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4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 February 2009
Caitrina Lamont is the spoiled cossetted daughter who has no intention of marrying any man, especially Jamie Campbell. The tall, dark Highland warrior is the ruthless enforcer and right hand man to the Earl of Argyl. Caitrina hates him and would do anything to avoid a betrothel to him. But with his beautiful body and searing kisses she feels her resistance slipping. When her Clan is attacked wiping out her family, Caitrina is devastated giving her reason to hate Jamie even more.

Jamie feels instant attraction to Caitrina, but he has a job to do as a law enforcer and he can't let her get in the way. But he finds he cannot resist the sensual beauty who arouses him like no other woman, even with her strong spirit and defiant ways. After her clan is attacked he decides he wants her and will have her anyway he can. Can he melt her resistance and get her to trust him enough?

This is another great book by Monica. It's about love, betrayal and heartache and two people struggling to do what is right for each other. They also struggle between duty and trust. I love the two strong characters of Jamie and Caitrina. Jamie also has appeared in one of Monica's other earlier books Highlander unmasked. All in all a great read.
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on 29 November 2010
I am a first time reader of Monica McCarty's books and this one was the first in the series I decided to read. I am always skeptical when buying books from authors I have yet to try out, but I was surprised to find myself enjoying the book. The story line was interesting enough and so were the main characters so I didnt get bored easily as I usually do, so yes, I was surprised this book kept me interested to the end.

In particular, I loved the constant battle the main characters had in relation to the family feuds between their clans which was a constant threat to their relationship and caused alot of problems for them both.

I have to say though, I was disappointed that the dialogue was not written in the style i would have expected since the characters are Scottish Highlanders set in early part of the 17th Century, the writer wrote the dialogue as if they were speaking the Queens English but of course they weren't. I had to use my imagination that the characters were acutally speaking in a deep Scottish brogue.

"The wee Scots doona speak the Queens English Monica, de ye ken lass?" Where was that sexy Scottish brogue Monica? "Ye are Kin to the McCarty clan, are ye no!"

Apart from that, I loved it which is why i dropped off one star, but dont be put off by the lack of Scottish dialogue not introduced by the author. Although I would have prefered it myself I still went ahead and bought the rest of the series to meet the rest of those sexy Scottish Highlanders. I've read worse books with the Scots brogues accent which didnt keep me entertained enough, but this book did.

Its all a matter of what you like reading really, but worth a first read if your still not sure.
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on 6 May 2015
I love a highland romance and this book ticked all the boxes. It isn't as fast paced as some I have read and there is quite a stalled relationship between Jamie and Caterina but there was enough chemistry to keep me interested. I feel it captured the troubles of the period well and it encouraged me to read more history around the subject. The struggles Jamie faced between balancing law and justice added depth to his character. The intimacy between the couple was tastefully done and believable. Have purchased other titles by this author and would recommend to anyone with a highland fetish looking for an enjoyable, easy read.
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on 21 November 2010
If you like historical romance and highlander novels, then this is worth reading; it's one of the good ones. The characters do come from her earlier novels but it doesnt matter if you haven't read them. If you do want to read them in order: book 1 Highlander Untamed: A Novel book 2: Highlander Unmasked: A Novel 3rd book: Highlander Unchained: A Novel This one is book 4.

The story is about Caitrina, who must make an advantageous marriage and Jamie who is a feared "henchman" for a local laird, trying to keep peace between the different clans at the behest of the King. Early on in the book, Caitrina finds herself alone and marrying Jamie, whom she is attracted to but does not trust, believing him to have had a hand in her family's downfall.

The story has plenty of chemistry between the leads, plenty of turmoil and misunderstanding and all set in a lovely Scottish background. I found the characters well-written: Caitrina is a little spoilt but self-aware loyal and hard-working; Jamie is proud, principled, fierce but good-hearted. I did like them both which always helps. I read it in a day and enjoyed it.

These romance novels can be cheesy and are often poorly written, but I found this one did not suffer from these problems. I was particularly relieved to find that the dialogue felt realistic. Give it a try and definitely pick up her other novels, if you like this one.

