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on 27 March 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Though many find it daunting to assemble any new electrical product, the VAX U91-P5P Pet bagless Upright cleaner is very easy to set up, the only tool needed is a Phillips screwdriver for three screws, the rest is simply snapped together along with three attachments on the handle, the instructions are so easy to follow, I had my machine first up and running in 20-25 minutes.

The weekly vacuum cleaning in my house had become a real chore, something important which needed to be done but was hard work with my old drag around cleaner which kept rolling over, scrubbing away at the pet hairs in the carpet for ages, and clouds of dust changing the bags - hot work, phew! - the Vax Upright design is very powerful on carpets and furniture, surprisingly mobile and the extension pipe is very light to move around, there is even a "mini-vac" extension piece with an internal rolling brush to use on stairs or the furniture, plus the usual brush and narrow space attachments.

The main handle is articulated by a green footswitch on the base, adjacent to the main green semicircular power switch which is very easy to control - a long press to stay on and touch to turn off with your left foot. The pipe can be unhooked and separate attachments clipped on and used accordingly, a good few feet from the main unit, easy when doing stairs or inaccessable areas.

Now we come to the machine's trump card, removing pet hairs - having always had a cat or dog in the house is great but however careful you are with grooming the stray hairs seem to find their way into every nook and crevice, and worst of all the little devils seem to burrow their way down into the carpet fibres, however hard you scrub they won't shift.

Vax have thought of this problem and this model is designed to deal with this as well as being an excellent all-round cleaning machine.

Hours of scrubbing at the carpet to lift hairs are behind me now, just watch the see-through container fill up with hairs, those dark marks on my carpet which looked so bad are no longer there, and the large jug-like container just unclips to empty into a bin liner....surely vacuuming shouldn't be this easy! Very satisfying seeing those little tufts of hair disappearing at last, and hardly any effort on my part at all - I even enjoy my little cleaning sessions these days, I even do mini sessions now during the week it is so easy to plug in and run, also I'm spending more time with my cat, who incidentally doesn't like the noise of it and still disappears at cleaning time - they think anything that makes a noise is suspicious, but that's cats for you ..!

Highly recommended - easy to set up and use, incredibly easy to move around and operate, very powerful and best of all pulls up those dreaded pet hairs, now are a thing of the past!
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VINE VOICEon 28 March 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am very impressed with this excellent value for money bagless vacuum cleaner. The cleaner has to be assembled but it is straight forward as long as you have a Phillips screwdriver and don't dwell too long on the illustration leaflet as I found the drawinmgs did not quite match the machine. However, it was quick to assemble and very easy to use by simply tapping a tail plate to switch on and tapping the tail plate alongside to lower the handle - even lower so as to clean under beds, etc.
I was amazed at how much dust was picked up just by cleaning the hall carpet and emptying the container was simplicity itself. If I had to complain about anything it would be the length of the power lead. With the Dyson, I can vacuum around the whole bungalow by just plugging into the hall power socket, but with the Vax I needed to unplug and plug in the other rooms. An extension lead would be the simplest answer or for me not to be lazy moving the plug to each room! One other point worth mentioning is that the cleaner is quite heavy which is probably a good thing.
In addition to the usual one year guarantee, which can be registered on-line, Vax also offer a low cost optional 5 year breakdown plan which is worth considering.
All told, I will certainly be recommending this vacuum cleaner to family and friends.

Update - 16 March 2010
After just a year, the Vax has failed to pick up floor debris! There is no suction whatsoever and the brushes fail to turn. I followed the troubleshooter instructions and the first thing they say is to remove the four screws shown in the illustration above - there is NO illustration above. However, I found three screws and managed to free a little dust, despite constantly catching the back of my hand on sharp edges. I also checked the piping for blockages but as the troubleshooting instructions are so vague, I finally gave up! Yes, there is one week left on the year's guarantee but I can't be bothered with the hassle! Also, the Vax is VERY heavy to move...so I shall be reinvesting in the Dyson again.
I shall no longer be recommending this cleaner to family and friends!!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 21 March 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having worked in the electrical trade for over 20 years I remember the launch off the first Bagless cleaner which was the now famous Dyson DC01, you knew from the word go It was special, It was the cleaner that changed upright cleaners forever.

I have owned a Dyson DC 01, the DC04 and also the newer model DC07and have been a massive fan of Dyson's.

