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on 27 January 2016
Its a nice little camera for taking portraits, and and generally close up s of people and places. But I find that landscape shots are not the best which is largely due to the small lens. It does work reasonably well underwater. I purchased it for taking quick snaps in all weather conditions without having to worry about getting it wet. It has performed well for this purpose. As it is a little small and the lens is mounted on the edge of the camera it is all too easy to put your finger in front of the lens.
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on 31 January 2014
I bought this about 4 years ago.

The camera is quite heavy in comparison to others, which makes it feel solid like it won't break. I've dropped it plenty of times & nothing has scratched or broken.
The screen quality is only ok, but when you load the photos onto the computer you realise that the quality of photos is much better than the screen allows for, which is good.

I used this camera plenty of times in swimming pools, underwater, and the sea. After using in the sea I tended to rinse or wipe it because I was a bit paranoid about the salt damaging it. Turned out I was right - the chrome/metallic parts started to bubble & flake after 1 year. The seals around the battery & usb port were great at the start but soon started to make me worry when the metal started to flake off.
The last time I used this it wouldn't turn on. I opened the battery part & water poured out!! The camera was ruined.

In summary, this camera did not last very long & the waterproof seal & metal are not of good quality. It was great fun while it lasted! :-(
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on 18 September 2017
Not as good as its predecessor, as the viewing screen packed up pretty soon after the warranty expired. Did all the dust/drop/water proof well though.
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on 26 August 2009
I am a sailor and ruined my last camera being a little too ambitious in thinking that my Sony could cope with sea spray and the general dampness found aboard. This is not to say that I spend all my time afloat and I need my camera to operate on land as well as at sea. Hardly a day passes without me taking photographs of something! I have had this little beauty for about a month now and I have used it afloat and ashore to great effect. Not only do people admire the camera and want to know all about it but I have found that it takes super photos and indeed movies. I guess there are bits of it I haven't checked out yet (like dropping it!) but so far I am more than pleased with what I consider to be an excellent bit of kit - my highest accolade for anything!
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on 7 February 2011
This camera has been a little gem. I have had some great results using it as a happy snapper on holiday and have used it in and around the swimming pool with no problems and some great photos have resulted.

What i find good is i can relax when the kids get hold of it as i know it bounces. My previous digi cam with external zoom had the motorized lens snapped off when one of my two cherubs got hold of it.

Maybe not the most technical camera but more than enough settings to be a holiday happy snapper and more.
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on 29 July 2009
A fantastic camera, that is very easy to use. Teh wide view screen at the back makes it relatively easy to see what you are taking a picture of underwater. The clarity of some of the pictures we took whilst snorking far exceeded expectations.

However, there is no Olympus floatstrap for this product - which would be useful if dropped whilst in the water. We purchased a fuji one instead, but the camera was too heavy for it.
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on 12 April 2009
I bought this camera specially for a snorkelling trip to the Red Sea. It was used at least twice a day for 2 weeks and performance was impressive - especially underwater. Obviously the photos taken nearer the surface where the light is good were better than than those a bit deeper. The camera is fully functional underwater. Performance above the water was also good bearing in mind that this is a "point and shoot" camera with no manual override. The quality of the photos is acceptable in comparison to my DSLR. The screen is bright and clear even in sunlight and relatively easy to operate. The price from Amazon is excellent and the delivery was good as usual.
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on 22 April 2009
Really nice piece of kit. I purchased it specifically for snorkeling. I also purchased the Olympus PT-45 waterproof case so I could dive deeper than 10m. I haven't used the camera underwater without the case - but the added security of having a waterproof camera was reassuring. The camera takes excellent pictures above and below water. I now have some memorable pictures in my library from a recent holiday.

I haven't given the camera 5 stars for two reasons. The first is directly about the camera - there is quite a delay between pressing the shutter and the picture being taken. This is annoying when taking pictures of moving subjects such as fish and turtles. The other reason is that the matching 2GB memory card (supplied by flash_memory) that Amazon recommended for the camera didn't allow all the functionality the camera can provide (it should have given the card's spec). Luckily I had also purchased an additional card through Amazon that worked perfectly which arrived in genuine Olympus packaging (supplied by Memory Card Zoo - excellent). Whilst using the card supplied by flash_memory it corrupted during use and I lost over 100 pictures. When I compared the two cards next to each other, though looking like Olympus cards, the corrupted card was clearly not authentic (ie. not made by Toshiba). Also flash_memory never refunded me or acknowledged the card's return.

In summary - fantastic camera that lives up to its name. Make sure you use genuine Olympus cards and be careful where you buy them. Digital cameras are only as good as the memory cards you put in them!
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on 18 July 2009
I bought this camera as a back up/beach camera/wife's camera and find it's excellent for those 3 purposes.
I love the clarity of the display and the amazing number of scene modes (19:from Portrait to Underwater macro) which are so easy to find and set up, they also work very well as does the exposure compensation.
My primary camera is an SLR with various lenses and flash guns and it's never (nor is ANY compact) going to compete with that, but as a slip in the pocket, grab from the drawer, take to the beach, out in the city camera...its excellent! for me the main priority is grabbing the odd picture I wouldn't otherwise get in a place I wouldn't take my expensive SLR outfit, the 12mp ensures I can crop the pic and still use it as a screensaver on my 24" monitor.
I've used it to around 5m/15ft in the sea and its "waterproofness" is good (so far!), despite what you may think you don't often snorkle much deeper than that. Underwater the "tap" facility is brilliant for changing modes and not missing the odd picture.
In simple Auto mode my non-photographically-minded wife can grab it from the drawer and get another excellent quality never to be repeated picture of our pet cats...^^
In conclusion; If you only want a camera for formal wedding type pictures in safe and dry place then there are better compacts, if you want a VERY easy to use but technically complex compact that IS tough...buy the Mju 8000. :)
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on 17 April 2012
This camera was a replacement for my Olympus Mju 1030SW, which was in the generation before this (now discontinued) camera.

First things first, the optical quality of this camera isn't that great. This is a by-product of the "tough" design, other tough cameras from other brands are likely to suffer from the same kinds of image quality problems to varying degrees.

Images are noticeably soft at the wider end of the focal length, generally I find anything like landscapes, and certainly anything needing to zoom in, are pretty poor in quality. This having been said however, the macro mode on the camera is pretty sharp and has produced some wonderful results.

You wouldn't buy one of these cameras just based on image quality though. It's the tough features you're after I'm sure. In this regard, the camera is very good. It's a nice compact shape allowing for easy storage in a pocket. I use this for fieldwork, and have taken it shore diving before when I've stayed within 10m with no issues. I've also attached it to crablines and filmed the crabs living off of a pier!

The bottom line with these cameras is that tough cameras are good fun if you want to abuse your camera. If you want amazing quality photos however, you're better off looking at non-tough cameras.
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