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on 10 October 2013
After her car crash we thought my mother had no hope of waking from her coma which she had been in for 4 months. The doctors advised us to switch off the machine as they thought there was no hope of her pulling through. Paul Ross was her hero so we hung this canvas by her bed while they were going to shut off the life support. Miraculously and luckily for my mum she bolted up into the air reaching for the canvas removing all of the wires keeping her alive. We are lost for words. Happy Birthday Mum!
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on 9 February 2013
This is the icon of our age. It needs to (nay, must) be displayed in community centres and other places where people gather so that as many as possible might benefit. For my own part, I drape my personal canvas print over a WW2 searchlight and beam Paul skywards such that he fills the night sky. As a result, the Police report that crime in my home town is down and the local doctor estimates that the number of people coming to him with conditions such as athletes foot and haemorrhoids has halved. I think we all know why. My hope is that in 5 years time, the Paul beams will have reached deep into space to strange new worlds, will have sought out new life and new civilizations, and will have boldly inspired where no man has inspired before.
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on 21 March 2009
Some claim Jonathan Ross to be some sort of entertainment messiah, a highbreed deity of chat and supreme being of light entertainment. Truth be told, I have never seen it myself.

For me, the Ross dynasty comprises of one true Saint and his name is Paul. I do not know if Paul was knowingly named after St Paul but like the said Apostle, Paul has a rare talent for communication, a talent first made apparent to me on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast. I cannot explain it, but Paul made such a big impression on me that I started to collect memorabilia related to his achievements.

Quite frankly, I believed my chances of finding a good quality print, sizable enough to hold it's own on my bedroom wall, to be slim indeed (and believe me, I tried!). Not so - thank you Amazon!!

This is a fantastic product, executed brilliantly. Brilliant is an over used word - not in this instance. The picture itself is a joy to behold. I've seen some unflattering pictures of Paul in my time, this however is very flattering. He looks calm and reflective, at peace with himself and that what makes this such a must have. At times of stress and trepidation, I only have to look at this canvas and I too, feel like I can roll the dice and take on the world.

To sum up, a rare find executed perfectly that will brighten up the dreariest of rooms. Who needs a Beryl Cook or Jack Vettriano when you've got picture perfect Paul Ross!
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on 27 October 2011
Initially I was a little anxious about parting with £2,500 for a piece of wall art. The most I'd ever spent was £2.50 back in 1977 for a giant Starsky and Hutch poster, so I wouldn't really call myself a patron of the arts but when I heard about the Box Canvas print of Paul Ross, it seemed perfect for the 'space' as they say in the art world. It was the 20 inch dimension that finally made up my mind for me. I knew exactly where the print was to go - the white feature wall in my lounge. Since an incident with frozen pipes last year, there has been a large (roughly 20 inch) ugly brown stain on the wall and I badly needed something to cover it. I just hope the area is not still damp, I don't want it interacting with Paul Ross' face and spoiling the pristine white reverse of the canvas which has proved well worth the £2,500.
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on 18 December 2008
Where do I start!!! The sharp suit, the genius that is Paul Ross the quieter of the two controversial siblings, the clasp of the hands that show the intimate understanding of television knowledge from within. Art is a word that doesn't describe such a piece. This picture is a religion! It is a social consciousness of cultural affirmation, it is divine retribution with an é on the end to be trendy or French (retributioné.

It is however too big to fit in my bathroom which is where I wanted it to go. How would you feel about showering with Paul Ross or brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush. In fact Paul probably knows the electric toothbrush you use. He probably knows the toothpaste that would best work with your body chemistry to rid you of bad breath. There isn't much he doesn't know, apart from Jonathan, he doesn't know his brother's secret of how one man's income can increase the license fee of the BBC year on year (It certainly isn't down to inflation). This is clearly viewable on the brow of Paul and I think it is this that truly makes the picture taboo.

Come on, you know it makes sense. Buy this little beauty and MirrorPrintStore will have a new stock room to be proud of!!!
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on 11 October 2013
When I read in a stock photo agency forum that chap in Box Canvas Print of Paul Ross was Jonathan Ross's brother, of course I thought he was the stock photographer Jonathan Ross.

Imagine my dismay when I found out it is an entirely different Jonathan Ross, who may capture all his photos with a cell phone, for all I know.

So I have canceled my intention to order Box Canvas Print of Paul Ross.
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on 19 March 2015
One can only imagine a world in which Paul Ross delivers us from evil and into the hands of a new Utopia. This is one step nearer to that dream. Dare to experience it. Ross.
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on 17 March 2011
I particularly enjoy the fact that Paul's eyes stare OUT of the canvas and follow you wherever you are in the room.

I often sit and stare right back. Nothing needs to be said. There is understanding.

I have sold my television for this feature alone.

I am also impressed by the durability of this canvas. Unlike my other Paul Ross canvases, staining is nowhere near as pronounced - and crucially - it is wipe clean, a real plus.

The only downside is the fact Paul is clearly outside within this scene. This suggests he would be allowed to interact with other people beyond myself (although the instructions do not make this clear).
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on 27 July 2010
I wasnt quite sure whether this print would be the right size, but it fits the space left by my tv perfectly. By swapping my tv for this print I have completed what was a life long ambition, to only watch Paul Ross on television, since I credit him with helping to save my whle family from enevitable death and destruction following his kind words during a review of 'Toy Story' on This Morning (we then saw afterwards, on Pauls recommendation!). More recently its been harder to find Paul on television (as opposed to his evil twin Jonathan) which is obviosuly a downside to the Global Economic Crisis, the upside being that I'm squatting in a mansion in Mayfair. All that being said, I would really really really really recommend buying this print, quite apart from anything else if the BBC see how many of us really love Paul then they can give him a chatshow rather than that evil, nasty, brutal, disgusting twin brother of his, Jonathan.
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on 29 October 2009
I had been searching for weeks for a present for my friend Jaffas 40th birthday and was almost ready to give up and go down the gift vouchers route when I came across this visually stunning piece of art.

I haven't yet presented Jaffa with this wonderful gift but seeing as she's a life-long Paul Ross fan and a part-time alcoholic, I just know she'll love it.

Now, you may think that this is a rather extravagant gift for a 40th birthday, but after spending many years in and out of mental health institutions, Jaffa deserves this because if anything can help her get over her creme egg and camel orifices addictions, then this beautiful canvas print can.
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