Along the way Hoover and Electrolux also produced Bagless cleaner, the first Hoover was the Vortex, which I owned, there was nothing wrong with the Vortex but the motor was mounted on top which made it heavy to use.
Electrolux joined the Bagless market just after the Hoover with a 1700 and 1900 which were expensive and In my opinion not reliable, they also had the option of using a bag which seemed pointless.

I have sold and owned Vax wet and dry cleaners which have always been well built, good work horses but a bit fiddly to change from dry to wet, so I was very interested to see how they had joined the now crowded Bagless upright market with the U91-P5P Power 5 Pet Bagless.
First was the assembly, not overly easy and instructions were poor, but once together It looked the part.

Weight was also good, a lot lighter than previous model I have owned, It is not light enough for an elderly relative to carry around the house or upstairs but lighter then average.

The On and Off switch is not that easy to press, if you have size 10 feet like me It does present a little problem.

The cleaner started up with the normal noise, I had hoped that Vax would of tackled the noise better.

Performance is spot on, very good in fact, It did a very good job on the carpet, I then used it on the hard floors which It coped with fine.
On the base is a manual level height adjustment which is not very user friendly, hard to turn and very plastic.

Attachments are very good, a very good a powered Turbo Tool which worked a treat, the hose and tubes stretch far enough and maintained a good suction.

It is hard not to compare it to a Dyson, the Vax is very good value, works very well, good tools and lots of power.

Is it better than a Dyson? not in my opinion, Dyson are an amazing piece of engineering which you know have been built and planned with the end user in mind, the Vax is excellent value, does deserve the five stars based on price and performance.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 26 March 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
THE Vax took a fair amount of putting together but most people with half a brain and one Philips screwdriver should be able to be up and running in 10 minutes. The small pictures in the Spartan instruction leaflet are not exactly great! Just be careful when you unpack it all not to lose the small bag of screws and the odd-looking grey part, which you'll need to lock the handle in.

Anyway, once put together, the Vax is a chunky monkey, resplendent in Buzz Lightyear-ish bright green and silver-grey. All the tools clip neatly around various parts of the main body; the dust collector fits Dyson-like onto the front. In use, it is quite heavy and very noisy with an unpleasant whine, one of the noisiest I've ever used to be honest. It picks up well over carpet but less good over hard floors and it does not quite go edge to edge. It has three useful tools and an extension arm for nooks and crannies. Due to my work, I don't have any furry friends, so I can't comment on its pet-hair capabilities.

To sum up:


Picks up well (on carpet)
Useful tools provided
Bagless - saves money
Big collector bin, easy to empty


Very noisy
Heavy and not very manoeuvrable
Handle is square and uncomfortable after a while

All in all, at this price point (approx £120) this is not a bad bit of kit though not recommended for the old and fragile and as mentioned it's a bit of a noisy beast. If you can afford the extra, look at the Dyson DC24 or DC25 Allfloors but bear in mind they only come with one tool also
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VINE VOICEon 28 March 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The U91-P5P is a smart-looking hoover and is fairly lightweight. It's pretty easy to fix together, despite the manual being laid out badly (the text and images aren't always together).

The suction works well on carpets and you can tell the difference, but no good on hard floors which limits it's capability, especially in this age of laminate flooring! There is an extention and nozzle for smaller areas which works fine and I was pleased with the Turbo Tool attachment.

Sadly, the noise is terrible and the high-pitched drone gave me a headache after a couple of minutes. It sounds as though the entire floor is being ripped up and I'm surprised my eardrums weren't aswell. Also, the hoover is too clunky to move around, despite looking sleek, and as others have mentioned, isn't ergonomically sound. You keep having to regrip your hand to move it around.

