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on 12 April 2009
To start of with, I've owned many different phones in the past couple of years. I've had the N95, N95 Black, N96, E90, Tocco, iPhone (which I lost) and others before that.

At first I wasn't sure about Blackberry handsets but I actually wish I got one sooner.

The best feature about the Blackberry to me is that you can use instant messenger's like MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace, Blackberry Messenger and most importantly Facebook.

The phone is like a mini PC, 2G internet (really fast, like 3G), the internet is really simple to use too.

Blackberry messenger is really good, you will also get to choose a Blackberry email address.

Blackberry has a website accessible from your handset where you can download new applications like Facebook, Games etc....

Because you can do so much on the phone you will find that you use it a lot so it is handy that the battery life will last 3 days (on average).

It has a 3.2MP camera which is okay, it has video capture too.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 July 2009
I cannot get on with the touch screen phones (they have a habit of bottom-dialing people!) but didn't much like Blackberries until I saw this one. Products like the Bold are probably great, but they are a bit bulky - but this looks stylish and has terrific functionality. Be warned, if you are new to Blackberries - you will become addicted to them. The Curve has a 3.2mp camera as well, and even manages short video clips. Plus all the other good stuff - like e-mail and a sensible keyboard that isn't as fidly as it looks when you get used to it. It is hungry on the battery, so charge overnight is best. And no, it doesn't have 3G - but that really does not seem to matter - the speed is excellent, particularly if you have a wireless network at home/office.
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on 9 June 2009
Over the last couple of years I have owned many phones such as Sony Ericson, Samsung, and Nokia. My last phone the Nokia n82 sounds great on paper but in reality had a poor screen and a even worse battery. The Blackberry however has blown me away. Email works great, Wifi internet looks great, the screen is great and even the media side holds it own. I also own a ipod touch but have started using the blackberry as first choice for music although you need at least a 8gig card inside. One thing all reviews have said on the negative is theirs no 3g and the camera is poor. The lack of 3g is a shame but its a feature I never used on my n82 and means the blackberry battery is amazing (up to 3 days of normal use). The camera I have found works well but in dark conditions the quality does break up a bit (as most mobile camera's do including top end 8 megapixel phones). I can very easily say this is a great phone, second best in market only to the iphone but cost less than half on contract.
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VINE VOICEon 5 October 2010
This is written for those of us well into a later age when good basics are far more important than bells; whistles and "must haves" just for the sake of it.

Excuse me for being pedantic but surely the main reason we buy a mobile is firstly for voice communications, yes? When someone contacts, you press the answer key and stick it in your ear or use the couple of thingies - laughingly described as headphones to either communicate or listen to music, yes?

What about the inbuilt speaker? Pretty useless generally with poor volume to such an extent that nobody bothers to mention it on forums or professional reviews. Until recently, I used a Sony upper end mobile but latterly was finding it a pain as the speaker was obviously poor and seemingly inferior to some - but not all; of my friends mobiles.

I posted on a few forums as to sound volume and quality but incredibly hardly anybody either notices or uses their speaker and a few kind souls pointed to the RNID and a few more sites selling basic mobiles with claimed good volume - for a price of course.
Anyway, the upshot is a friend who popped by a short while back and I asked him to demonstrate his Blackberry. I was so impressed I went and purchased this model and now when someone calls I can put it on my desk or lap if out and about and have a good hands-free chat.

Other things I like:

CAMERA - Extremely good and sharp and far superior to my now disposed of Sony although both had the same pixel rate.

KEYBOARD - qwerty type which gets easier to use due to it's unique curvature and far better than the alphabet type.

ROLLER-BALL JOGGLE SWITCH - infuriating at first. Then somehow you get better.

BELLS AND WHISTLES - lots of 'em, as you'd expect and desire if under 40 - so your forgiven but if over 40, you'll appreciate the better-than-average basics and because it's a Blackberry; nobody is going to refer to you as either a "doddery deaf old fool" or "your past it,"

Know wot I mean 'Arry
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on 2 September 2009
Just got this phone, really like it, was delivered really quickly, however I'm on o2 pay as you go, which is why I bought sim free, but it does not allow o2 payg customers to access the internet or send mms messages which is the main reason I bought the phone so I feel really let down as it's alot of money to spend on something I can't use. I may have to switch to orange which I don't want to do and the only other option appears to be to be go on contract which I also do not want to do. Just a warning, sim free and unlocked do not mean the internet settings!! Beware, I find this very misleading, hence the 3 stars.


