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on 11 February 2002
The Chemicals always promised a classic dance album, and with Come With Us I think they might just've done it, folks!
In reality, it's probably too soon to tell, but in future years, I pretty much expect this album to be ranked alongside the likes of Screamdelica and Leftism as THE all time great dance albums.
After the hit and miss affair of Surrender, and Exit Planet Dust not dating at all well - Dig Your Own Hole was probably the album I would have recommended to any would-be Chemicals fans.
So it's my pleasure that Come With Us harks back to Dig Your Own Hole's funkyness and 'deep down and dirty' grooves, but instead of DYOH's weak spots (piku, don't stop the rock), I've yet to find ANY on Come With Us.
One of the greatest things about Come With Us, is that it carries you from beginning to end - it's not just a collection of hit songs that don't necessarily gel together - and every track feels like it adds something to the greatness of this album.
Tracks to particularly look out for: Come With Us, My Elastic Eye, and Star Guitar.
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on 5 June 2012
This is an extremely difficult item to review because none of the songs are actually in my head, predictably because none of them particularly stood out with the sole exception of "The Test"

10 songs is quite a short amount of songs and each one of them is rather average so you would probably want to buy this used if you had the option - you can't really buy a 10 year old CD and call it new and it would be more expensive.

The Test is a fantastic song and is brilliant to round off the CD although it is generally slow paced so would have created more effect had it been placed at the beginning. It would have built up to the more fast paced songs.

All I can say is, if you like Chemical Brothers buy it, if you don't, leave it as it is nothing special.
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on 7 June 2002
"come with us" is easily the chemical brothers most accomplished album to date.Having already brought earlier albums,i feel that they have moved away from the laddish-larger fuelled techno/electronic work of "exit planet dust" and settled triumphantly in a style that makes earlier work feel rushed.
The opening track is a blistering audio assult featuring drum rolls that kick start you into the music."it began in afrika" ,although slightly quirky ,is still a huge favorite of mine. Another bass-thumping tune ,"Galaxy bounce" is prehaps my favorite.Denmark and poineer skies represent a more Dancefloor style- The album finishes on "the Test" (which was released on the single with Come with us) and presents vocals and heavy bass again;a great way to finish an outstanding album,and one which i reccomend if u were to buy your first chemical brothers record.
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on 21 January 2008
Come With Us is patchily brilliant, but sounds a world away from 1999's Surrender. This is not to say that Tom and Ed should not stretch new boundaries, but the album sounds incomplete and unfocused, a weakness which plagued 2005's Push The Button. The stomping title track, with acid loops, vocoder vocals, and eclectic beats, is classic Chemicals, and Star Guitar is one of their finest achievements. Galaxy Bounce does bounce, and Hoops contains a terrific My Bloody Valentine guitar within a track that accomplishes everything. Yet from here, the album struggles, with the messy "My Elastic Eye", and the meandering "Pioneer Skies". "It Began In Afrika" made the album cut because of its popularity in Ibiza, and certainly sends you on a journey, but Beth Orton's vocals on "The State We're In" fail to take you anywhere. "The Test" is a big, bold finale, but you still feel Tom and Ed could have done much better.
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on 25 February 2002
The Chems have always been at the forefront of what's happening and hip in clubland and "Come With Us" is no exception.
There have been critics of this album lamenting the less than immediate feel of some of the tracks. Yes, the big beats of the past may have been mellowed (but are still in existence on the 3 opening tracks) but the Chems have added more depth, emotion and, dare I say it, maturity to thier approach. Yes, this is the sound of the Chem's growing up and realising they're no longer the new kids on the block. As a result it's an album that improves with repeated play and is equally at home on the dancefloor or in the living room.
Standout tracks are the recent single "Star Guitar", "Hoops", "My Elastic Eye", "The State We're In" (reminicsent of the blissed out tracks on Primal Scream's classic "Screamadelica") and "Pioneer Skies".
I have to differ with others and say the only weak track is the Richard Ashcroft sung "The Test", which is too overblown in a way only Mr Ashcroft can be.
Personally, I think this is the Chem's best album too date...but maybe that's because, like them, I'm getting a bit older too?!
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on 21 February 2016
This is something else! The track Star Guitar is absolutely brilliant, but so is the rest of the album!
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on 9 January 2002
Being a big fan of The Chemical Brothers for a long time (about..7 years), I always admired the true skill they so willingfully, and powerfully express in all of their music. With truly addictive, wicked basslines they fluidly mix wonderful melodies and hi hat rhythms to give an overall unforgetable experience just by listening. Their latest album really is no different. In fact they seem to have grown even beyond legendary, their music being more than perfection. The tracks are unbelievably addictive and the longevity is quite possibly.. infinite. The more you listen the better it becomes. It really is that wonderful. It would be more sensible to give this album 6 stars out of 5.. and thats me being pessimistic! In aboslutely no circumstances should u choose to not buy this album...it is 100% essential to anyone's cd collection.
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on 30 January 2002
WOW! This album blew me away! I didn't think that it could top SURRENDER [in my opinion, the best Chemical Brothers album to date] when I went and bought it. How wrong I was. This album is insane - it's just so good! It's just one huge freaking sonic hip-hop dance party. It flat-out rocks. "Come With Us," the mindblowing opener, complete with strings and dance grooves ... and then there's "Star Guitar," a breezy, light jam unlike anything I've heard in a while ... and then there's "The State We're In," a fractured, trip-hopping Beth Orton groove-machine ... and finally closes with "The Test." Now, I might be wrong, but in my panicked frenzy of first-day ownership, I think it's the best Chemical Brothers song EVER. It, like the rest of the album, winds on and on in a swirl of drums and electro-beats and the voice that is Richard Ashcroft. I'm serious, just go buy this album, please. You won't regret it. I'm not kidding - these 10 magnificient tracks provide zero filler, and all killer (heh heh heh).
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on 2 February 2002
I have long awaited this album since Star Guitar was released, I instantly feel in love with that single. When I finally bought the album and put it in my stereo system the first track belw me away. There are some fantastic rythms throughout the album. Those who are looking for some really hard stuff may be slightly dissapointed. The latter half of the album has a more chilled approach, but still the tracks are really good. Overall a great album with some really good new tracks. WARNING! If there is poor bass on ur stereo, don't bother buyin. This album requires a decent bass to come across really well.
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on 19 February 2003
This album has all the sweet, fruity, goodness of all previous Chemical Brother Albums. From the Outrageously spine trembling, mind blowing, ground shaking 'Come with us' through the chilled out 'the state we're in' to the cool yet downright pumping 'The Test'. The first thing I felt when I put this album on was the hairs on my neck rising, just before my eardrums burst! Nobody but nobody does hip hop, dance, rock, techno... whatever you want to call it, like these guys. Anybody who has ever come close have not even came near to producing 4, I repeat 4 albums of this superior quality. Every time you listen to a track there's always something new that can be heard in the background whizzing past or tingling through the inner realms of your brain. Get all of their albums if possible! You will not be dissapointed. PURE GENIUS! The brothers are gonna work it out!
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