Fast delivery great album
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on 28 August 2004
This album is AMAZING. If you're a fan of The Offspring in anyway at all, then this should appeal to you. It's slightly 'poppy' but without going over the top and it's slightly 'punk' but doesn't go too heavy and does the hard task of appealling to fans of earlier punk albums like Ignition while appealling to fans of their pop side like Americana at the same time. This means that with Ixnay On The Hombre, you get a sound that is energetic and catchy throughout, yet is varied with fast and slow ska, rock and punk with no two songs sounding the same.
Why other reviewers have dissed Ixnay I don't know. Ok, 'Don't Pick It Up' isn't that funny but its incredibly catchy and is funnier than the annoying 'Disclaimer' which just wastes time and space. Yes, 'Me And My Old Lady' is pretty boring but so is 'Intermission' which is another track designed to fill up space.
I haven't heard Smash (yet) so I can't compare but if Smash is better, then it must be the best album the world has ever known because Ixnay is one hell of an album to beat for any band. Overall, I love this album. All the tracks with actual Offspring music are amazingly catchy in their own way and I can listen to this album all the way through, but songs that I especially wait for and can't get out of my head all day are:
"Cool To Hate"
"Gone Away"
"I Choose"
"Way Down The Line"
"Don't Pick It Up"
The only bad things about this album are the Disclaimer and Intermission which are very annoying but luckily they are fairly short. Apart from that, Ixnay On The Hombre is a near perfect album.
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on 24 November 2000
This album is just so classic. From the first song (excluding the disclaimer which doesnt really count) 'the meaning of life' to the amazing last song 'change the world' this album is just pure class. If you have all the offspring albums think of this one as 'ignition meets americana' which sounds strange I know but this album is somewhere between those two because it is neither punk rock [ignition] nor pop [americana]. One of the things I like most about this album is the fact that not all of the songs are in the same style and yet all the songs are great. This is the offsprings best album with two of the offsprings best songs: 'gone away' and 'amazed' which are both amazing. Just buy this album you will never regret it.
P.S: This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than americana.
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on 23 July 2000
A BRILLIANT album. Not the Offspring's best but a BRILLIANT album. Not quite as good as Smash, but MUCH better than Americana. If you liked Americana, buy this album. It has none of the pop and is full of True Offspring! You will LOVE it! The opening song, "The Meaning of Life" is one of the best on the album and is, in my opinion, pure Offspring! "All I Want" is possibly the best song on the album. The whole album is great, and unlike alot of punk-rock bands each song is completely different. The best songs on the album include "The Meaning of Life", "Change the World", "All I Want", and "Amazed". This album rocks, buy it.
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on 7 July 2006
Following up the success of Smash is a tough feat. and yes this album did not sell as much as Smash so perhaps it failed. However that is not the case. Ixnay is a masterclass in how to make an excellent album.

From start to finish you get a feeling that alot of thought has been put into this album. From the proper opening track Meaning of Life to the very end of Change the world, The Offspring take you for an amazing ride of pure listening bliss. The album has so many memorable tracks that basically you will be singing atleast one of them once during the day. The melodies and rythem truely make this an amazing album that is well worth every penny
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on 13 June 2007
The offspring's third album after 'ignition' and the (no pun intended) smash-hit 'Smash'. This time produced by the producer of Jane's addiction, tracks often seem to have some jane's addiction influence, but when you listen to the entire album it is still undeniably offspring style. Having bought this album after i bought the 'greatest hits' collection, I found that several tracks were unbelievably catchy and some songs had more mature themes; 'Gone Away' in particular.

This is my rating of the songs

01 Disclaimer 9/10 possibly the best intro to a punk album ever. Very funny.

02 The Meaning of Life 8/10 Good song, good riffs.

03 Mota 9/10 I love this song, the opening riff and 'MOTA' is awesum.

04 Me & My Old Lady 6/10 So much more could have been done with the opening bassline. Boring.

05 Cool To Hate 4/10 HATE HATE HATE HATE...it gets boring very soon.

06 Leave it Behind 8.5/10 Average Offspring song

07 Gone Away 10/10 AMAZING. BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM. Very heartfelt.

08 I choose 8/10 Very weird, cool drumming

09 Intermission or Tea for Two 4.5/10 VERY weird but funny

10 All I Want 7/10 good song, pity it's so overplayed

11 Way Down The Line 8/10 Song about how some kids dont want to be like their parents.

12 Don't Pick It Up 5/10 Party song with party drumming

13 Amazed 8/10 Good lyrics, but very typical offspring chords and riffs

14 Change the World 9/10 Good End to a great album

The offspring are a bunch of extremely good punk/skate punk rockers, though more variety would be nice.
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on 1 April 2006
how do you even attempt to follow up a phenominum like 'smash'? with difficulty i can only imagine but that said it doesnt seem to have bothered the offspring in the slightest as they came back even stronger with a very flashy and shiny production on not only some very good songs put probably some of the best that they have ever written. the only shame about this album is the present knowledge that 'americana' to come afterwards. but dont let that put you off the bands columbia recorded output as its not all as bad as that album. thankfully this album picks up perfectly where 'smash' left off the songs come thick and fast in varying levels of humour and speed and the standard rarely slips below brilliant the only time that i can think off is the slightly dull 'way down the line' but that could be because it comes straight after the furious 'all i want'. in short very very very good.... but get 'smash' first.
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on 17 November 1999
This album is full of really catchy lyric's though i admit the style is of acquired taste that you either love it or you hate it. I'll give you some advice: Don't buy this album thinking that it's in the style of 'pretty fly for a white guy' or poppy songs like that which get to #2 in the charts. This is what me and lots of other offspring fans think, This is 'proper' music and you can get all your stress out of your system by singing along to the songs. 'smash' is the last song but as they say, save the best till last! and they certainly did that! for offspring lovers (like myself + i'm sorry that this comment may be a tinsy winsy bit biased) you'll love it and for not offspring lovers give it a go! and for backstreet boy fans + britney lovers, change your taste b4 getting your teeth into this album!!!
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on 10 February 2001
this is by far the best offspring album available.Pretty fly and session might be great but 'it's cool to hate'and 'gone away' beat the hell out of them.If you haven't got it then stop reading and start buying!!!
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