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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2007
The Winter Rose was a great sequel to the Tea Rose. I knew that it would be a tough one to top, but the author did it! I am so glad I was able to see Fiona and Joe once more, and the addition of the new characters and the re-introduction of Charlie as Sid Malone was wonderful. Another wonderfully detailed written book by Jennifer Donnelly! Beware: This book is LONG! When I recieved it and cracked the binding for the first time and saw the 700 pages of 8 point type, I almost fainted! Well worth it though!

NOTE*** To those who are wondering about the third installment of these wonderful books, This is what Jennifer Donnelly Wrote me in March 2007:

"...Yes, the Rose books will be a trilogy, but it will be a year or two before Book Three -- The Wild Rose -- is ready. I'm just in the plannign stages now. I've a young adult title to write first, and I've got to get that one done before my YA publisher kills me. But I'm very much looking forward to revisting the Finnegans and their circle. They totally wear me out while I'm writing about them, but the minute I finish, I really miss them!..."

I think that somewhere down the line, they decided to call the american version "The Wild Rose" due to the fact that if you got to the Amazon.UK site under "The Winter Rose, it gives a link on the top of the page to the "The Wild Rose" on the U.S. amazon site. That is just a theory. Sorry, kiddos, i don't think we can expect the thrid book for a while, unfortunately...
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on 23 September 2006
I totally agree with the reviewers before me - when I reached the end of 'The Tea Rose' I was almost devastated and experienced a real sense of loss, as I had come to so love the characters and couldn't believe the story had come to an end. Hence my pure, unadulterated joy to learn there was to be a sequel and I raced down to my local bookstore in Sydney, Australia to be the first to pick up a copy (yippee that Australia seemed to be the Guinea Pigs of the publishing world in this case, as we received our copies before the UK *and* the USA!). My husband took one look at it and named it my new doorstop as it was so enormous (!) but every page was a joy, and I whipped through it amazingly the others have said, you simply can't put it down. I was reading this thing while I stirred my oatmeal in the morning, as I hummed my toddler to sleep for her midday nap, as I waited outside school to collect my son, and before I went to sleep every night. My copy came everywhere with me!

I agree, too, that you don't necessarily need to have read the original to enjoy the sequel, although having done so you will appreciate so much more of why the characters behave the way they do and understand more of how the plot relates to them. I didn't think I could ever love characters as much as Fiona and Joe, but India and Sid/Charlie absolutely captured my heart.

I have to add too, Jennifer Donnelly is just amazing with her writing. Not only is this lady a true-born storyteller (I'd love to attend a dinner party at her house for the chit-chat alone!) but she also researches everything so intricately that you completely step into her world with each draws you in 100%. And she manages to capture the style of conversation, the history, the atmosphere of whatever region and country she's writing about, from England to the USA to Africa. I adored A Gathering Light/A Northern Light just as much as the Tea Rose duo and yet it was SUCH a different book and written so differently. Jennifer never ceases to impress me.

In closing, if anyone of influence *happens* to be reading this, all 3 books would make amazing films in my opinion :o) And specifically with the Tea Rose/Winter Rose books, surely I am not alone in now having a very real NEED now for a third!!

Jennifer I salute you - you're an inspiration! Can't wait for the next one, whatever it may be!
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on 20 August 2006
This book was hard to put down!

After the first couple of chapters it had me.

It is a gripping tale of intrigue, murder, and loyalty, all set in London at the late 19th early 20th century.

It is the tale of a lady Dr and her struggles to be reckonised in a man's world, and a violent gangster. A tale of love and passion and struggle for survival.

A really gripping tale, there is something for everyone in this book, I highly reccommend it.
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on 31 December 2007
I loved the first novel in this series so much that when I heard the second book had been published in England years ahead of when it was coming out here I ordered it from the U.K. and waited eagerly for it to arrive in the mail. When it finally came I was so happy I did a little dance.

I admit to having very high expectations of this novel, but they were met in spades. "The Winter Rose" did not disappoint. Just like its predecessor, "The Winter Rose" is exciting, romantic, atmospheric and packed full of little historical details that make the words spring to life off the page.

You may not want to read past this point if you haven't read "The Tea Rose."

In "The Winter Rose" we meet up again with Charlie Finnegan, who at the end of "The Tea Rose" was discovered not to be dead, but living under the name of Sid Malone as a crime boss in London. Though his sister Fiona tries to get Charlie to come back to his family, he has lived too long as Sid to feel he can rejoin society.

