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on 20 May 2011
This is the best mp3 player that I have owned so far.

At first I found the interface very awkward and the quick guide nor the online manual provided much help. For me, this was a downside as I found the player daunting initally and I had to spend some time finding out how to navigate the player.

However, once I got passed this point I actually found the player intuitive and was even able to delete songs from the player without the use of a computer. When you are playing music, you tilt the player left or right to show all the album art so you don't have to scroll through hundreds of artists and I find that this makes it faster and easier to find what you are looking for.

Adding songs couldn't be easier. It is just dragging and dropping files onto the player without the hassle of computer software.

At first I thought there could be an issue with my player as it was only lasting 5 hours of the 55 hours which are advertised whilst playing music, but since I have been charging the Cowon more and more the battery life has improved and reached its 'optimum level'. However, I do still fall short of 20 hours on music when using earphones which are not the stock earphones, any other file type other than mp3 format or mp3 over 128kps and Jet Audio effects. The 55 hours relates to stock earphones at volume 14, mp3 128kps and no special audio effects.

Overall, I am pleased with this player. It is easy to delete songs, upload songs on to the player and JetAudio is the best sound I have heard from an mp3 player.
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on 10 November 2009
I had a little bit of problem with the delivery but i got the product. Its amazing. i love music at its very quality and i have been hunting a value for money mp3 player when i stumbled upon cowon s9. after a lot of research and thinking i went for this and i must say it has not disappointed me. The quality is amazing. it looks good and every functions works very fine.. the best part is the multiple range of eq adjustments u cud do...

But i really dont like the earphones they come with... had to get myself a Klipsch image s4 which blended pretty well with the system.. or creative labs in-earphone is really good too...

overall.. its worth it.. and i wud say its better than apple itouch and sony....

with its bbe the treble and mid is presice and awsome bass....

something that u cud enjoy for sure....
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on 12 February 2012
This is my third mp3 player. I previously owned a Creative Zen Vision M (30gb) and a Samsung YP-P3 (16gb). Yes, I tried the iPods, but I was looking for something that was big enough to handle, with at least 16gb, and a radio, for less than £150. I'm not interested in video capacity or any other additional apps or gimmicks. If musical fidelity is what you're looking for too (and don't want to spend a fortune) the Cowon S9 delivers, though I don't use the earphones that came with it, but my Grado SR60i's. I'm in audio heaven! There's space, depth, bass, detail, clarity - and that's without using any of the multiple BBE presets. I'm listening to Kate Bush's '50 Words for Snow" at the moment, and the piano playing is just bliss!

It's an easy to operate touch screen, though the route to track back from 'now playing' to the list of artists or songs is slightly quirky. You can skip tracks back and forth with a screen wipe, or using the button at the top, or (and this is the fun bit) by shaking. Turn it horizontal and so will the view (useful for your videos).

It's nice to handle, light, with a brilliant screen and clear display. So far, my only gripes are that the radio set-up isn't very intuitive, so I need to play with this some more - I have a feeling I can't label the station names - and that the touch screen isn't quite as accurate as I'd like. But these are minor complaints, given that I can revisit my Debussy, Eno, Muse, Radiohead, The Beatles and so on with even more pleasure than before.
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on 8 April 2010
The neat little Cowon S9 arrived yesterday and it is utterly gorgeous. Beautifully designed and with a screen that makes love to your eyes. Load up music and start playing and you remember why you chose this player over all the others out there. The sound (massively customiseable) is stunning. I own a Cyrus amp and CD player and this little player delivers quality equal to them.

The inability to create playlists is annoying. While it is possible to go through the music on the player and create a sort of playlist on the fly, it is not easily possible to create multiple playlists. I hope that Cowon rectify this soon - they do seem to update the firmware regularly.

All in all, this is not a player if you want something to keep you company while you are jogging round the park - but if you are after a serious-sounding piece of near art, albeit with a few niggles - this is the one for you.

Update after 3 weeks.
The sound of this player still amazes me - even when using MP3 files it is staggering. I've downloaded the Aero UI for it and it is wonderful. The lack of playlists no longer bugs me as the player will happily randomly play through all the songs you happen to load onto it (drag and drop - no nasty synching or iTunes to get in the way).Just waiting for a pair of Sennheiser CX300 II earphones to complete the package...
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on 13 July 2012
delivery was prompt but i have to say the sound quality is not as good as the music app on my android phone - poweramp - album art is v difficult to put on - ive given up trying! No facility for fade in/out of tracks or playlists even. All in all very disappointing but will do as a backup. All the different sound modes (Jeteffect) are just an outdated gimmick and add v little to the quality of output etc.
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on 8 June 2012
I still love my Cowon S9!