Finally the foot pedal is a pain; the hoover won't stand upright if you just push it up - instead you have to stand on the base and flip it INTO the handle which takes a while to figure out and is just unnecessary. Overall the hoover does it's job but has it's flaws and I'm sure there are better models availiable for less.
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on 31 January 2010
I've just spent a couple of minutes vacuuming with our new Vax power 5 pet and hair machine and was so impressed I've felt compelled to log on and write a review immediately. We owned a Dyson previously which we were initially very pleased with. However, bits broke off that quite easily (although the design of the dyson is lovely to look at it's not very tough or practical)and so it was time to purchase something new. There's so much choice in the bagless category now but we've had heavy-duty Vax before so we thought we'd give one of them a try. Admittedly we were attracted by the price (89pounds versus 299pounds for a similar Dyson so HUGE difference)as we're renovating our house so didn't want to go to great expensive on a new vacuum for now and thought for 89pounds we can just try it out and throw it if it isn't any good. It also looked simple (some of the fussy designs just lead to problems - more to break) but also stylish enough (silver and blue). It feels pretty heavy but not too bad once it's on the move and it is very noisy (as another reviewer has pointed out) BUT the power is simply outstanding. It's 2000 watts and 310 air watts of suction (was much better on paper than other machines twice the price) and it really does deliver what it says. In only about 30 secs of vacuuming it's filled 1/3 of the dust container (infact I'm mildly disgusted at how much dust/pet hair must have been lurking in our carpet). The cleaning ability really is first class and I'm so pleased we bought it. I can't wait to do more vacuuming (something I've never said before) but as it's 11pm now I'll leave our neighbours in peace. It's also easy to empty. Highly recommended and saved 200pounds versus a Dyson so very happy.
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VINE VOICEon 22 March 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I struggled with putting this together. The instruction manual primarily consists of some line drawings that don't seem to correlate with any of the bits and bobs included. I was huffing and puffing over it for an hour or so and, actually, I still have a tiny screw left so I don't quite know that that's about. Best not think about it, I expect.

It's a big ole things once it's put together, but it looks very cool and almost futuristic. It even has a wee clippy bit for the brush extension, so you know it's been designed with the detail in mind.

You can raise and lower the height of the rotating brushes, and the manual recommends you raise it up when doing hardwood floors, which is what I have in my house, barring one room. The only problem is, the dial at the front that lifts and lowers is a stickywicket and I actually wasn't strong enough to turn it more than once. I wondered if mine was cattled, but it seems like they're all like that, so that's left me somewhat baffled.

Something the instructions don't make obvious is how to alter the angle of the handle for when you're pushing it around. In case you're having problems working it out, too: it has 3 positions - upright, about 25 degrees, and then 45. The way to alter the angle is to press down the green square on the left side near the on/off switch. It's obvious when you figure it out but it took me a wee while to work out what was happening.

Performace-wise, it's fantastic. I've always had a Henry-vac and, bless him, he's been on his last legs for months (but who can afford to buy a new vacuum when the world is full of shoes) so I'd almost forgotten how awesome a truly sucky vacuum is. Well the Vax is super-powerful, and when I ran it across the carpet in the study, it collected a world of invisible fluff... it was so cool! It's actually sort of rejuvenated the carpet. Meanwhile, on the floorboards, it's done a lovely job (with the rotating brushes lowered).

The only issue is how loud it is. Jeremy Clarkson would nurse a semi upon hearing it. I mean, seriously, you can hear it through 3 walls. If you have neighbours with little 'uns (or if you have little 'uns yourself), I wouldn't advise using this after early evening as it really does run the risk of waking them up. It's wonderful, though, so it can be as noisy as it likes.

All in all, this is a fab bit of domestic kit and it definitely deserve 5 stars.
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VINE VOICEon 22 March 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have very mixed feelings about this hoover.
Firstly I must confess I have a hairy house.Yes, thats right with 4 "lovely" cats it is very hairy- despite my best efforts.
So really when I hear the words "pet cleaner " I am desperately attracted and sucked in.
In some ways this hoover lived up to what it promised in others it didnt.I will let you decide.
Firstily it arrives in a small box and you buld it up.The instructions are not very clear and you will need a star screwdriver.I deduct marks for the fact it does not give you a list of items contained, so you have to try to figure it out yourself.However it did only take about 15 minutes and a minor argument.

Has good,powerful suction- which DOES lift hairs
Clear bag that lifts out & is easy to see how full it is.
Neat & compact -with all attachments stored on it.
3 attachments for closer cleaning- including a very good short brush
Has a "high carpet", "medium carpet" and "low carpet" setting- with the turn of a knob.
Leaves even beige carpets well cleaned

Handle is uncomfortable ,especailly after long use ( especailly if you have weak wrists or have fatigue )
Difficult to clean stairs as attachment will only go half way up.
Short cable- means you need to constantily unplug and replug .
REALLY noisy - gives a huge sonic squeel reminds me of the airport I used to stay beside.which for pets must be deafing- mine hide at the best of times. Definately something they should consider for a " pet hoover ".This is because of the " air " power.
I found it was too heavy & bulky as I have arthritis & feel weak.Although it is lighter at the "low carpet " setting it then doesnt clean as well.
Is not suitable for laminate/vinyl/ tile/wooden flooring.
Although you could use the " low carpet " setting for laminate /vinyl I did not feel comfort with this.After working in flooring for 20 years I felt it was too abbrasive and they do warn you it is not suitable for these types of floors.I personally like one hoover that I can use on all my flooring.