Enter India Jones a recent graduate of medical school. Though she is from a highly privileged family, India wants to practice medicine in one of London's worst neighborhoods-White Chapel. Here she meets Sid and saves his life. Though she disgusted by his life of crime, India soon finds herself going to Sid to procure birth control for her poorest patients-something that "modern" doctors will not prescribe or allow patients to have. A bond soon forms between the two that evolves into something more than friendship-despite India's privileged, long time fiancé.

And as is a must in any great sequel, the characters we came to know and love in "The Tea Rose" have returned, and though they are not the center focus, we get to see what their lives have become since we left them.

Like "The Tea Rose", "The Winter Rose" takes place in two parts, years apart from one another. It takes us from the poorest sections of London to the high reaches of Kilimanjaro, from Coffee plantations to California hillsides. We met murderous men, compassionate women and scheming politicians. "The Winter Rose" is an epic love story, an adventure and a feast for any reader. It is a book to savor, to read slowly and take in all the details, though you may need to speed through it to find out what happens! I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Five stars. I eagerly await the third novel in this series. This author does write slowly, but the finished product is more than worth the wait
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on 31 January 2007
I couldn't wait to read Jennifer Donneley's - The Winter Rose (the second book in a series, first one was the The Tea Rose, which was just as brilliant!). I was not dissapointed, this book (as was the first) is brilliant, absolutely wonderful.... You actually feel as though you are living alongside the characters in the book, as Jennifer Donneley brings the characters to life and you can really get a feel of what London must have been like at the turn of the twentieth century. I would urge anybody to read this book (and The Tea Rose too) as you will not be dissappointed. I didn't want the book to end. Lets hope there will be a third book coming along soon......!
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on 4 December 2006
Another winner from Jennifer Donnelly. She has created a wide-ranging tale that takes us from Whitechapel to Westminster to Kilimanjaro, populated with characters we can't help but be interested in. Some of them are old friends from The Tea Rose, others are new arrivals -- but all of them have stories to tell as Donnelly lets them free upon her expertly-crafted turn-of-the-century world. Part historical drama, part romance, part adventure, part thriller -- this book has something for everyone. It sweeps you up and takes you away.
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on 26 October 2007
This book did not disappoint, absolutely brilliant can't wait until the next one. I emailed Jennifer Donnelly and she responded very quickly she came across very lovely and so pleased that I had taken the time to email and comment on the book. I think in the right hands these book would make a great drama.
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on 28 November 2006
I was really captivated by this story of India, a woman doctor who has to fight against all the odds to be respected in the East End of London. She falls in love with a criminal who has a gruff exterior but she can see past his crimes and into his heart. You really feel as though you are in the East End of London in 1900. Jennifer Donnelly pulls you into her tale and doesn't let you go. Don't expect to get anything else done once you have started this book!
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on 21 July 2014
I bought a used copy of this book for one penny, along with a used copy of another book by the same author for one penny, and about £5 postage and packing to cover both. Brilliant value. The books are as described and hardly show any wear at all. They were delivered ahead of schedule and packed nicely. I would use the supplier again. The book is a fairly typical romantic historical novel packed with period detail and characters from the early 20th century. (It follows on from "The Tea Rose" by same author.) About 700 pages with some short snappy chapters and some much longer ones. Plenty of dialogue along with graphic descriptions and a narrative that rings true most of the time. Obviously some characters tend to be larger than life and some of the storylines predictable, but the author knows her audience and you do need some dramatic effect to feed the imagination. It is a long read. I tend to skim some passages when I read anyway if I'm not interested in a particular character or location. It's not a problem with this book and I'm still able to follow the storylines without missing major events. An ideal book for the beach, nights in by the fire, or long tedious journeys.
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on 8 September 2006
Is it possible that this sequel to the Tea Rose can be even better than the original? It think it might be. It has all the great suspense, historical richness, wonderful characters, action and romance of the first book, but the writing seems somehow more evolved and confident -- more literary, perhaps (but still every bit the page-turner that the Tea Rose is!). There are great new characters, and great new roles for the old ones. Also, while it's very much a sequel, the story really stands on its own -- you don't need to read the Tea Rose first (though I highly recommend it).

A MUST for fans of the Tea Rose (and a Gathering Light, for that matter, though that is a very different book), and a great read for anyone interested in character-based historical fiction.
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