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on 3 July 2017
Didn't stay non-stick for very long, wasted money
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on 7 November 2011
I was looking for a pan that could be used at very high heat as an alternative to the cast iron pans I use.
The coating is rated to stand 450 degrees Celsius.
I used it a few times on medium heat and it looked reasonably non-stick, although there were a few dark sticky bits after each use. I managed to clean it when rubbing it strongly with a non-scratch cloth.
On medium heat, frying some bacon, it gets stuck to the pan. A well-seasoned cast iron pan is more non-stick than this one.
It looks like it is better non-stick at higher temperatures.
I am very disappointed with this pan. I used it only 5 times and the non-stick claim is a joke.
It is not green at all, because you have to buy a second pan that actually works. CO2 emissions for manufacturing 2 pans cannot be called green.
The latest Tefal pans are miles better. Get one of the heavier Tefal pans that are suitable for induction because they keep the shape on higher heats. (The thin aluminium ones bend).
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on 8 April 2012
Prior to buying this pan (and for the past 4 purchases) I've gone with a heavy based Tefal teflon (Preference model, normally around £30-40) which I will use and abuse for around 18 months before it finally starts to lose it's non-stick surface. This time around I thought to myself that there must have been advances in technology by now that makes these pans less of a consumable purchase - I don't mind paying extra for something that will last years but that theory doesn't always apply to something that will naturally start to degrade even if it is made to the best standards (Teflon pans for me have always needed to be replaced, so not much point going for Le Creuset etc). So I thought I would give this a go after it was recommended by the staff where I normally buy my kitchen goods.

I purchased it 2 months ago, have used it about 3 times a week and it is now unusable. Having cooked sausages and bacon this morning on a medium heat with a little oil to stop any sticking(!) the resulting mess still can't be removed after soaking 3 times. To call this pan 'non-stick' is complete nonsense - more like 'stick-resistant' or even 'sticks like no-one's business'. The first few times we used it was ok, but then food started to catch after the second week and now I have rescued our old Tefal out of the bottom of the cupboard until we can muster together another £40 to replace it.

I'm just sorry my window for returning the item has closed (2 months use!!) and I notice the price has been reduced to £26 at time of writing. I wouldn't care if it was 0.26p with free postage, I wouldn't touch another one of these with an extra-long barge pole.
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on 20 April 2010
I loved this pan at first and raved about it to everyone i knew, because it didn't burn anything and was so incredibly easy to clean. However, after about a month of hand washing it after use, it started to get this horrible sticky material on the back which wouldn't come off, and after time the inside rim became brown, almost like rust, that couldn't be removed either. So i defintiely don't use it anymore, and was very disappointed.
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on 16 September 2012
I don't normally write reviews on here but felt compelled to warn people about the Green Pan range.

I purchased one of these pans and had to return it after one months use because the non stick stopped working. I got the same pan in exchange and after several months use the second pan developed the same fault.

With the second pan I made sure followed all instructions regarding use and cleaning to ensure there was nothing I was doing wrong to diminish the coating. I cooked at low temperature with plenty of oil and used a non abrasive sponge to clean. I even put it back in it's original packaging when not in use to protect the surface.

What seems to happen with these pans is that after a certain number of uses the non stick fails and becomes the very opposite. When first purchased these pans are amazing and by far the best non stick pans I've ever used however after a short time something happens to the coating and rather than being non stick they cling to whatever is in contact with them.

The first time I used the one of these pans to cook fish it was brilliant after two months however the fish skin clung to the pan and was destroyed by me scraping it off to serve.

The interesting thing with the Green Pan non stick is that when it fails you can not visibly see any change to the coating. I've had teflon pans in the past which have lost their non stick because the coating has physically come away after years of use. The green pans just seem to get to a point where the properties of the coating change and I don't think is from any fault by the user.

I recommend to anyone thinking of buying a Green Pan product to avoid and purchase a different brand of pan. Please also be careful as some other manufacturers of cookware are using the Green Pan coating on their products. I don't understand why these companies wouldn't thoroughly test the products before putting on the market.

