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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 24 August 2009
Porcupine Tree along with "Threshold" have been the underdogs of the mirky waters of the progressive world for a long time now, they havent made us a bad album yet (Fingers crossed for the incident out in Sep09)
"Signify" for more reasons than one is definately in the better half of the tree's catalogue.

"Signify" is a melo-dramatic affair, focusing in on the fusion of tense atmospheric moments, melody and the occasional rock riff.
And that's exactly what Porcupine tree is so good at, making albums where you have short interludes which decend into mid-length songs with perhaps one or two epic songs thrown in, all tied-up as a combined effort making the whole album feel a watertight majesty.

With signify picking out favourite songs is not easy and the reason for that is becouse the album seems meant to be listened to as one song, as opposed to a breakdown, or in other words like a "concept album without the concept" however personal standouts for me are [sleep of no dreaming, waiting part1 and Dark matter]

But truth is i can sit down and listen to it throughout enjoying the small but intricate details in such beautiful sound landscapes, here in my opinion "Signify" measures up very well against the tree's best, including [Sky moves sideways, Stupid dream and Lightbulb sun] but even they don't capture the emotion and sensitivity as well as this album.

As i'm sure many of you are aware "Signify" as well as the first half of the tree's catalogue have been re-released as single and double Digipaks where some have included an extra disc of 5.1 surround and others a disc of studio session demo/cut material.

"Signify" as well as the album comes with a full length disc of demos and cut material as a bonus, many of them are really quite good others not so much so, but is definately a valuable bonus.
Coming in a well presented Digi-pak staying true to the rather dark and somewhat mis-leading album cover art, this becomes an instant value for money product indeed.

Porcupine Tree here have demonstrated some of the best progressive rock since 70's Pink floyd and continue to do so with each subsequent release i'm absolutely clear that "Signify" is a classic and is worth every single penny of your hard earned cash if you wish to uncover one of the best albums the 1990's has to offer.
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on 2 September 2009
This is definately one of the best and most important Porcupine Tree albums that there is. This is the begining of the sound that they have developed over the last four albums. It is an absolute masterpiece. It begins with the psychedelic/rock riff of bornlivedie and ends with probably my favorite PT song, Dark Matter. on this album it is evident that Steve Wilson was incorporating influences from his side project Bass Communion on some of the songs.
Steve Wilson has an immutable knack for writing the most beautiful soundscapes, fusing influences such as psychedelia, rock, ambient electronica to even pop to form richly crafted songs that will remain memorable for years to come.
So, is this album worth buying? most definately
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on 16 November 2001
Its a terrible shame that Porcupine Tree do not get bigger press than they do because this is a work of genius. Beautifully constructed with dark atmospherics and finely polished production, this is PT's Dark Side of The Moon. And Steven Wilson is a modern day Roger Waters.
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on 8 November 2015
Porcupine Tree's fourth Studio album, and one of their best.
Every track is fantastic, there's no filler on here. And at over 20 tracks on the two disc remastered version which includes demos and rarities as well as the original 12 track album, this is definitely value for money.
A superb, outstanding five star purchase, if you have any interest in modern progressive rock music this is the band for you and this is almost the pinnacle of their early career.
Please check out Steve Wilson's four solo albums and the other nine Porcupine Tree albums as well though, they're all superb!
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on 7 September 2003
Want an album of songs that just grows on you with every play ?
Buy this now - play it 5 times and you will be hooked.
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on 20 January 2010
I've never written a review before, but felt compelled to do so for this particular album. I've been a fan of PT for a couple of years now and now own all there albums, both Blackfield albums and Steven Wilson's solo album. I got into PT because I love Pink Floyd and was looking for a modern, similar sounding band, and thanks to Amazon I came across PT.
Signify is a strong album that puts together all that came before to create there strongest album at this point in there existence. A short spoken intro begins the album before Signify kicks things off. I recommend turning the speakers right up for this one. It's a light metal sounding instumental, which is a small nod in the direction of where the band would be headed in much later in the future. The Sleep Of No Dreaming brings things down to a lighter level and is a strong 2nd track that builds from the impressive work of Richard Barberi's spacey synths. Waiting is up next, one of the albums highlights with it's laid back acoustics, superb harmornies and excellent guitar solos. Sever is a good pounding track, followed by the acoustic led Every Home Is Wired. Intermediate Jesus and Light Mass Prayers are the next two tracks and I find both a little boring. The best is saved for last in Dark Matter, this is a nod to Pink Floyd and builds and builds to a magnificent climax with a fantastic guitar solo. The bonus disk is a compilation of demo's and left overs. Highlights are Wake As A Gun 1, Waiting, Smiling Not Smiling (which sounds like a Syd Barrett song) and Nine Cats (Acoustic).
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VINE VOICEon 20 January 2004
If you like Pink Floyd in the Meddle era anything by this band is for you. This is powerful psychedlic music with great tunes and Gilmour-esque guitar work. Some tracks are instumental and often seem drenched in acid induced delerium. The guitar solo at the end of Dark Matter is my all time favourite, the 1st time I heard it I had a massive pleasure rush and was crying by the end. It's like clawing up to the heavens and touching God (seriously, I mean it). The new 2nd CD has some quality out takes that tops off what for years has been a top ten album for me.
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on 22 February 2012
I am new Porcupine Tree fan and really like their work, starting my collection with Dead Wing. I had not listened to their early music much. I had seen Signify and decided to give it a try it is fantastic and one or two of the tracks are amazing the best one for me is Dark Matter. Not only do you get Signify but also Insignificance demos. Which again is really good esp. Wake as gun 1, Hallogallo. All tracks on both discs are a little different to later P,T Albums but brilliant. I would highly recommend this album as it gives another dimension to P.T.
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on 17 February 2013
I listened to PT many years ago and this time purchased two of their albums as I felt that the music needs to be revived in this part of my life.
This one is a double cd album with symphonic-melodic-horrifying music. As usual great PT songs and which is always difficult to forget.
I cant explain the music technically as that part of my brain needs a diploma. But I love PT music genre very much.
Ideal to listen alone or while driving around.