Overall it does give a great ,clean & hairfree finish. I suppose it depends on how you feel about the pro's and con's of this hoover if this is suitable for your needs.Sadily it misses the mark for mine .
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VINE VOICEon 14 April 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Right before I start picking at the bad points, I want to say that this is an excellent Vacuum Cleaner, it's very powerful, bringing up dust and dirt that my other vacuum cleaners had simply left behind. It's easy to empty and pretty light for a vacuum cleaner of this size and power.

But it is let down by far too short a power cable, it should be at least twice as long, this vacuum cleaner is so powerful, it is almost a professional cleaners bit of kit, but I don't think they would be very happy at this cable length. Also on the short side is the expandable hose, this could have done with an extra hose in the box, to make those hard to get to places easier to reach. If you have carpet that isn't very hard wearing, you may want to look for a less powerful model. But if you want to pick up anything left around by human or pet, then this vacuum does the job extremely well. Also worth a mention, the handle can be a little uncomfortable, especially if you have small hands.

Personally I had no trouble putting this together, I didn't even need to look at the instructions. I just find it annoying that a product that costs this much, firstly needs putting together and secondly is made almost entirely out of plastic... Like most products these days this will not be something that is around when your kids have kids.

Lastly though it has to mentioned, the noise this thing makes is like having a small jet plane in your house, it is very loud... You will not hear the phone ring, the door bell or anything else for that matter.

Overall I'm happy with this Vax model, but do wish that these problems had been ironed out, they make the Monday cleaning chores a bit more of a drag than necessary.
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VINE VOICEon 21 March 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Rottweilers have two coats: the coarse outer black and tan coat that keeps the weather out and a shorter finer coat that keeps the dog warm even in sub-zero temperatures. And they shed. Lots. So much so that I've reduced three Dysons to gibbering wrecks. So I thought I'd try a Dyson clone, and possibly save a hundred quid.

It comes in a somewhat disassembled state, resembling a Cyberman with bad fashion sense. The instruction manual isn't terribly clear on how things fit together; several times I had to resort to "well, this bit looks as though it ought to go there" and hope. The illustrations are line drawings and so bear little relation to what I could see. But it all came right in the end.

Although the Amazon summary (and even the box it arrived in) says "[v]acuums carpets and hard floors", the instruction manual states three times in the first six pages "IMPORTANT: This cleaner has a constantly rotating brush bar which, when left in contact with lino, parquet and other hard flooring could potentially cause some damage to the floor surface." The manual finally comes clean on page 6 with "IMPORTANT: This vacuum cleaner is not intended for use on hard floors. The powerful rotating brush bar is designed to groom carpets pile and could cause damage to some hard floor types." Let's hope that council house tiles are beneath its notice...

So, on to the big switch on. It's noisy. Princess B'Elana, Queen of the Blanking Universe flees the room, despite the fact that it's her presence in the house that necessitates a powerful vacuum cleaner. Even as I type I'm still getting dirty looks from across the room.

First test is B'Elana's bed, to which she retires when she has had enough of the other furniture in the house, and where she eats snacks that involve a lot of slobbering. I have the usual problem encountered when vacuuming a smallish rug in that it tries to throw itself into the vacuum cleaner no matter what the brush bar setting, low pile, high pile or anywhere in between. But the bed comes up cleaner than it's been for months, as does a rug.

Now the big test: the dog's armchair. (Every dog I've had has had furniture privileges - there's no point in pretending that they wouldn't be straight onto the settee as soon as they hear the front door close.) Between the crevice tool and the turbo tool this comes up clean enough that I'd feel okay about a guest sitting in it, thus spelling the end of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome).

The cleaner shares one problem with Dyson (or indeed any bagless cleaner) in that 4.5 litres isn't much space to store dirt and dog hair - even a house as small as mine requires several pauses to empty the reservoir. (Hint: keep a specially marked chopstick or knitting needle to hook out compacted hair.) Although it's lighter than the Dyson, and has a slightly "cut corners" feel to it, it's more powerful that the Animal Dyson as it was a few years ago, based on the dog's chair test.

If it were possible I'd mark this cleaner down half a point for the eye-jarring lime green highlights. Otherwise, buy with confidence.
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