Luckily I purchased my Green Pans from a decent retailer who allowed me to return the products for refund. They have now discontinued the green pan range themselves. I have now ordered another type of frying pan so will try my luck with that.
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on 19 July 2012
I am hugely disappointed by this product. Having gone through several Tefal frying pans over the years I thought I'd try something different by getting this. Well it's certainly different - it's been far worse and lasted far, far less than any Teflon pan I've bought for less than half the price.

Since it came with clear care instructions, I followed these diligently. However, after only two months of use (about 3 or 4 times a week with no overly high temperatures) it has the non-stick properties of superglue. Discolouration started appearing quite quickly. I knew this could be carbonisation so tried to remove these stains to prevent a build up, but to no avail. The final straw was when cooking sea bass in a copious amount of sunflower oil. As soon as I put it in the pan the skin just stuck itself to the surface. A complete mess which took several attempts of boiling soapy water in it to get it off.

I notice that product description now includes lots of carefully worded caveats about the non-stick ability of this pan. Well, read them carefully and note that they are best case scenarios and that the reality is much worse. The part where it states that they can be used just like cast iron enamelled pans, when the non-stick starts to fade, is nonsense. It is truly unusable when this happens. As for the cheery "No more rubbing and scrubbing, clean-up has become a breeze" claim, well, that borders on blatant deception after the first few uses.

All things considered, it's a real shame this has performed so poorly, as the philosophy of providing non-PTFE cookware is a laudable one. However, just because something claims to be "green" doesn't make it better and, in this case, it's actually much worse.

I'm afraid I won't be buying one again.
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on 30 October 2012
I had high hopes of this pan when I first bought it, as for the first few uses it was indeed non-stick. However, despite following the instructions to the letter I find that it always sticks with any high-protein foods such as fried eggs, omelettes, bacon, sausages or minced beef. It's OK if you make dishes with sauces in it, such as bolognaise or curry, as the liquid prevents sticking to a large extent though not entirely. The surface washes off easily enough then. But fried eggs stick like glue and the brown residue is hard to remove even after ovenight soaking. I repeat that I have always used the pan at medium to low temperatures. I have given up trying to fry bacon in it, as it sticks, and will not crisp up because of the low temperature! The claim that one only needs to use a minimal amount of oil is a joke. I bought the pan because of its green claims, and because I wanted to fry foods healthily with little oil. I have had the pan now for over a year so must check the guarantee terms to see if I can get a refund. I should also add that I contacted the manufacturers about these problems and received no reply. Another point is that I had to buy a lid separately as the pan didn't have one - not a problem, but I didn't buy the one sold as matching as there were several much cheaper ones out there that did the job.
Update - It seems the pan came with a lifetime guarantee (good job I kept the paperwork) so I have contacted the seller again, so far without any reply again. I'll be contacting Amazon tomorrow to ask for their help.

Update Jan 2013: Amazon couldn't help as it was over a year snce I bought the pan. Cntacted Zenith Trading and received same advice as another reviewer, i.e. to soak the pan, bring to the boil with washing up liquid, use a non-stick pan scourer etc. I did all that and for one or two fries it seemed to have worked. No longer. For example, I fried some fish: stuck like glue as soon as it hit the pan. Did all the washing again. Next day browning meatballs, stuck again immediately. It seems unreasonable to me that one should have to go through all this cleaning performance every time one uses the pan. Might as well not have got a non-stick one in the first place.