There is now a blackberry PAYG tarrif available on O2.

Trackball is annoying, sticks alot!
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on 18 February 2009
I much prefer this phone to the 9000 model. It is easy to use and has all the same features. Surf the net on the move and make calls all from this handy sized device- what more does one need?

I have had problems already with having to send THREE BB 9000 back due to both hardware and software issues with the phone. It is unreliable but I have had no such problems with the 8900 model and would recommend this to anyone looking for a Blackberry.

My friends have had a play with it and much prefer it to their iphones even. Well done Blackberry on such a good model.
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on 4 September 2009
This is the best looking blackberry that is currently on the market. I had a hard tim deciding between this and the Bold but the Bold is considerably bigger with only a 2megapixel cam, the most tempting factor was that it is 3g - so the internet access is faster. However, I decided to still go for the 8900 and not regretted. The 3.2 megapixel cam has a really good auto focus and does take very good photos which can then be directly uploaded to MMS/emails/facebook. I can control several email accounts simultaniously as well as have updates from facebook and be connected on msn messenger.

The only down points I've found is that the battery life is not brilliant, for me, it lasts 1.5 days (I do email a lot..) so I do tend to find myself charging it at least once a day. Another problem I found is that if you put the data service preference as "wifi preferred" then the signal bar changes to "UMA" and I found I had problem with calls, people could hear me but for me the line was very crackly. This all depends on how good your wifi signal is. However, this problem can easily be resolved if you change the preference to "network preferred" and calls are clear again.

Comes with all the gadgets you will need to run the phone. The software to backup/restore/transfer media and data is very nice and higly recommended. You can literally set up the phone very fast and have emails coming to the handset within 20mins (actually look a few mins for me on the Orange network).
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on 15 December 2009
So, picture the scene. You are late for work, you have forgotten to book tickets for the big match, you promised a client that you would e-mail their figures first thing, you forgot to go over the dictation notes from the previous days' big meeting and you left your Satellite Navigation system at your mums at the weekend. How are you going to do all this and still get to head office for a training course?
With the Blackberry Curve 8900 Smartphone of course!
Yes, you can do all this and more at the push of a button with the latest handset from RIM (Research In Motion).

Aside from the teenage girls who want Blackberry devices simply because Paris Hilton has one, the most common Blackberry users have been those in business. However, times are changing and with the latest device coming equipped with a 3.2mp camera (with flash), full internet access (with WI-FI) and a user friendly media feature (with album art), a whole new market has been gained.

In the past, ask any phone junkie which model they have and more often than not they would reply with Nokia, Sony-Ericsson or Samsung. Ask them why and they would list a vast array of preferences from the quality of the camera to the in-depth features of the MP3 player. Blackberry have acted on this and beefed up the `street cred' of their new Smartphone.

To most people, a Blackberry device is an email device, which is true. You can link up to ten emails accounts to your handset and manage all your emails on the move. You can delete them from not only your phone but also your main computer too, all from your handheld. Composing emails is ridiculously easy and very, very handy at times.

Aside from its beautiful design, the first thing that strikes you about this handset is the perfectly sized QWERTY keypad. Even for those of us with chubby fingers (Me included), the keypad is big enough to type quickly on, without adding unwanted letters in the process. This is great for texting and composing e-mails on.

The familiar track ball is in attendance, allowing users to scroll quickly and smoothly through menus and web pages with ease. The second redeeming feature of the design is the sharp, crystal clear, high resolution, 2.4inch LCD screen. The size is relative to the keypad and it allows for exactly the right amount of information to be viewable at any one time. It is also a joy to view your pictures on, which brings us to the camera.

At 3.2mp, the untrained consumer may well think that they would be better off going for one of the many 8mp camera phones out there at the minute. However, think about this. Unless you are printing your snaps onto A3 size or more, then you will be no worse off with a Curve, than you would be with a Sony Ericsson W995. It really does have a great camera and with the option of sending your shots straight to email or even straight to facebook via your phone, it really does have to be seen to be believed.