NOTE: The Kindle edition is error-free. Go ahead and download! :)
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on 26 January 2010
This is the first book in Monica McCarty's 2nd trilogy, and for those who have read her first 3 books, the hero of Highland Warrior, Jamie Campbell is not unknown. We got to know and (even though we didn't root for him to win the heroine) like him in Highlander Unmasked. But since then Jamie has grown up, matured and became a fierce and feared warrior, but of course we, the readers know that underneath that hard and fearsome exterior is a kind hearted and fair man. I wouldn't summarize the plot of the novel, you can read that at the product's description, let me just say, that Monica McCarty got even better (if that is possible) since her first trilogy. Both the hero and the heroine are sympathetic and likable characters, Caitrina is a passionate, headstrong and compassionate (and of course strikingly beautiful) heroine, and Jamie is a swoonworthy hero: tall, dark, handsome, loyal, courageous and strong, with a kind heart and strong sense of justice.

McCarty's story telling is gripping and will transport you in the misty green medieval Scotland in no time! Her writing style is exceptional, with such a superior writing quality that I haven't seen for quite some time in other recent romance writers. Her writing is amazingly brilliant and evocative, she paints such a real picture of the scene, of the characters, that you feel you are there witnessing what is happening, or at least watching it like a movie!

The emotions, attractions, friendships, loves, loyalties, hate, betrayals are described very powerfully, they are not just words, but raw, overwhelming or heartwarming emotions. McCarty wove so much sensuality into the whole story, that it keeps simmering all through. I love reading about the H/H inner struggles and thoughts and emotions, and McCarty gave me that to perfection!

If you are a historical romance lover, if you love your heroes to be larger than life, broad, noble, strong, honourable Scots, if you like to read sensual, heartwarming good quality romance, then I think you'll simply love this book!
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on 20 April 2012
Another fantastic highlander tale from Monica McCarty.

This is my third McCarty novel and I'm really enjoying her two trilogies: The Campbells and the MacLeods. There's just been something a bit more special about those two books for me compared to her Highland Guard series one that I tried.

I'd definitely describe McCarty as a very evocative writer. Able to pull lots of different emotions from her readers throughout each book. From the almost giddy feeling of witnessing the rather embarrassing first meeting of our main couple, to the heady awareness and temptation, followed swiftly by trepidation and the fear of all these new feelings and responses. Then to top all that off she kicks you in the gut a good few times once she knows she's got you fully committed to the love story.

And I loved every second of it!

The couple we follow in this book is made up of Jamie Campbell, who is a man whose reputation precedes him, much to his annoyance. And Caitrina Lamont, a woman famed for her beauty throughout all the Highlands. They may be from two enemy clans, but Jamie is a man with a plan and he plans to have Caitrina no matter what. I really connected well to the two of them and enjoyed watching them both change, evolve and adapt. Their love scenes were also some of the best I have read in a while. The wedding night! Whew!

I really recommend this book to all fans of Scottish romances. It's a real keeper!

4 Stars!
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on 31 March 2012
the usual romance stuff but the author has chosen a different time period to set her stories compared to the many other scottish highlander romance. she has set her story during james vi reign after joining the crown with england, im not very familar with the time period but that doesnt have much baring on the story. great characters and lots of action. looking forward to next one
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on 2 June 2010
Jamie Campbell is a powerful man. Enforcer of law for the Duke of Argyll, his cousin, he pretends to be interested in Caitrina Lamont to discover if her clan is sheltering the outlawed MacGregors. Of course, he falls for her and when his ruthless brother murders her family he has to take a closer look at what he has become and gain her love. Brilliant stuff.
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on 7 December 2013
Jamie Campbell is highly developed character. I loved the story line, the story telling, references to MacLeods from other books.
As with every book of Monica McCarty - couldn't put it down.
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on 18 November 2012
bought this on kindle but realised had read it in paper back. Luckily did get a refund but this story is excellent well worth a read
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