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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 February 2005
The first thing that struck me after listening to the album, is how on earth will the critics find negatives about the album, its hard to see where or how... though I am sure they will

The OCS sound has slightly changed in places, yet in others its still there, the ocs that we love... or some of us hate. Drive Away is a classic song, So is the opener, typical Ocean Colour Scene, then we have something new.. apart from the 3 covers, we have Gods World and Move Things Over, the latter is one that I know will grow, and has grown on first listen, a beautiful sound which is placed perfectly on the album.

Free My Name the new single doesn't let us down, apart from it ends too soon, This Day Should Last Forever shows of Simons love for folk music, and it will have you singing along to the chorus.

The only weak track on the album seems to be I Love You, Simons vocals doesn't seem to suit the song, which is a shame.. maybe it will grow on me in time.

Waving Not Drowning is another lovely song with jools Holland adding a talented touch to it, it slides through with great lyrics, and its good to see Steve have play about again on the guitar at the end

Another Time To Stay is probably my favoured on the album, sure to be a single, a more mellowed ocean colour scene sound yet there roots still show through, true amamzing vocals and well arranged and produced.

The album ends with Oscar, which is strange to listen to, its like a bonus track put onto the album by another band, but its lovely, and we have to wonder why its taken ocs fans over 15 years to hear his voice, lets hope we hear it again too

The Other Two Covers Wah Wah and Start Of The Day fit in perfectly to the ocs sound, I've not heard the original of the latter, but its got a heart throbbing chorus, Simon suits the song to the tee. Wah Wah is brilliant. Have you got the right is beautiful

and so is this album

I want to give it 9 out of 10, but its out of 5.. so I'll give it 5 out of 5 to round things up

ocean colour scene are back?

they where never gone
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on 23 February 2005
This is a gem of an album. Ocean Colour Scene seem to be moving up and up at the moment, with this record sounding extremely fresh from a band who are supposedly 'rubbish' according to many critics. If this gets ignored I'll be hugely disappointed as it's simply great music. Stand out tracks are 'Drive Away', the single 'Free My Name' and the jaunty 'This Day Should Last Forever' which I just can't stop singing (which is always a good sign).
I think critics lost sight of OCS because they became big during the Britpop phase when they WEREN'T really Britpop at all. 'The Riverboat Song' is the only song that people really heard, and this is massively due to the riff of it being played on TFI Friday every week. Because they didn't just rewrite this song over and over they were snubbed, and very wrongly. This album and their last, North Atlantic Drift, have been fantastic. People don't know what they're missing!
Whole-heartedly recommended!
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on 14 February 2006
Some people will wonder where ocean colour scene have been for the last few years, the simple answer is that they never left and either has their brilliant ability to marry heartfelt lyrics with sublime melodies and foot stomping tunes. This album starts as everyone hopes it does a rocking good riff accompanied by willingness to just jump on your scooter and drive around town. "Free my name" is possibly one of the best songs OCS have written in there existence and the fact it recieved so much airplay despite a lack of promotion is testament to this. Covers they say have to be bettered or equalled and OCS do this in fine style with Wah Wah. What follows next are a pair of emotive songs which if which stand on a par with the greats of our past. This day should last for ever is a folk masterpiece which is as uplifting as it is catchy. The rest of the album continues in a similar vein and it cannot be questioned that this album is truely brilliant. A surprise maybe for some but not for their legions of fans who no truly that Mods Rule!
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on 4 March 2005
Great songs, great production and absolutely no effort to fit in with what everyone else is putting out at the moment.
Songs you can sing along to are a bit short on the ground at the moment. Ocean colour Scene have got them coming out of their ears.
This album is full of them. It's feelgood music, it puts a smile on your face.
Owning this album will light up your life.
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on 6 August 2005
This is an excellent piece of work by the lads. I'm agree that is not as brilliant as the North Atlantic Drift but they did a great collection of tunes to deserve the title of MUSIC GENIUS. Let me just add that DRIVE AWAY is one of the best songs I've ever heard, alongside "free my name" and "move things over". Also "this day should last forever" can put you in a great mood instantly.
If you know about music, you should buy this one.
I would buy it just to have DRIVE AWAY everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!
OCS is the best band around!
Don't tell me anything about f***** Coldplay!!!!!
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on 9 June 2005
First of all I'd like to start by saying that Ocean Colour Scene are one of the most under-rated bands ever. Why no-one can see that they produce one of the most original sounds of the last decade is beyond me. I had previously bought the anthology and 'Live on the Riverboat'. I did not see many copies of this in the shops and thankfully Amazon had it. It has a great liquid case as well, anyway.
With the perculiar album title aside, this is one of the best OCS albums there is. I was lucky enough to see them live a couple of months back, just as the album had been released and they played 'Drive Away'. In my opinion, the best song that OCS have written. The musical content has changed very little, although maybe a little more emotional direction with the lyrics has allowed the music to mould around this. The introduction to 'Everything Comes at the Right Time' reminds you of the classic 'Riverboat Song' or 'Hundred Mile High City' whereas 'This Day Should Last Forever' take you back to tracks on 'North Atlantic Drift'. If you're an avid OCS fan, buy this album. If you're not, buy this album. OCS deserve to be put on the same stage as U2 or the Stones
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on 3 April 2005
Like the good wines, Ocean Colour Scene is back with a great album. Maybe its title is a bit rare if we take a look to their past records, but that's something that I will not discuss. Now as a trio and with the collaboration of Dave Eringa as a producer (Manic Street Preachers, Starsailor, Ash), this band bring a good collection of songs. "Free My Name" is the first single. It has a sound and an arrangement very "Motown", going in the same line as thier past single "Make The Deal".
"Drive Away" is a great song, it passed unnoticed for me at first listening, but it's a real jewel, not only of this album. It reminded me another great song: "One" by U2, maybe it was its mood, maybe it was its sound. Anyway, this record has also some good covers. "Wah Wah" (George Harrison) sounds revitalized, not different to the original. "Start Of The Day" caught me since I heard it as a clip on the group's offcial website. It's a cover too, and even when I haven't heard the original, this is a good song. And in the final track "My Time", Oscar Harrison (Drums) makes his debut as a lead singer in an OCS record, and he does it very well.
In "Waving Not Drowning" the band has some special guests: Paul Weller & Jools Holland. And the result is a quite good acoustic song, it has it all: guitar, piano, harmonica...with an style very Rolling Stones (Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers) in its sound.
The classic rock-and-roll song from the band is "Everything Comes At The Right Time", the opener. A good guitar riff from Steve Cradock, very "sticky" this song, if you take my meaning. Just as "sticky" as "The Day Should Last Forever" with a great fiddle arrangment. A "good mood" song this one. And the whole album is a well done work. Maybe the weakest point of it could be "I Love You", a song that some of us knew when the band released "Live: One For The Road" last year. Maybe it's not the kind of song that fits Simon Fowler singing as well as others.
But, as a review I want to say this: it's simply a great record from a band, very under-rated and it's a good chance for them to get back to the spotlights. Buying it will not dissapoint you, I bet you wont be dissapointed...believe me.
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on 15 February 2005
well, what heard of the album is absaloutly brilliant. a band that has kept on keeping on have released another masterpiece! Free my name is a great first single and the band deserve the recognition they get!!! the album sounds great a little slower than others but considering the age of the band they should be churning out these sort of songs, this is one for fans and anyone getting into ocs, a great band and an even better live act!! ocs rule
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on 5 September 2006
Why do they bother? It can't be the commercial acclaim or the reviews. But here they are again with an album that shows no sign of a radical new direction....

