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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2016
Fantastic little series. Exceptionally gripping with terrific sub plots which are all connected. You'll think differently about wasps...
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on 1 May 2017
- really confusing. And the pack we bought is clearly missing at least one disc - the final one: everything is just left up in the air, wth no resolutions to the whole, or to the parts.
A potentially top-class production ruined
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on 16 May 2017
great series
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on 16 April 2017
Get the crisps and coffee out, edge of the seat stuff.
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on 15 September 2014
Excellent miniseries that I missed on TV, with some nice extras.
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on 10 June 2011
Just like everything Anthony Horowitz writes, this is brilliant. The story, on the surface, is about a major (and I mean MAJOR) car crash. However, as the series continues, it becomes the story of peoples past, the things they have done and how the crash has has an effect on their futures. With the story twisting and turning at every possible moment, Collision is a series everyone can relate to, with exiting moments throughout. To sum up, this series is AWESOME!
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An eight vehicle pile-up on the A12. Fatalities and serious injuries. Colleagues are troubled when Det. Insp. Tolin volunteers to investigate, he just back from extended leave following family tragedy.

This 2009 mini-series comprises six episodes of around forty minutes, two with commentaries. Storylines of all those involved are skilfully interwoven, flashbacks abounding - an intriguing mixture of the grim, sinister, sad and amusing. Unexpected familiar names are involved, often in roles far smaller than customary. Heading them is Douglas Henshall, his Tolin convincingly methodical - humanity in plenty when dealing with the grief-stricken, politely scathing when confronting the devious, at one point alarmingly aggressive (but justifiably in the circumstances). Nicely handled are scenes with his daughter, she in a wheelchair and hoping for Edinburgh University.

Throughout there is much to intrigue, occasionally the viewer cleverly wrongfooted. (How many deduced wrongly what the David Bamber character was up to!)

An eighteen minute bonus shows how the multiple crashes were staged - the road especially created, everything carefully choreographed.

The mere presence of Anthony Horowitz's name is usually guarantee of something highly worthwhile (his impressive CV including the Alex Ryder books and "Foyle's War"). So it is here.

The series was watched in one go, a sign of how firmly it held attention. Recommended.
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on 4 December 2009
Yet another solid English drama, 'Collision' is a major achievement in carrying a truck load of characters yet not being at all confusing. The use of travelling backwards and forwards in time enabled the writers to flesh out all the characters and allow the plot to unfold episode by episode.

Despite what one reviewer said about the actual collision scenes (and an actor's hair do - give me a break !), I felt they were terrifyingly realistic. As someone who drives long distances on major freeways every week, I was once again reminded of how completely abitrary, and calamitous, some accidents are. I shall be even more vigilant in maintaining my distance from other vehicles whilst travelling at 110 km/h. I'd almost go so far as to say that this should be mandatory viewing for all drivers, particilarly those that use high-speed roadways.

Prepare yourself for a bumpy but gripping ride with 'Collision', easily sustained through all five well crafted episodes. Highly recommended, except to those who live vicariously through attaching themselves to minor celebrities and think everyone working for The Met should have fab hair:-) This is the real world, and as such, not all characters are portrayed as catwalk models. Surpringly, not all of the uniformed Met workers get their hair done at Realhair in Chelsea, and their uniforms are not made and designed by Lacroix. If potential viewers think this may be an issue, this mini-series is not for you. If this is a serious criticism by the reviewer, then I think it clearly gives you an idea of her priorities in film production.
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on 8 February 2014
This is very much a boxset to watch all in one go, as it relies on the viewer being vigilant. Despite the show's flaws, it does have good re-watch value.

The premise is that there is a pile-up on the A-12, involving eight cars. There's some fatalities, some critical injuries and some escape with a few scratches and a bad arm. But our lead policeman John Tolin (Douglas Henshall) does some sleuthing and discovers that there are some dodgy dealings about. He is paired up with policewoman Ann (Kate Ashford) with whom he naturally has romantic history with. So, who are all these people and what's going on?

That is really the show's problem for the middle three episodes. In the opener, we see some intrigue and wait to learn more about that, only for more 'intrigue' and characters to keep piling up. Clearly this was done to stretch the show to five episodes (one was shown every weekday for a week). The criminal activity was all a bit vague and unconvincing, lacking any tension, though there is a pay off of sorts for the blandest one in the penultimate episode. If they'd left that, the show could have focused on the more interesting criminal activity; the dodgy secrets of a large company that one of the people involved in the crash, PA Karen (Claire Rushbrook) is on the brink of exposing.

Buried underneath all of this unconvincing no-tension dodgy dealings are the secrets of a private piano tutor (David Bamber), the rubbish relationship of roadside diner waitress Jane (Lucy Griffiths), the millionaire who wants to whisk her off her feet (Paul McGann), a man (Phil Davis) and his mother-in-law (Sylvia Sims), and a young black couple (Anwar Lynch and Leonora Crichlow). These stories are quite well written: because some of them are predictable, it means that others surprise you because of course, you're expecting everything to be predictable and lazy. And of course, it's an ITV drama, so predictable and lazy are par for the course.

Acting-wise, the dodgy dealers are passable but the main actors are actually quite good. True, they're not given outstanding material and due to the large cast, characters do not get a lot of chance to develop, particularly the relationship between Griffiths and McGann's characters. Their chemistry is more like daughter and father so it's a bit off-putting to imagine them as lovers but these characters were always looking for an escape route.

Personally I think the show was at its best when dealing with the personal consequences. Of course, we wouldn't get the irritating police couple or the good performance of Jo Woodcock as John's daughter, but it would be more interesting. Writer Anthony Horowitz was clearly capable of doing something more subtle but ITV clearly thought it would be more appealing as a police procedural show.

The end episode is satisfying and does leave you thinking about how the crash had such a vast effect (the butterfly effect). Though some characters obviously end up worse, others get the chance of freedom, so there's some interesting ethical dilemmas.

The show is worth a watch if you can pick it up cheap- it's on Amazon for under a fiver at the moment and it's just about worth that. Yes, it is mainly a stretched out police procedural but there are some interesting twists.
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on 6 January 2010
Compelling and gripping drama, initially focusing on an accident investigation then turning into a web of murder, people trafficking, drugs and infidelity. Fantastically filmed and great acting, but what happened in the end with the other cases e.g. the government cover-up and the people smuggling? What happens to the guy who killed his mother-in-law and tried to cover it up by taking off her seat belt? And what happens with Jane's affair with the married man? Too many loose ends to make this a complete drama. Yes, the cause of the accident was solved, but what would have clinched this drama and get 5 stars from me, would have been to see all the other cases solved and storylines ended. I still would recommend Collision.
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