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on 9 April 2017
I wanted a safety razor with a long handle to make shaving my legs easier. Mine came with a single blade. Having a good blade is as important as having a good razor; once I found the blade that works best for me (Super-Max), this razor shaves like a dream. I love it and can't imagine going back to the more wasteful plastic cartridge razors.
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on 12 September 2017
I'm on a bit of a minimalist/zero waste journey so this was the next natural step for me.

I did a lot of research, most of which stated long handle is best for women looking to shave their legs etc - and I can say it seems to work well.

Really easy to put the blade in, and for anyone a bit nervous about how sharp it is - yet to cut myself!
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on 5 August 2015
I decided to buy the Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor because I was feed up using my epilator/electric shaver on my legs and under arm. I the electric shaver did not me a close enough shave and it also left my legs with little bumps. I was all set to get a manual razor but after reading up on the pros of using and safety razor I sent my manual razor back (unopened). I watch countless amounts of YouTube videos on wet shaving and I decided to buy a safety razor. I found that I received a much better shave using the Merkur 23C Long Safety Razor then any other electric or manual razor. In the long run safety razor blades are much cheaper the manual blades.

Before I shave my legs take a few steps such as

Exfoliating my legs with my exfoliating gloves and bamboo charcoal soap. Once my legs are dry I massage a small amount of vegetable glycerine onto my legs. Then I apply the shaving cream(Proraso Shaving Cream Soap 150 ml Bowl) with a shaving brush. Then I shave.
I normal do three passes 1. with the grain. 2. across the grain and 3. clean up shave. I then wash of with warm water then cold water. Once I've dried my legs I apply my toner (apple cider vinegar, rosewater and vegetable glycerine) using cotton wall balls. Then I moisturise with my body butter. Checkout YouTube on shaving tips for your legs(ladies).

Get yourself a alum block to help soothes shaving irritation and stops bleeding.
I use Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades which I find work for me.
If you are unsure as to which blades to use then buy a mixed sample pack Double Edge Safety DE Razor Blades to find your match.
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on 15 November 2017

- Blades are pennies! None of that cartridge razor rip-off any more
- Very solidly built. Only 3 parts, and the screw threads are coarse but nicely made. Would probably take a lifetime to wear out the threads, which will be the failure point on this unless you dropped it on tile and cracked the casting.
- Long handle is great for guys with big hands (or anyone who doesn't have kiddy sized hands, frankly). I can't see myself getting on with one with a shorter handle. A mate bought a near-identical Merkur with a shorter handle and now tells me he wants to buy one with a longer handle.
- Handle texture is easy to grip
- Well balanced
- Blades held very securely
- Easy to clean
- Hardly ever cut myself with it
- Less irritation than my Gilette 9-million blade hedge trimmer
- Shaves well!

- Changing blades is a bit of a hassle and I always worry about cutting myself. There isn't an easy way to hold the blade.
- Not allowed in aeroplane cabin luggage
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on 12 December 2015
As a mixed-race guy with extremely curly hair (curlier than any white guy's by a long shot), I can't use mainstream cartridge razors with any kind of confidence and until now, I dry-shaved with electric rotaries. They didn't shave all that close, the heat irritated my neck, and they left my face feeling a little delicate too. Worst of all, some hairs would lie flat and refuse to be cut, so I ended up with this really inconsistent, scraggly kind of shave.

I knew I had to change, but I didn't know what to. I was a little apprehensive about the advice of the 'shaving forums', and honestly, for a while I just wrote them off as hipsters, shaving the old way for no reason other than because it was the old way.

Well, I just finished my first shave with a safety razor (this one), and although time will ultimately tell, right now I feel absolutely great. The shave is - consistently, with no random longer hairs scattered about my face - extremely close, and I almost feel like I didn't even shave at all because there was no heat and it gave me precisely zero irritation, both face and neck. This is, without a word of exaggeration, the best shave I've had since I first became a young man and started having to shave.

I had a couple of concerns. For one, some of the pages on how to shave with a safety razor made out like nicks and cuts were inevitable, and the art was in minimising the number of them before treating the ones you get with an 'alum block'. For another, at first it felt like it was pulling the hair on my face. I guess I picked up on what not to do pretty fast, because that feeling didn't last long and the shaving was smooth sailing after I figured it out. Also, zero nicks, zero cuts using the included blade.

I would definitely recommend this to other mixed-race guys, or even fully black guys who have even curlier hair.
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on 6 April 2017
Over the last 20 years I had been using the cartridge blades i.e Gillette, Wilkinson sword, king of shaves etc etc with gels and I have always ended up with razor burn on the neck and felt like my neck was on fire for a day and as red as a tomato. So i only shaved once every 2 weeks or so at the time.

So on the discovery of my first grey beard hair I knew that I had to try something else to clear away my facial fur.
After looking at reviews and tutorials DE razors I decided to take the plunge and picked out this one along with shaving soaps, oils etc.
As part of my set up I now have, I am very happy with the results that it produces. No more razor burn on my neck and a smooth finsh. I now shave every 2-3 days.
It did take a little getting used to from using a cartridge system as the technique is different, but practice make perfect and that would go for every DE razor.
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on 3 October 2017
When this arrived I was going to return it. It says it's a longer handle but it doesn't say that it's smaller, lighter and altogether more insubstantial.
My other razor is a Muhle so perhaps unsurprising. I have big hands and I thought this altogether too small. Anyway, tried it and it's brilliant. It feels very precise, almost scalpel like. The shave is flawless and a pleasure. It's not going back..
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on 29 June 2015
I wish I had discovered safety razors earlier!

This is a quality product, and the shave is not too aggressive. The shape and weight of this product is perfect for a newbie like me, and is easy to maintain and clean.

The biggest advantage with safety razors is that there is less irritation on the skin (due to the fact that it only has one blade) and they give you a level of control that typical cartridge based razors (i.e. Mach 3, etc) do not. You simply adjust the angle and direction of the shave to determine how close you want - it is a technique that needs learning but doesn't take too long.

I no longer have to fork out £10 for some overpriced mach 3 blades - instead I spend £10 for a pack of 100 Astra blades (which last around 3 shaves anyway, so almost a year's worth of blades)!
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on 17 April 2018
Well.....I decided to try a reusable razor after seeing disposable razors washed up on a beach. OK guys why have you being hiding these from the ladies? for legs these give a much better shave and are much less likely to cause a nick then a disposable. I think the weight of the thing means you put no pressure on at all and it just glides around. You have to be careful when changing blades obviously and not get the back on upside-down like I did. but I love this. buy it... you won't regret and neither will the environment.
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on 26 July 2017
Having used an electric razor for years but finding as I've got older what it can't take off makes me look scruffy I decided to go back to wet shaves. I was horrified at the cost of the cartridge blades so thought I would go back to the system I used as a young man but this time invest in a decent razor.
It was one of my better decisions, a lovely shave and very very close. Now I have the razor the blades cost virtually nothing, much better than cartridge razors.
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