OCS show once again their songwriting mettle and commitment to a particular sound. Whereas the opening track is weaker than the opener of 2003's "North Atlantic Drift", as an album "A Hyperactive Workout..." is much stronger.

"Free My Name" is an excellent track which deserved much more attention than it got when released as a single. "God's World" has a tight funk-rock feel to it and is ably assisted by Carleen Anderson. "Waving Not Drowning" is a pleasant enough tune. "Drive Away" is strangely affecting although doesn't necessarily travel anywhere. "This Day Could Last Forever" is a Faces re-tread but is decent and memorable.

"Move Things Over" is a smoky and distracting tune that eases along with a smoothness not normally associated with this band.

The cover tunes, however, are no great shakes. "Wah Wah" is a carbon-copy-cover, the Real People cover is bluster but the closer cover of Bob Andy's "My Time", with drummer Oscar Harrison on vocals - is one of the album's surprise highlights.

A worthy effort. Miles better than Oasis' effort from the same year.
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on 30 March 2005
To be perfectly honest I was a bit sceptical about this album coming out. I am a huge OCS fan and have been following the boys around the UK since 1995 buying all of their records throughout this period. After Damon Minchella announced his departure from OCS last year I thought it was the beginning of the end and adding to the fact that only 3 singles were released from North Atlantic Drift that did not sell very well at all along with the album.
I saw the packaging for this album featuring an awful front cover, a cheap looking green interior and only 3 remaining musicians with no dedicated bass player and thought "Oh My God". I was thinking "Give up whilst I still remember your talent". How wrong I was. The famous phrase of "Don't judge a book by it's cover" springs to mind here because this record is fantastic.
Starting with a bang is the opening track "Everything Comes At The Right Time" brings back memories of explosive opening OCS album tracks such as The Riverboat Song and Hundred Mile High City. The album then hits you with waves of typical OCS material ranging from ballads to classic funky and catchy classics. Songs that really stand out are the single "Free My Name" along with "Waving Not Drowning" and a fantastic cover version of George Harrison's "Wah Wah". However the ultimate, and a must for anyone that appreciates the music of OCS, is "Drive Away". The song is beautifully written and performed as well as the best tunes you've ever heard these boys deliver.
Who needs decent packaging when you have musical talent like this? And who needs a dedicated bass player when, on the odd occasion, you can rely on Paul Weller jumping on lead and Cradock diving on bass?! Strongly recommended. Got get it!
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