The Internet browser is a joy to use and despite the fact that it is not HSDPA, is it still pretty quick. Great news for all you facebook addicts out there is the `facebook for Blackberry' application which you can download for free in minutes. This allows you to stay on top of every status comment as they come in as the handset notifies you of each and every new notification, literally, within seconds of their arrival. Booking tickets is a piece of cake with the large screen ideal for all your favourite websites and as I said earlier, confirmation e-mails can be sent straight to your handheld.

One of the greatest things about owning a Blackberry is the PIN service. This allows any Blackberry user in the world, to contact another via live text chat, similar to MSN, completely FREE. The only thing that you have to make sure is that your calling plan has a data bundle attached and that your Blackberry service is active.
As I stated earlier in this review, the device can come to your rescue should you ever misplace your Sat Nav, as it has a Maps feature. All phones come with a 30 day trial free in the box. Other features include a voice recorder, which comes in handy in meetings or lectures, video recorder and much more.

All in all, the Blackberry Curve 8900 Smartphone is a fantastic piece of kit, useful for all walks of life.
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on 13 September 2010
I've used Blackberries exclusively since 2001. I've migrated along the way from a small black and white screen and side-thumbwheel all the way to this, the lightest, most advanced Blackberry yet.

The Blackberry's strength is clearly its email technology - emails are 'pushed' to the device, which means that, unlike iPhones and others, your device isn't constantly checking a server. Anyone whose ever gone on holiday with an iPhone without turning their antenna off will tell you that checking and downloading gets very expensive very quickly.

Over the years, the Blackberry has had to update its box of tricks to keep up to date with the competition. So there's a camera, web access, storage for photos, music and the like. Each innovation tends to be bolted onto the existing operating system, which is now seriously showing it's age. This, combined with RIM's business focus means that pretty much all the innovation you see here is half-hearted and poorly executed:

- web access - slow ánd painful, with sites that aren't configured for BBs taking forever

- camera - huge delay between pressing the button and the picture being taken. My last BB (Curve 8300) was far quicker. Turning the flash on or off takes NINE key and/or wheel strokes

- media - want to have a look at one of your photos? That'll be 10+ key/wheel strokes please

- get a picture message? I've never successfully been able to open one yet: Computer says 'Not retrieved yet'. Forever.

- attachments - lots of keystrokes and irrelevant options to get through

- unnecessary complexity - why on earth does the sms default to having multiple recipients?! Why aren't mobile numbers the default choice? Both mean extra key strokes to simply choose the option you need 99% of the time - sending a text message to a single mobile phone number

- synching with Desktop Manager is no longer problem-free - my diary anniversaries now show up on both the day of the event and the night before - tricky when you can't remember which is someone's actual birthday day

- the Download Manager disappeared after a recent software update. Having trawled numerous websites, I now know this is a common and as-yet-unfixed problem. In the meantime, I have no ability to download new Apps.

You get the picture - and there's tons more like this sadly. Apparently the new operating system is around the corner. I can only hope someone at RIM has spent some time - as I have - playing with an iPhone and realised that their device really doesn't have to be this clunky and user-unfriendly. As a long term user, it's such a shame to see a product gradually get less and less intuitive. A rethink please.
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on 5 July 2009
Got this phone 2 days ago, not really put it down since then.

Texting ability is brilliant with the QWERTY keyboard,however the keys could do with being slightly more spaced apart for those with big hands,this doesnt affect me but noticed it with a few of my friends.

The display menu is very very good and only takes a few minutes to get used to, however it is very different from other phones with MMS seeming to come second to its internet/email capabilities.

It plays music very very well however one thing to remember is to get a memory card whilst your there, as it doesnt come with one, however after this is rectified it quickly becomes a very effective media station which is very reminscent of a smaller Archos.

Camera is decent and very capable 3.2 megapixels, you dont really need anymore out of a phone as it will just be a waste.

Internet is very good, i use mine predominately for checking emails and facebook so not really explored the other functions but it does these two VERY well after you have synchronised them.

The only problem i have with this phone is the headphone jack is on the side, which is infuriating as you have to constantly work around it

Your best bet if your buying one is to go to phones4u as they have some really good value deals on them at the minute.
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