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on 10 May 2016
This is the first album that Nightwish performed without Tarja. There was much criticism by a lot of die hard fans for this shock move. Many considered the voice of replacement Anette Olzon as being too mainstream for the band and their particular style of music. In my opinion, though it took me a while to get used to hearing Nightwish with this new style (and yes I was initially dismayed about it) I came to accept Anette's contribution and the fact that she made this album her own. Though the later hiring of Floor Jansen brought Nightwish back to their earlier roots I do not regret this stage of their musical career and give this album all the acclaim that it deserves. CD 2 contains instrumental versions of the songs for the budding Karaoke artists out there... quite what that has to do with this style of music I don't know but there it is. A few notable songs The Poet and the Pendulum, Amaranth and Sahara.
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on 21 May 2017
It's an ok album. I do prefer Tarja to Annette, I must admit. Although this is more pop than the previous opera style, the orchestrations are stunning. Master Passion Greed and 7 Days to the Wolves are terrible, and will be skipped on future listenings. On the other hand, Eva and Meadows of Heaven are gorgeous ballads. Certainly not the strongest of the Nightwish albums, but worth adding to your collection.. I have just ordered the special edition release, purely for the instrumental bonus disc.
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on 24 May 2017
Love all their music.
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on 18 June 2017
Excellent cd
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on 28 December 2008
What can I say. I brought Nightwish's Once album and have played it to death. With that in mind I gave this to myself for Christmas and it is more wonderful than I could imagine. Powerful, soaring, melodic, clever, complicated and so much more. Not since my first Marillion album back in 1986 have I been so impressed. The 'bonus' CD with just the music is the best thing since sliced bread. Please sir can I have have some more?
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The opening track alone deserves all the praise it gets - happy to report that the first album after Tarja is excellent and shows the band off still performing at the dizzy heights of their previous 4 efforts. Lots more singing from the boys as well as new lady lead on this record, but shows the band all took responsibility for the continuation of the high quality all the fans expect, keeping it personal, angry, mysterious and damn right outrageous. As well as stonking riffing all of the album the use of choir is particularly excellent and there is smidgeon of Abba in the bands approach to voice harmony and structure on this record - which they pull of well but just like on other previous albums they keep that Nightwish orginality which every fan just wants more and more of.

Master Passion Greed and Whoever Brings The Night for me are huge highlights along with first track in their amazingness - riffage is outstanding but also that hard edge is there - Meadows of Heaven finishes off the album nicely. After just 2 listens so far I think this album is a very good
progression from the previous 4. Ok - I miss Tarja (as she is so good) already, but the different shift in singing structures was always going to happen with the lead vocals change - and the good news is the standard of music is on a par - great stuff and well done for the band keeping it together on this record really well.

Next up is Imaginereum......but I will listen to DPP a bit longer.........
Thank you for the music Nightwish!!
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on 15 January 2008
What everyone else has said before is definitley valid and i totally agree, but what struck me (as a first time buyer of a nightwish album) is the sheer diversity of the songs.

Having been a fan of 'within tmeptation' for a while now i decided to branch out into other similar bands. When i stumbled upon nightwish i decided to give them a go. Whereas 'within temptation' and other more well known bands of this genre tend to stick to the same old (and successful) formula of strong vocals and with your guitars and orchestral ensemble, nightwish have a strong variety that makes this album easily listen-to-able.
Where some songs such as 'Amaranth' sound alarmingly like a heavy metal version of the corrs (i know i wont win mnay friends with this comparison) whilst the lilting ballad that is 'the Islander' could easily have come from any Jordan or Tolkien novel.
Both these can then be contrasted to what (from reading other reviews) i suppose is traditional nightwish.

Overall this album succeeds where perhaps others (such as within temptation) don't do as well beacuse of the fact that after listening through the whole album, it does'nt all just seem to merge into one long song. In fact each song presented is refreshingly new.
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on 5 June 2009
Just when I thought I'd heard it all (having started listening to rock in the early 70's) I was pleasantly shocked when my nephew lent me this cd. The sound is stunning,the songwriting is powerful but unlimited in scope, the female singer has a beautiful voice and the overal impression is of a huge cinematic soundscape for some sci-fi blockbuster.

The tracks range from very heavy to catchy pop to acoustic folk and much of the sound's colour comes from brilliant orchestration and excellent use of large choral forces. It's around 75 minutes long but doesn't feel like that and is chock full of highlights. Their new vocalist Anette delivers 2 great ballads (Eva and Meadows of Heaven) where the music builds towards powerful climaxes, and despite the unwarranted criticism from some reviewers I prefer her vocals to her predecessor Tarja. Tarja could not have sang the commercial "Amaranth" or "The Heart I Once Owned" anything like as well. "Sahara" is another massive wall of sound which has shades of Sabbath's "Seventh Star" about it. Marco shows off his incredible range on a couple of tracks, and these two combined really show up how monotonous the male-female vocalists in Lacuna Coil are.