The makers offer a lifetime guarantee, but this apparently only applies to the pan not to its non-stick properties. After six months or so they recommend you season it like a cast-iron one. I assume they'll give you your money back if it actually falls to bits but not otherwise. Thay actually asked me to send photographs of the non-stickness results. I have no intention of doing their research for them. I will definitely not be buying any more pans from them. I just don't think they have nailed the technology yet, despite their claims. If you want a non-stick pan that will remain so for more than a few months, don't buy these.
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on 1 October 2012
I nearly posted another 'stops working after 3 months' review a couple of months ago, but thought I would phone the supplier first for advice. They told me that the non-stick failure was caused by build-up of a visible or near invisible burnt layer and that the pan could be re-conditioned by what they called 'deep cleaning'using something called a 'magic sponge'. They promised to send me an email about this which never arrived. Helpful, not. However, from what the chap told me on the phone, and what I read in other reviews I decided to try the following:

First the recommendation is to boil some water in the pan to soften any burnt on deposits. Then because I couldn't find a 'magic sponge' locally I used a cream cleanser intended for ceramic hobs to clean the pan, removing as much as possible of the visible 'stain' which had formed. (This was NOT the supplier's recommendation, I got it from a review, so only at your own risk. If you can get a Magic Sponge I would leave this out.) It still stuck badly, but was definitely cleaner. Then I realised that I actually had a 'Magic Sponge' already at the back of a drawer - it is a fine pure white melamine foam block which is sold in some big Tescos (sometimes on a blue foam layer) or in big blocks from JML called Magic Eraser. That was the key. This really does work like magic to remove the almost invisible layer of burnt on stain. After a really obsessive repeated cleaning with that, I could fry an egg and not have it stick, though the surface has never quite got back to that amazing non-stickiness that the pan started with, but it is definitely a usable non-stick again.

To wash, if there is food stuck on, add a little boiling water to the still-hot pan from the kettle (not cold water on a hot pan) and leave to soak off. Then wash in detergent water with non-stick-friendly scourer. Then clean it obsessively with a damp Magic Sponge until no more tint of brown comes off. DO NOT season it with oil over heat as you would cast iron - the suppliers have now removed their recommendation to do this and my view is that that was responsible for some of the problems, as that kind of 'seasoning' is actually DESIGNED to seal the surface of the pan with burnt residue which is the opposite of what this surface needs.

One review mentions using sunflower oil to fry - this will definitely leave a residue, as will any polyunsaturated oil, as the polyunsaturated bonds break down at frying heat. For frying you are better with saturated oil/fat like ghee, lard, coconut oil or monosaturated like olive oil. That's true of any pan, but makes a big difference with these. There is no health benefit to frying with polyunsaturated oil as the heat actually breaks it down anyway - lots of free radicals.

Whether or not all the trouble is worth while is a moot point. I bought a smaller pan at the same time for 1 person omelettes and possibly because it had been used much less, that one is still working as well as at first. Hopefully the Magic Sponge cleaning routine will keep it that way. I probably wouldn't buy one again, but at least now they are both usable. I have bought a Tefal pan for DH to use as he refuses to try and clean this one. If they provided a Magic Sponge with the pan, there might be fewer spoiled pans.

Hope this helps someone to reclaim their pan or to avoid the problem.
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on 14 March 2012
When I first bought a green pan - small kyoto frying pan - I was delighted and amazed at the fabulous non-stick and ease of cleaning so I rapidly bought a larger one as well but sadly this delight didn't last. Despite taking great care with them, especially with utensils and cleaning only a couple of months on both stick for a past time, even with sufficient oil for most other pans I've ever used. Not only do they stick but the residue goes black is very hard to remove so they seem constantly mucky and create a lot of work. On top of which the rim of the pans has started to chip - again despite taking great care. I haven't yet tried contacting the manufacturers but having read a previous review about how good their response was I will be trying them soon. I have already replaced with another make - Raymond Blanc Hard anodised non stick, so far so good! So may end up with a lot of pans!!!
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on 9 December 2010
I bought this pan as I had become worried about the health implications of the normal non-stick coatings. I found the pan was brilliant and very easy to clean. However, after a couple of months it started to lose its non-stick effect. I telephoned the manufacturer who told me that the pans do not react too well to extra virgin olive oil as they leave a film on the pan. Not withstanding this, they replaced the pan free of charge immediately. This is some on the best customer service I have ever received and the new pan in brilliant.
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