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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 March 2017
Terrific old school flavour, fantastic production and vocals. Scratching my head as to why Mr Saadiq is not a household name. A multi talented vocalist producer.
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on 26 December 2008
When the music industry is desperatly trying to manufacture a plethory of Winehouse-esque retro soul/pop music and generally failing; we find a genuine album created out of true love and understanding of the musical genre.
Everything about this album has been planned and executed perfectly from the album cover, the length of the album/tracks-you could buy it on vinyl and relish its delicate black grooves as the stylus vibrates in aural delight which is something I did many years ago to Motown records.
I agree this is one of the best albums of the year and the best track is the one that features a fine performance from Josh Stone (Just One Kiss)who has unfortunately been crucufied in the UK music press over the last few years.No wonder she has deserted her home country!Saadiq and her deserved a christmas number one but sadly this music no longer reaches mainstream playlists which is a great shame.
Buy this album it will make you smile if you have any appreciation of sixties/seventes soul/pop!
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on 18 October 2008
In 'The Way I See It' Raphael Saadiq goes back to the Motown era - except, unlike other artists who have covered existing material, Saadiq has written 12 ORIGINAL tracks inspired by the era - complete with the vinyl-limited track lengths of the period (which is why the album is short). The result is a stunning, live instrument-driven album that pops with echoes of Curtis Mayfield (Love That Girl), Smokey Robinson (Just One Kiss), Stevie Wonder (Let's Take a Walk) and the Temptations. Some of the stand-out tracks on the album are 'Never Give You Up', which (even in the title) has echoes of Marvin Gaye and features a lovely harmonica solo by Stevie Wonder and 'Sometimes', which actually reminds me of some of the work Ali Tennant did on his album Bitter Honey, which bristles with Al Green's edgy soul. The version of 'Oh Girl' featuring a rap by Jay-Z is totally unnecessary, but it won't stop me from giving 'The Way I See It' five funky stars!
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on 10 January 2009
If you are a fan of real soul music then this is an album which certainly deserves your attention, and especially so if you are seeking a refuge from the endless blandishments of over-produced and beat driven synthetic sounding soundscapes - the like of which currently predominate under the banner of what is now termed 'urban' (often used perjoratively as code for 'black') music.

As other reviewers have noted this is an album which is rooted in the traditions of popular black music from the early 1960's (with some references drawn from the 1970's), most notably the sound of Detroit - Motown. This referencing means that the songs are deceptively simple, based on a foundation of real instruments with a directness matched in the song length and the lyrics. There are no drawn out 12" excursions here - which is welcome, given the musical context.

Subjectively, of course, the standout tracks are 'Never Give You Up', a Marvin Gaye inspired paen to love which features the talents of Stevie Wonder, and 'Oh Girl', with its beautifully descending introduction and lush accompanying orchestration (bringing to mind 'The Stylistics').

But it isn't all great. The remix of 'Oh Girl' sees an utterly redundant rap supplied by Jay-Z - which might indicate an intention to aim at a younger audience not necessarily familiar with the musical heritage being mined, but to my mind it stands out as another example of the pointless intrusion of rap (and rappers) in to recordings which can well do without them.

Furthermore, and perhaps more controversially, it has to be accepted that the quality of the Motown catalogue, though variable, could reach unsurpassed heights - and against the very best of that tradition this album can not compete.

But, when considered against much of the material currently being released by black artists, this represents an opportunity to relax and listen to music free of overt sexual references (subtle can be sexy!) and misogynistic, patronising lyrics.

Considered as a concept album this recording works very well, it is respectful of the tradition it references, and offers a warm, welcome, and reassuringly familiar respite from the modern world.

Worth buying and exploring.
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on 17 November 2008
Big statement BUT.....

This is an album of exceptional quality.

The album is an appropiate length, not too long and too short.

Considering it's a rectro feel album this has the great mix of milleninums new music and the old sound of 60's Motown, Doo wop, Sam Cooke and others all wrapped up into this.

In my opinion this album is better then Amy Winehouses Back to Black, it won't sell the units, but this album is heartfelt and Raphael Saadiq has nailed the feel, and essence of this music.

It is not contrived either, which for along time alot of music trying to replicate this has become i.e Duffy.

If you are into Motown msuic or soul as a general genre, i would highly recommend this album as their is not a weak song on it.

Apart from the unneccessary feat on 'Oh Girl' with Jay Z as a bonus track sorry this was not needed.

If only other artists such as Beyonce, Mary J Blige, worked with Raphael to make their albums better, and Raphael in my opinion redeemed himself as a producer and musician after Joss Stones last flop of an album.

The duet on here is a delight in itself, Just a Kiss.

Buy this album you will not be disappointed, it is worth every penny.
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on 7 July 2009
Saw this chap on Jools Holland and bought the album. Not quite soul from the sixties but close. Different enough however to make this a really worthwhile album. I have leant this album to lots of people, they ALL have liked it so there is a fair chance you will too. Buy the damn thing.
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on 22 February 2009
Raphael Saadiq, from Oakland CA, began his music career in the band Tony! Toni! Toné! ... He now follows-up Ray Ray and Instant Vintage with his third solo album `The Way I See It' which is an absolute must buy, and certainly one of the best releases in 2008.

Saadiq has written and produced for artist's like John Legend, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige and Joss Stone, and Joss of course features on this album with the duet "Just One Kiss", one of my favs on the album.

The first thing that struck me about this record... One of the draw-backs of CDs is that they can run too long, the days of vinyl would typically allow 48 mins to an album, artists had to be ruthless and brave when it came to editing and only the very best from recording sessions would (ideally) end up on the record. That seemed to fall by the wayside with CDs where some albums come in just shy of 20 songs. However this album comes in at 42 mins which is very refreshing, I wish many other artists would take a similar approach. I think as a reault the album also flows very well, as many of those great Motown records did.

This album is a great homage to the Motown era, while still sounding very fresh and contempory. Rather than disect every song I'll just say it's well worth investigating. Raphael has drawn a great deal of inspiration from those songs, both in terms of his writing and production, and it definitely shows. This is contempory soul the way I like it !
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on 4 July 2009
Rapahael Saadiq is a guy who shows total respect to the heritage of Black Music and this album pays homage to the sixties sounds. Marvin, Sam, The Temps, Smokey - they're all in there. The duet with Joss Stone just highlights some of what is missing in todays so called love music. I have to say when I first heard this it didn't grab me but it has grown on me and I am now signed up and loved up to 'The Way I See It'.
Maximum Respect Mr Saadiq!
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on 16 June 2009
Heard Raphael Saadiq on Jools Holland and loved his performance as he was so much like watching some of the greats like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke etc but he's a talent al on his own.

Bought the album on the back of the performance and was hesitant about it but then when I listened I loved it, instead of reliving some of the great songs from the past we get some soul thats fresh and just as enjoyable to listen to
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on 22 March 2009
I bought the album after hearing a few snippets of his music on the radio as they were advertising his concert. I thought I like that sound so I decided to listen to a preview and, as they say, the rest is history. Well!!! it was money well spent, what a fantastic album, song after song after song of pure pleasure (I can't get enough of it). It takes me back to when music was music. Its clean, fresh, soulful, I can identify and understand what is being sung and the feel of the songs take me back to when I was growing up and beyond to the sort of music my parents used to listen too (Those days if parents liked it then I used to think it was old peoples music but now look at how things have changed). Old peoples music it is not rather, it's full of classey, sophisticated, smooth, soulful and sexy pleasure.

This album is worth investing in even if its just to add to your vintage soul/RnB collection since its money well spent.
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