One of the highlights for me was hearing Troy Donockly (Iona) contributing uileann pipes to 2 or 3 tracks. The pipes (and low whistle combined with fiddle) add a delicious Celtic flavour to an already abundant panorama of sounds. The album's opening epic "Poet and the Pendulum" may be somewhat self-indulgent on Tuomas' part, but in the central passage blastbeat drums, riffing guitar and matching orchestral interplay produce one of the most jaw-droppingly powerful sequence of music I've ever heard. Every rock fan should at least hear this album. The last album to have the same sort of shattering effect on me was the debut by Montrose in 1973 !

The bonus disc in this special edition contains the orchestral backing tracks which are worthwhile and only a couple of quid dearer than the standard album.

I own over 3,000 cds and this goes straight into the Top 12 ! BUY !
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on 29 September 2007
There was a lot of talk about Nightwish when the band announced the departure of Tarja Turunen, the main vocalist. Some even said that Nightwish will be no more. Rumours and speculations were of biblical proportions about the new main vocalist and if Nightwish could ever produce their own kind of music ever again. Dark Passion Play - after two years of painful waiting and with a new lead, Anette, shows us that we, music lovers may rejoice once again.

Fans will immediately recognise the musical style of Nightwish, which hasn't changed a bit since the Once was released. Especially the fans of Ghost Love Score will be in heaven the minute the album begins. The Poet And The Pendulum is sheer awesomeness. The music, the choir, the orchestra. Everyone who has ever heard Nightwish before, will instantly recognise the musical style of Nightwish that separates the band from other metal bands out there.

Second track, Bye Bye Beautiful introduces more "classical" Nightwish approach with heavy guitar riffs and a beautiful parts with Anette and Marco. Yes, Marco is back, better than ever. Fans will especially enjoy the fifth track entitled Master Passion Greed. If you enjoyed some of Marco's vocals on Once, this album is definitely for you. Third, fourth and sixth tracks concentrate more on musical aspects and on Anette's performances - which are different to those of Tarja but are pure Nightwish nonetheless.

The lyrics on Dark Passion Play are once again more meaningful than they might sound. Mr. Holopainen has always said that while he writes new songs, the lyrics tend to draw heavy inspiration, amongst other things, from his personal life. One can easily read (or listen) between the lines his thoughts about Tarja's departure and general feelings of the band. While some of the songs may be less hearthbreaking than those on Wishmaster, Dark Passion Play is lyrically the most beautiful and meaningful of the Nightwish albums.

All in all, Dark Passion Play offers 13 tracks of pure and delicate Nightwish. There really isn't anything bad, Anette's vocals are excellent to say the least. There is no doubt that with a new lead singer and with excellent music Nightwish will dominate the charts and outsell their last album Once.

The Special Edition also offers a second disc, which is instrumental version of the Dark Passion Play. Those of us who appreciate the sheer awesomeness of the music alone can now enjoy to their hearth's content. To easily put it into one sentence: Nightwish has once again outdone itself, this album belongs to everyones musical collection.
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on 26 January 2008
What can I say that hasn't already been said in the (positive) comments below me?

Their first album with Anette Olzen as lead has not disappointed. It was an extremely difficult task to find someone to replace Tarja (almost impossible). But they did it. Despite the fact Anette's vocals are very different, she slots into the band very nicely.

There isn't really a bad song on the album. I basically love all of it. Symphonic hard metal in places, but in others beautiful and full of emotion and diversity. Intense lyrics and in my opinion the music is unsurpassed by any band in the world today. I have to admit to some songs bringing tears to my eyes.

I would say the album mirrors 'Once' as there are similar tracks on a similar style album, but nevertheless it holds its own as a single piece of art embedded in history forever.

I won't dwell on each individual track as I'd be here forever. Amaranth the latest single has a wonderfully catchy chorus with Anette's layered vocals (it will be interesting to see how they do it live - got tickets!), a similar style song to 'Nemo' from 'Once'. 'Bye Bye Beautiful' is obviously a song for Tarja, 'Eva' is a gorgeous ballad, and 'Sahara' is a powerful song with almost an Eastern taste to it. I love 'The Islander', a kind of medieval folk song, but it really works. 'Last of the Wilds' is the only instrumental on the album, but I beleive the Platinum edition of the album has the same song with a Finnish title and lyrics, released as a special edition single. the song has a strong Irish flavour to it. The album finishes with two stupendous tracks '7 Days to the Wolves' and 'Meadows of Heaven'.

I love the album, I love the band for producing so much wonderful music and I love Anette for being herself and not attempting to be a second Tarja.

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