My content and concern is the CD is very well made by a 'Chinese' Company.
Content, because Chinese products are living up to their new standards and are up there with every other product.
Concerned because it is much better than what is issued from a European or an American product Line.
America and Europe needs to be better than this.
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There's a track on this 1996 album from the wonderful Porcupine Tree, led by its presiding genius Steven Wilson, called Every Home is Wired. It continues, emphasises and embroiders his ongoing concern with the commodification and distancing of lives via (among other things) an increasingly anti-social 'social media' - and is a moving and beautiful piece of music into the bargain. No only that, but Wilson sings it as expressively and as elegantly as he sings all his songs. Apart from being a fine singer and tremendous guitarist, the man writes songs to last.
The first time I played Signify, I lay on my bed, lights dim, closed my eyes and let the music wash over me, realising - having by now heard a lot of both the Tree and Wilson's work under his own name - that they are my favourite contemporary band, their consistency and brilliance an inspiration and a joy.
This one is a potent mix of songs and instrumentals, with some spoken word in there too. The overall impression is of a man and a band (and a production, as ever, of clarity and sensitivity) making the finest and most resonant music they can, turning their distinctive version of what wee call rock music into art.
I love too the way Wilson will go from a solitary voice to a blissful CSN-type harmony, or from a rock guitar passage to something lyrical and meditative.
I've come to love Wilson and his cactus band, and this stunning, often breathtakingly lovely album gives me even more reason to seek out everything with which this astonishing singer-songwriter-guitarist involves himself.
I have the 2007 2-disc version, the second CD being a very welcome one, separately entitled Insignificance, of alternative versions of the songs on CD1 plus tracks not recorded for the original release of Signify.

An essential, musically riveting instalment in the ongoing saga of a marvellous band.
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