I completely agree with all the positive comments made about the sound quality and video playback and aspects such as the brilliant battery life. I got on with the interface ok - updates helped though.

I've been prompted to review it now as a few weeks ago I dropped it into a hot bath (it was on at the time). A couple of days of drying out at room temperature and it was as good as new - no noticeable damage at all. It has been used masses since and has been fine. I am quite frankly thrilled that after 3 years of heavy use I can drown the thing and it still works just as well as the day I got it!
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on 2 May 2014
I came on to review this and ended up doing about 7 other reviews.

I loved this MP3 so much, never had an MP3 which sounded even remotely as close and as.. 'beautiful' :(
Purchased in Mar 2010, the MP3 after 4 years of daily usage, has finally given up the ghost.
RIP my lil Cowon <3
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on 1 December 2014
Very good.
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VINE VOICEon 16 November 2009
Unless you`re an inveterate fiddler, tweaker, IT person or geek, you`re going to find this player very frustrating to use. The interface is the most counter-intuitive I`ve ever come across in an mp3 player (and I`ve had a few over the years). The unit looks cool though, sounds fantastic when paired with some decent headphones (I use audio-technica es7`s) and the amoled screen is very bright and clear. Despite it`s cool looks, the s9 feels lightweight and cheap compared to the itouch, due to it`s all plastic construction; I bought one of those nice leather cases for it and it now looks and feels much better. A few features have been addded to the basic sound and video, but nothing you haven`t already got on your mobile phone. compared to the itouch with it`s all singing all dancing approach, the s9 is somewhat bereft of decent features.
However, most people will be buying this purely for the sound and video quality and here it impresses mightily.
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on 9 April 2010
I have read a lot of reviews before buying this player and I have to say most of them are true. There are good and bad things about it, and depending on what you want it will be a good or a bad choice. I bought mine reduced at 131£ (amazon fat finger misprice? bless them), 30£ cheaper than the 8Gb version.

The good: SOUND, plays FLAC files, drag and drop capabilites, great screen, firmware can be updated, battery lasts forever, extra buttons for play/stop/next/volume for easy pocket access, a lot of EQ settings which make a big difference.

The bad: headphones which you will need to replace, touch screen can be somewhat unresponsive, menu can be complicated and slow, proprietary USB connection, unit has a plasticky feeling and seems too light (they could have filled those empty spaces inside with a lot of battery!).

It also seems to distort bass with some lower frequency emphased EQ settings at high volumes. It couldnt have been my headphones, i have a few of them, some proffesional. I cant listen to it at those volume levels anyway, it depends on your headphone's impedance I guess. Using Grado SR80i 32ohm you wont be able to turn it to the max while with Beyerdinamics DT770 PRO 250omh maximum will be incredibly low and still distorting. Must be a faulty unit or someting since no one else has complained about it.

I only bought it for its sound and flac capabilites and im very happy with it. Flac sounds so good I dont even have to play with the EQ. Sounds better than any Apple/Creative/Sony/Etc. I havent tried playing any video on it, nore fiddling with its native software.

For those complaining about charging only to PC: it aslo charges when the PC is turned off. You can get mains USB chargers for under a tenner on amazon, just be careful you will need at least 1Amp (1000mA) for it to charge in a decent time.

When you first boot your player dont chose 'European region' it will lower your volume considerably. For those who already did it: update to latest firmware, rename PARAM.cfg file (it cannot be deleted) from system dir in your player and when you reboot your player choose 'non-european region', at radio you can choose european. It will make a big difference to max volume cap.

In conculsion: if you want a player hanging to your neck while sipping your frappucino with your mates you will need something else. People are immersively impressed with Apple things, go for them. If you are only interested in sound this is the player for you.

It could have been a perfect player, 4 stars. Hope this helps it took me a while to write it.

After a year of light use I still can say it is a great player with amazing sound but phisically it has failed. The switch button doesnt work anymore, I had to pull it out and now im using 2 screwdrivers to switch it on. Therefore the 'hold' function doesnt work either, so the unit wont hold battery for more than 2 hours if I keep it in my pocket. Other problem is the volume button which sometimes goes mad to the point of being unusable. It certainly is a software problem, although I have updated the firmware.

Reading another few reviews I realised I am not the only one complaining about these problems. If you want a Cowon for its sound by all means buy one, but not this model.

After many moons I have bought a more expensive Cowon J3 which dissapoints in terms of sound. It has the same mids and highs but it lacks the depth of S9, meaning less bass. I have also bought a Hifiman HM601 which I had to return becuse you its awfull terrible crappy poopy sound. Im still searching something that has a good build and at least matches S9 sound. Previously I have also been through Ipods and Walkmans and Creatives.

Conclusion: unmached sound with poor build quality
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