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3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2010
I loved the premise for this book: hard, bitter, controlled man who has never been swayed by anything or anyone is secretly obsessed with that One girl and brought to his knees by her - I found this book very disappointing and cliched where it was trying to be original.

If you want a good romance that has an interesting plot and characters but is an easy read (and by easy I don't mean "light") then this book isn't for you. This was a hard read, with too much frankly boring elements happening to hold my attention. Too much of the book was devoted to the characters 'complex' thoughts and suspicions and musings with not enough of anything else.

I felt like the author tried to write a 'clever' romance, which came across as a smug 'superior' romance.
She incorporated gritty details about things like the Chechnya war, poverty, and other complex things that I think worked against the novel. The result is that the plot was messy and ott and I struggled not to roll my eyes at certain points of the book.

Lastly and perhaps the defining element of why I disliked the novel = the heroine is a Pious, Irritating Heroine:

-Beautiful and never wears make-up
-Doesn't care about fashion because liking clothes is aparantly beyond her
- Doesn't question anything that happens but remains vague and submissive
-doesn't spend her hard earned money on a new pair of shoes or a nice dress but instead lives frugaly and lets it sit in the bank, content to live on beans and rice. I really hate that about romance novels, it's as if the authors are saying that women who wear nice shoes or spend some of their money on a new dress etc are frivilous and vain and inferior to the non-materalist, gorgeous, natural beauties. Not very relatable, I think.

For example:
'Bought on a tight budget, her underwear was plain, comfortable, white, stretchy cotton. A world away from the frothy silk and lace confections she'd found'

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise the only type of underwear available for us normal girls without millionaire careers or husbands was plain old cotton - hasn't she ever heard of Victoria's Secret, TkMaxx even? - nice inexpensive underwear is not a great stretch!

Overall: disappointing read, struggled to finish, would not recommend
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on 12 November 2015
27yo artist doesn't know what to think of 34y.o. Hero who just put himself on the line of fire for her. Yet she now knows is her mysterious buyer ,who bought up all her paintings for the past year no matter the price. Reclusive international arms dealer Hero takes full responsibility for ruining heroine's simple life in NYC and getting her art-gallery friend killed. Somebody finally found his weakness—his obsession with her. He tries to bind her to him sexually before he would unveil the full truth of his motives & his plans for her. How long will it work on her?

My 1st Rice book & it was good. I think I would've liked it much more, if I read this book when I bought it 6 years ago. But there's many books nowadays that seem to have emulated her writing style. Regardless, I still enjoyed it. I liked the stalker Hero obsessed with heroine plot & the fact that this Hero is usually emotionally closed-off and doesn't attach to anybody. I also liked that heroine was also reclusive like Hero as well as independent and focused. Their emotional connection was believable. Didn't pull me as intensely as I expected. Sex scenes were explicit but not plentiful. I appreciated the focus on their emotional connection and their plan on getting away from their persistent and unknown killer. Good characterization. Exciting action-suspense part.**


**SPOILERS for this book are on my more detailed review ... movesme.blogspot.com/2015/11/dangerous-passion-lisa-marie-rice.html
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on 26 February 2012
I am not going to add too much to this review as the previous reviewer said it all for me. What a disappointing read from Lisa Marie Rice. I have just finished what was supposed to be a follow up story - Reckless Night a novella about Drake and Grace and I dont understand why LMR wrote it. It was a senseless story and didnt bring anything new to the story about these two. At the end of Dangerous Passion is was obvious that Grace was pregnant but there was no mention of this in the novella.

A real let down for me.
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on 21 January 2010
Although this story had a very similar feel to a short novella Lisa wrote some years ago it was a joy to read from begining to end.

It tells the story of Drake an arms dealer who falls for artist Grace and starts buying all her work.
His enemies find this out and corner him outside the gallery she is in and threaten her life, realising that he has put her life in jeopody and that she will never be safe again, Drake takes action to save both her - and in the end himself.

At first he does not seem to be a very nice hero but as the story progresses his past is revealed and he becomes more likable as the book progresses. Grace is a gentle character but shows her strengths when the chips are down!

I usually find Lisas endings abrupt but this one flowed all the way thru a beautifully written story.
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on 12 October 2014
Can't figure out how other readers haven't 'got' how beautiful and tender this story is. 'Drake' is a great character: strong, sexy, powerful, merciless, and super rich; he has it all! Into his life unknowingly steps the beautiful artist Grace, who just sweeps him away, as does her art, unfortunately due to Drakes business attracting too many enemies out to kill him, he cannot let them know of his growing obsession for Grace; she does not know it herself - he keeps himself away from her for a whole year, simply yearning for her and getting bi-monthly glances of her as he presents her art at her friends gallery to sell for her. A mystery buyer is buying up Graces art work as fast as she can produce it; wonder who that might be and why?

Wonderful story; give it a chance it is simply beautiful. Oh and so very well written by the author.
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